The best-laid coronavirus plans…

Well, I gave blood, and then promptly started feeling sick, so I called the follow-up number today and they’re not using it. So much for that effort :(

…nobody panic, it’s just a sore throat and feeling mildly feverish/congested, no chronic cough. Glad I stocked up the cupboards, though, so I can play it safe and stay home for a bit.

On that note: it is weirding me out how baffled some people seem at the “stock up on 2 weeks’ worth of food” precaution. I don’t mean people saying they’re on a tight budget and can’t afford it, or that they’re in a shoebox apartment and there’s no space for it, or any other specific reason — I mean people going “2 weeks’ worth of food?! Who would ever buy/store such an Unreasonable Amount all at once??”

Like…if you think about a row of 14 breakfast smoothies in the fridge, a stack of 14 cans of soup in the cupboard, and a pile of 14 TV dinners in the freezer — that’s not some mind-boggling volume of food?

I don’t maintain that level at all times, but I definitely stock up enough that I’ve gone 2 weeks between grocery runs. And could stretch it out longer in an emergency. (The meals wouldn’t exactly be fancy, or, y’know, balanced, by the end…but, look, there’s a 10-pound bag of rice in the cupboard, that’ll keep you going for a while.)

Anyway. Gonna pass on the link to the COVID-19 information and advice on Directed at US residents, so there are parts that won’t apply if you don’t live here, but if you do, it rounds up basically all the actionable info I’ve seen anywhere else. (And “dammit, wash your hands” is always relevant.)

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