welp, COVID-19 has officially been diagnosed in my state

And the governor has declared “a state of emergency”, which…doesn’t seem to mean anything?

Schools and businesses aren’t being suspended, gatherings aren’t being canceled, they’re not enforcing any screenings or blocking any travel, and they haven’t announced any special resources or protections for people who have symptoms. The only instructions for average people are the same as before: wash your hands, stay home if you have a fever, don’t hoard masks, no seriously Wash Your Hands.

(Done and done. Also confirmed my supply of cleaning products, and stocked up on food — including some Chinese takeout, since apparently lots of those places are losing business because racism, and I wanted to counterweight that with at least one dinner.)

I’m guessing it’s a money thing? As in, an official Declared State of Emergency unlocks special crisis-funding for some group(s) of responders who need it. But I haven’t found any reporting on who’s getting it or what they’re doing.

Via a rec from melannen, I downloaded the recent episodes from This Week In Virology for a walkthrough of what’s going on. As someone who hadn’t been following the story in any comprehensive way, just picking up bits and pieces from people mentioning it on social media: it’s very helpful! Hosted by smart, thoughtful, friendly people who can sort through all the information, deliver the important facts with historical context and expert commentary, and filter out the wild speculation/flat-out conspiracy theories so you don’t have to.

COVID-19 first comes up in #582, as a brief item of interest; episodes 584-586 and 588-present are the ones where it’s the focus.

If you just want currently-applicable advice and information, maybe skip to just the last few. At this point I’ve listened through #588, and it’s out-of-date enough that they’re still talking about how nobody outside China even needs to worry because the virus is so contained.

Gonna catch up with the rest at the library tomorrow. (It’s business as usual there, except that every department’s been shipped an extra supply of cleaning/disinfecting products, and an Informative Display Placard about things like handwashing.)

…and then give blood. To everyone who’s eligible to donate — and isn’t already restricted by quarantine measures in your area — now would be a really good time for that. If things get bad enough in your region that their access to donors is cut off, they’re gonna need all the surplus they can get.

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