Gun violence links that turn into pandemic links

Ordered some art supplies online a few days ago, and ever since then I’ve had this weird anxious fixation on the package-tracking page. I guess it’s being transposed from feelings about the stats on the COVID-tracking page?

Urgh. I just hope the arrival tricks my subconscious into thinking there’s been a globally-significant drop in Things To Be Anxious About.

Anyway, links about gun violence and/or police brutality have still been piling up while I’ve been posting all-pandemic links, so here’s some of those.

Dennis Turner had been working as a school resource officer at the charter school when he arrested the first-graders during separate incidents, handcuffing them with zip ties, and taking them to the station.” (Apparently, for once, the guy got fired.)

Even after Franchetti noticed signs of distress and personality changes in her daughter after visits with her father, the child’s attorney dismissed her concerns, she said. Days later, in July 2016, Kyra’s father shot the toddler twice in the back in a home in Virginia, then set the house on fire and killed himself.”

“The declaration is one of the latest developments in a long-running case brought by black and Hispanic cops who charge they were forced to arrest more blacks and Hispanics than other groups. They were treated harshly and denied promotions if they refused, the lawsuit alleges. Asian, Jewish and white people — known as “soft targets” — were not to be slapped in cuffs. All cops in that district were to fill a collar quota, but black and Hispanic officers who didn’t meet expectations were treated more harshly.

“North Carolina sheriff’s deputy charged with assault after body-slam of child caught on video.”

Veterans should think back on how much training it took to earn the right to carry a weapon in the military. We should at least promote similar common-sense measures for the people who are allowed to carry guns in the neighborhoods where our kids play. Veterans know what common sense gun laws are, because they look a lot like the rules we used in the military to keep ourselves safe.”

February 2020: “A 10-year-old boy was accidentally shot by his babysitter when she was taking selfies while holding a gun, a Texas sheriff’s office said.”

May 4: “A security guard at a Family Dollar store in Flint, Michigan, was shot and killed after telling a customer to wear a state-mandated face mask […] immediately after the altercation, the woman left in an SUV. But about 20 minutes later, the SUV returned. Two men entered the store and one of them yelled at Munerlyn about disrespecting his wife, Leyton said. The other man then shot the security guard. ” I just. What. You can’t even pretend that was “heat of the moment” or “self-defense”, you left the situation and then picked up someone with a gun and came back.

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