Feeling a lot of whelmed

I’m in one of those states where you feel overwhelmed by a bunch of different tasks, none of which should be all that daunting on its own, but then if you start working on one, you feel the crushing weight of how much you’re not working on all the others.

A partial list:

  • Yuletide 2021 letter/offers
  • Last-minute Kickstarter promotion
  • Finishing the next Leif & Thorn arc (currently 40+ strips, for most storylines that would already be finished)
  • Various blog updates + link roundups
  • Researching kidney donation (there’s a lot of extensive screening and recovery involved, none of which I have even started, and yet my brain has decided to feel pre-emptively exhausted just learning about it)
  • Reading a stack of library books
  • Reading a backlog of subscribed fic updates
  • Updated Leif & Thorn book cover art (was supposed to be just changing the scale, then I was like “but what if I also fixed this minor annoyance, and that other one, and redid a thing that’s always bothered me, and”)
  • Prodding for BICP printing-related status updates
  • Drawing some art I’ve owed people for months
  • Figure out TikTok?
  • I should actually clean this living room at some point, huh

…well, I was kinda hoping it would help to write that all down, but so far, not much.

Here’s a nice relaxing Marshmallow Fluff photo instead. A true role model for how to be chill.

Speaking of that last-minute promotion: I have a Kickstarter!

It’s the fourth volume of Leif & Thorn, and it’s doing great. Passed the funding goal earlier this week. Now on track to set a new funding record for the series, and a new all-time record for the number of backers I’ve gotten on a project.

Deadline is Friday at midnight. Pass it on.

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