Multifandom fic recs (Star Trek, Doctor Who, SCP Foundation, DC, Marvel, Murderbot, Imperial Radch)

  • Star Trek: Enterprise | Archer/T’Pol, crew | T | Best First Contact Ever
    “Captain, I apologize for interrupting you and the councilwoman during the social engagement. I did not want the council to … misunderstand your relationship with her. It would have been inappropriate for you to engage in anything further with her.”
    series:star trek,pairing:archer_tpol,fic:chaptered,!
  • Captain America | Steve/Bucky, ensemble | M | Ain’t No Grave (Can Keep My Body Down)
    The front of the card has a tasteful picture of the Brooklyn bridge at sunset. It’s very nice and sedate, like the kind of card you would buy to give to your boss. On the inside someone has written a short message in big, shaky block letters.

    series:marvel comics,pairing:steve_bucky,fic:epic,trope:trauma,trope:amnesia,trope:hurt-comfort

  • Marvel | Loki & Kamala Khan | T | Superhero RPF
    Kamala is a popular fic writer in the superhero RPF fandom, known for her rather surreal take on what the Avengers do. Loki is a BNF, known for his wank and not-sure-if-trollfic in Game of Thrones fandom. He decides to see what this superhero business is all about. Friendship ensues.
    series:marvel comics,genfic,fic:chaptered,trope:writers
  • The Murderbot Diaries, Marvel | Murderbot, Mensah | G | huh
    Mensah’s voice was soft, though not in fear. I watched her hold the thing by what looked like the handle. My search turned up information saying the closest thing was a kind of hammer, but it was unlike any hammer I’d ever seen before.
    fic:one-shot,series:murderbot diaries,series:marvel comics,genfic,crossover

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