Multifandom fic recs 9/21 (Murderbot + Moon Knight)

  • Murderbot Diaries | human OC | T | Running Process
    I was trying to imagine what Preservation’s covert operations organization would look like. Then I got to the line in Fugitive Telemetry about how “[b]eing the top Preservation expert in dealing with contract law in the Corporation Rim apparently made Pin-Lee like the CombatUnit version of a lawyer” and it clicked.
    genfic,trope:outsider.pov,series:murderbot diaries,fic:one-shot
  • Murderbot Diaries | Murderbot, Gurathin, Ratthi | G | Watch Party
    “Is he here for you?” Gurathin asked SecUnit. Ratthi glanced between them both.

    Its face worked through a complicated series of emotions. “I don’t know yet.”

    “What has he done since he arrived?”

    “Signed up for housing and wandered around. Now he’s ordering food.”
    genfic,fic:one-shot,series:murderbot diaries

  • Moon Knight | Steven/Marc(/Jake), Layla/Marc/Steven, Nat, Clint, Sam, Avengers | M | moon-scented knight
    Khonshu has Marc track down and steal his old bone charms from under the Avengers’s noses. Except the bone charms have an insignificant side-effect of making regular people handling them lose their minds. The Avengers decide Marc must be their next supervillain or something.
    series:moon knight,fic:chaptered,series:marvel comics,pairing:marc_steven,pairing:layla_marc,pairing:marc_steven_layla,pairing:marc_steven_jake,trope:polyamory,trope:hurt-comfort,trope:outsider.pov
  • Moon Knight | Layla/Steven, (Layla/Marc) | T | an invisible distance
    In her limited experience of the man before her, he always seems to be moving as if driven by a motor, the relentless tick-tick-tick of a wristwatch — brimming with eagerness; usually gesturing broadly while a flurry of words tumble out of him, monologues on history, poetry, language ….
    series:moon knight,pairing:layla_steven,fic:one-shot,trope:hurt-comfort
  • Moon Knight | Steven, Marc/Khonshu | T | These Sacred Rites
    He had been watching that old documentary on the Valley of the Kings last night and got a bit too involved in it. That was it, that had to be why this dream looked, felt, even smelled so real.
    series:moon knight,pairing:khonshu_marc,fic:one-shot
  • Moon Knight | Marc/Steven/Jake, Steven/gods | M | from these hands (your sins will bloom)
    “Very well, Steven Grant,” he said, as Steven started thrashing once he felt fingers sinking deep into his rib cage, reaching for a heart that didn’t exist. “I will let you play god for once, and in return, an eternity you cannot escape from.”
    series:moon knight,pairing:marc_steven_jake,trope:hurt-comfort,fic:one-shot,trope:trauma,pairing:steven_other
  • Moon Knight | Steven, co-workers, Marc | M | scanned
    The paramedics came to collect Steven about five minutes later. They kept the towel pressed against his head even as they fit him into the neck-brace and secured him onto the stretcher. They were nice, but had the same forced sense of ‘oh yes, everything’s fine, don’t be alarmed at all that you’re being loaded up into an ambulance to go to hospital because you’ve cracked your head open and possibly broken your back’. It didn’t really do much to calm Steven down.
    series:moon knight,genfic,fic:one-shot,trope:hurt-comfort
  • Moon Knight | Marc, Steven, Khonshu, Layla | M | Throwing the Voice
    Khonshu staggers to the (how do they function on such pathetic limbs) body’s feet and lumbers awkwardly to the nearest mirror. It isn’t hard, the narcissists have them all over.

    “No,” he says, as he pulls at flesh with squat, sausage-meat fingers. “No. This is an illusion. It is not real.”

    We don’t know what happened, either, Steven-him says, the voice still annoyingly like being hit over the head repeatedly with something he has no external frame of reference to truly compare it to.
    genfic,series:moon knight,fic:one-shot,trope:bodyswap,amazing

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