Music recs: Roxette, Sarah Brightman, Savage Garden

Been a while since I’ve done a roundup of musical recommendations. But, listen, music makes us braver, so it seemed like a fair time to jump back in.

Roxette: Swedish ’80s power pop/rock. Heartfelt female vocals, from sugary pop to resounding ’80s power ballads. (Roxette playlist.)

Sarah Brightman: Classical soprano. I feel like most of her recordings are from multilingual opera or musicals (she was married to Andrew Lloyd Webber for a while), but I’m mostly here for her crossover into operatic pop. Her live shows are about the spectacle — lush costumes, weird sets, elaborate light effects — as much as the songs. (Sarah Brightman playlist.)

Savage Garden: Australian ’90s soft rock. They went from “bonkers heights of mainstream popularity” to “nobody even brings them up anymore,” which, I get it, they’re not exactly groundbreaking or innovative, just warm and sweet in a comfortingly consistent way. But they did use their platform to release a pro-queer-polyamory song, and let me remind you this was in the ’90s, so give them a little credit. (Savage Garden playlist.)

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