Webcomic fandoms you can offer/request in the Yuletide 2022 exchange

Yuletide, the annual small-fandoms fanfiction exchange, is open for sign-ups again!

I collected all the webcomic fandoms in the tag set (plus all the characters you can request for each one), and added links to where you can read them online. Fandom tags are in the order/format AO3 puts them, which is why they’re not totally consistent.

Tried to flag everything that was (a) NSFW and/or (b) at least partly paywalled. If I missed any examples of that, please let me know!

If you feel like getting involved, Yuletide sign-up instructions are here.

1/0 – Tailsteak (Webcomic)

  1. Barnacle Jones
  2. Ghanny (1/0)
  3. Petitus (1/0)
  4. Zadok (1/0)

7Fates: CHAKHO (Webcomic)

  1. Dogeon (7Fates: CHAKHO)
  2. Haru (7Fates: CHAKHO)
  3. Hosu (7Fates: CHAKHO)
  4. Zeha (7Fates: CHAKHO)

8-Bit Theater – Brian Clevinger (Webcomic)

  1. Red Mage (8-Bit Theater)
  2. Thief (8-Bit Theater)
  3. Black Mage (8-Bit Theater)
  4. Fighter (8-Bit Theater)

Always Human (Webcomic)

  1. Rae (Always Human)
  2. Austen Carran Avila
  3. Sunati Raval

Apothecia (Webcomic)

  1. Jessie (Apothecia)
  2. Spore Alien (Apothecia)

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures (Webcomic)

  1. Alfred Pennyworth (Batman: Wayne Family Adventures)
  2. Barbara Gordon (Batman: Wayne Family Adventures)
  3. Bruce Wayne (Batman: Wayne Family Adventures)
  4. Cassandra Cain (Batman: Wayne Family Adventures)
  5. Damian Wayne (Batman: Wayne Family Adventures)
  6. Dick Grayson (Batman: Wayne Family Adventures)
  7. Duke Thomas (Batman: Wayne Family Adventures)
  8. Jason Todd (Batman: Wayne Family Adventures)
  9. Stephanie Brown (Batman: Wayne Family Adventures)
  10. Tim Drake (Batman: Wayne Family Adventures)

Blindsprings (Webcomic)

  1. Deidre Thorne (Blindsprings)
  2. Imogen Thorne (Blindsprings)
  3. Tamaura Lynn (Blindsprings)

Clown Corps (Webcomic)

  1. Binky (Clown Corps)
  2. Echo (Clown Corps)
  3. Bout (Clown Corps)
  4. Mary McBell

Dark Moon: The Blood Altar (Webcomic)

  1. Enzy (Dark Moon Webtoon)
  2. Noa (Dark Moon Webtoon)
  3. Shion (Dark Moon Webtoon)
  4. Solon (Dark Moon Webtoon)

A Different Aftermath (Webcomic)

  1. Gardener of roach-pollinated tomatoes
  2. George (A Different Aftermath)
  3. Mrs. Kaplan (A Different Aftermath)
  4. Narrator (A Different Aftermath)

Drop-Out (Webcomic)

  1. Sugar Kysley (Drop-Out)
  2. Lola (Drop-Out)

Fortuna (Webcomic)

  1. Nikki | N-77 (Fortuna)
  2. Worldbuilding (Fortuna)
  3. Hermes v1
  4. Roman Apollo (Fortuna)

Foxes in Love (Webcomic)

  1. Blue (Foxes in Love)
  2. Green (Foxes in Love)

Fresh Meat (Webcomic)

  1. Carmilla Karnstein (Fresh Meat)
  2. Kimberley Yu (Fresh Meat)
  3. Sugar Kysley (Fresh Meat)
  4. Tabitha Maimon (Fresh Meat)

Girl Genius (Webcomic)

  1. Agatha Heterodyne
  2. Axel “The Unstoppable” Higgs
  3. Bangladesh “Bang” DuPree
  4. Dimo (Girl Genius)
  5. Gilgamesh “Gil” Wulfenbach
  6. Jorgi (Girl Genius)
  7. Oggie (Girl Genius)
  8. Otilia (Girl Genius)
  9. Tarvek Sturmvoraus
  10. Violetta Mondarev
  11. Zeetha Daughter of Chump
  12. Zoing (Girl Genius)

The Golden Boar (Webcomic)

  1. Captain Alunara (Golden Boar)
  2. Merro Atalla (Golden Boar)
  3. Rev Atalla (Golden Boar)
  4. Tabi Lanerri (Golden Boar)

Gunnerkrigg Court

  1. Anthony Carver
  2. Antimony Carver
  3. Katerina Donlan
  4. Robot (Gunnerkrigg Court)

Here U Are (Webcomic)

  1. Li Huan (Here U Are)https://www.howtobeawerewolf.com/
  2. Yu Yang (Here U Are)

Hot Guy P.I. (Webcomic)

  1. Nadia Sy
  2. Nando Sy
  3. Schmidt (Hot Guy P.I.)
  4. Watson the Knife Dog (Hot Guy P.I.)

How To Be A Werewolf (Webcomic)

  1. Aubrey Greensmith (How to Be a Werewolf)
  2. Elias Ross
  3. Malaya Dysangco Walters
  4. Marin Grundy
  5. Marisa Salcedo
  6. Vincent Dysangco Walters

How to Fight (Webcomic)

  1. 244 (How to Fight)
  2. Baek Seongjun
  3. Ji Yeonwoo
  4. Seong Taehoon

JL8 (Webcomic)

