WE DID IT (what’s next?)

We did it!

That viral “top 100 reasons to vote FOR Biden” list is now “top 100 reasons you’re allowed to be happy about this, not just settle for it.”

Republican lawsuits against counting legitimate votes keep getting thrown out. Although Mitch McConnell sounds like he’s planning to try and Benghazi this — where they just keep launching new hearings no matter how many times they find zero evidence of wrongdoing, so the average person will think “there must be something to it, or why would they be holding all these hearings?”

But yeah, the whole thing is just one more scam. As usual, the only cases of attempted voter fraud have been from the tiny sliver of Trump supporters who believe his claims that it’s totally easy to get away with, and then, surprise surprise, do not get away with it.

Anyway, back to Reasons To Be Happy, all the memes have been a delight, but this is the art that hit me right in the feels:

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What a wonderful, wonderful morning. This country chose (albeit not as unanimously as we'd hoped) to elect a team of individuals who are dedicated to compassion and equality. And …. I also woke up to, uh, way too many notifications. Turns out the Kamala design of mine and @goodtrubble's has gone … viral? Which makes me so happy for Gordon, owner of WTF America (Good Trubble). He deserved this. And I cannot stress enough what a wonderful human and business partner he is. Just to clear up some misinformation (because that should be expected, and it's totally okay) … the design was by myself and @goodtrubble. Not Kara Walker – although I can see how it's reminiscent of her, for sure! And I love her work. I designed it in Photoshop myself☺ We have the legal rights to it, and – yes – tagging and mentioning us is so so so appreciated. Spread the word where you can. Most importantly, if you want a shirt with this design on it, head over to wtfamerica2017.com (link in @goodtrubble's bio) and support a fantastic black-owned business in Sacramento. And if you want a print – lots of people have been asking. We're working on it!! Follow @goodtrubble and stay tuned. We'll announce it when or if we do! I'll get to responding to all of your wonderful messages and follows and comments soon. But for now I'm tackling @goodtrubble's page, and enjoying THE FANTASTIC NEWS. Here's to the future.

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We just got our first mixed-race Black + Indian + Jamaican woman elected to the White House. Nnnnnice. (One with a startlingly good record on trans rights, and a prosecutorial record that seems to be light on grand headline-grabbing progressive gestures, but heavy on slow concrete detail-oriented progress.)

Finally got it straightened out that her name is pronounced differently from Kamala Khan’s, so now instead of pronouncing one of them wrong 100% of the time, I’ll get both of them wrong about 50% of the time.

Also! It’s not just candidates — a whole bunch of progressive causes got voted into law last week. Some of my favorites:

And Puerto Rico cast their third non-binding referendum in favor of statehood. Which a Republican-controlled Senate will be happy to keep ignoring forever…but, thanks to Georgia…

No man can flip me - I am no man

…we might have a shot at getting back the Senate??

One person retired at an awkward time, so both GA senate seats are up for re-election this year. And both of them went into runoffs, to be held January 5, with one Democrat in the running for each.

Some of the groups that flipped the GA presidential race, who could use your support over the next 2 months:

And while I’m at it, some groups that have been making those differences outside Georgia:

  • Lancaster Stands Up – mobilizing voters and supporting progressive candidates in PA
  • Southerners On New Ground – building community and supporting intersectional issues centered on LGBTQ people in the South
  • Four Directions – registering and supporting Native people, including in NV and AZ
  • Rural Organizing Project – LGBTQ rights, anti-racism, justice for immigrants, and more in OR
  • Arena – supporting the infrastructure and talent needed to run progressive candidates across the US
  • WisDems – the Democratic Party in Wisconsin

Gonna spend the rest of 2020 contributing to as many of these as possible. Got recommendations for other swing-state groups to support? Drop some links in the comments.

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