Music recs: Owl City, Plumb, Poets of the Fall

Owl City: synth-pop electronica by one guy working out of his basement. Lyrics can get wonderfully surreal, dreamy, and/or existentially hopeful. (Owl City playlist. Has a few religious songs.)

(This last one is a great Kaname Godoka theme song.)

Plumb: moody pop-rock by a Christian singer whose songs were a little too Evanescence for the traditional religious market. Lots of lovely, angsty goth-poetry renditions of realistic mental-health issues — mania, self-harm, abuse recovery. Also, heartfelt love songs. She’s the musical equivalent of an h/c romance fic. (Plumb playlist. Fair amount of Christian songs, plus a bunch that work great as intense human/human love songs but were maybe not intended that way.)

Poets of the Fall: Finnish symphonic alt-rock. Not all their stuff gets me, but man, when it does…these are honestly some of my favorite songs. I don’t mean from these musicians, I mean from music. (Poets of the Fall playlist.)

If you only listen to one video in this post, make it that last one. The way the music gets subtle and quiet for a bit and then bursts out of the gate soaring is just — *chef’s kiss*

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