  1. Barry Allen (JL8)
  2. Clark Kent (JL8)
  3. J’onn J’onzz (JL8)
  4. Lois Lane (JL8)

Jungle Juice (Webcomic)

  1. Breeder (Jungle Juice)
  2. Gayeon Sin
  3. Praying Mantis Man (Jungle Juice)
  4. Suchan Jang

Khaos Komix – Tab Kimpton (Webcomic)

  1. Charlie Trueman
  2. Jamie Davies
  3. Tom Blake (Khaos Komix)
  4. Alex Murphy (Khaos Komix)

King’s Maker (Webcomic) [not all available for free]

  1. Randolph Goldenleonard
  2. Shin Soohyuk
  3. Sys | Lord of Ulysses
  4. Wolfgang Goldenleonard

Lackadaisy (Webcomic)

  1. Ivy Pepper (Lackadaisy)
  2. Mitzi May
  3. Mordecai Heller
  4. Viktor Vasko

Leif & Thorn (Webcomic)

  1. Kale Romarin
  2. Leif of Sønheim
  3. Rowan Muscade
  4. Thorn Estragon
  5. Violet Dupont
  6. Woman in Black (Leif & Thorn)

Mage & Demon Queen (Webcomic)

  1. Leora Siegwald
  2. Malori Crowett
  3. Melathia (Mage & Demon Queen)
  4. Velverosa Ghalaztox

Moonlight Garden (Webcomic)

  1. Ha Yunwoo | Weol Sungjoo
  2. Lee Dohwa
  3. Suh Hyewon
  4. Suh Yoosun

The Narts: Ancient Sagas from the Caucasus (Webcomic) – Sylvan Migdal

  1. Qaydukh (Narts Webcomic)
  2. Setenaya (Narts Webcomic)
  3. Sozruquo (Narts Webcomic)
  4. Urizhmag (Narts Webcomic)

NG불가 | No Outtakes (Webtoon)

  1. Gari (No Outtakes)
  2. Lee Ahn | Hwi
  3. Ryu Jaerin | Hwaya
  4. Worldbuilding (No Outtakes)

Nimona (Webcomic) [no longer available online]

  1. Ambrosius Goldenloin
  2. Ballister Blackheart
  3. The Director (Nimona)
  4. Nimona (Nimona)

Postcards in Braille (Webcomic)

  1. Aleph (Postcards in Braille)
  2. Rho (Postcards in Braille)
  3. Sigma (Postcards in Braille)
  4. Xi (Postcards in Braille)

The Property of Hate

  • (no characters nominated!)

Questionable Content (Webcomic)

  1. Dan (Questionable Content)
  2. Millefeuille (Questionable Content)
  3. Renee (Questionable Content)
  4. Brun (Questionable Content)

Red Prism (Webcomic)

  1. Basilia (Red Prism)
  2. Eli (Red Prism)
  3. Hank (Red Prism)
  4. Phillip (Red Prism)

Sadistic Beauty (Webcomic) [NSFW]

  1. Byun Minho
  2. Cha Wookyung

Sex Therapy – Cathexis (Webcomic) [NSFW]

  1. Andreas Hughes
  2. Elliot Graham (Sex Therapy)
  3. Haruto Nakamura (Sex Therapy)

The Shifting City (Webcomic)

  • (no characters nominated!)

Suitor Armor (Webcomic)

  1. Baynard (Suitor Armor)
  2. Lucia (Suitor Armor)
  3. Modeus (Suitor Armor)
  4. Peres (Suitor Armor)

Tiger Tiger (Webcomic)

  1. Jamis Arlesi (Tiger Tiger)
  2. Luck | Maldoror (Tiger Tiger)
  3. Remy Bonnaire (Tiger Tiger)
  4. Ludovica Bonnaire

The Touch of Sunlight – Sandflake (Webcomic)

  1. Eyya (The Touch of Sunlight)
  2. Nulo (The Touch of Sunlight)
  3. Worldbuilding (The Touch of Sunlight)

Widdershins (Webcomic)

  • (no characters nominated!)

xkcd 521 (2008 Christmas Special)

  • (no characters nominated!)

顾事与你:值日300天 | The Story About You x Me (Webcomic)

  1. Gu Ze
  2. Ye Ruchuan

겨울 지나 벚꽃 | Cherry Blossoms After Winter (Webcomic)

  1. Jo Taesung
  2. Seo Haebom

그 끝에 있는 것 | At the End of the Road (Webcomic)

  1. Min Woojin
  2. Yoon Taemin

그 악녀를 조심하세요! | Beware of the Villainess! (Webcomic)

  1. Cartena (Beware the Villainess!)
  2. Melissa Podebrat (Beware the Villainess!)
  3. Nine Forton (Beware of the Villainess!)
  4. Robby Elizabeth (Beware the Villainess!)
  5. Yuri Elizabeth (Beware of the Villainess!)

나 혼자만 레벨업 | Solo Leveling (Webcomic)

  1. Baek Yoon-Ho
  2. Go Gun-Hee
  3. Goto Ryuji
  4. Igris (Solo Leveling)
  5. An Sang-Min
  6. Sung Jin-Woo
  7. Woo Jin-Chul

남의 BL 만화 | Someone Else’s BL Comic (Webcomic) [not all available for free]

  1. Lee Kyubin (Someone Else’s BL Comic)
  2. Park Seungtaek (Someone Else’s BL Comic)

달콤한 남자 | The Sweetest Man (Webcomic) [not all available for free]

  1. Ellian (The Sweetest Man)
  2. Kim Sijoon
  3. Lee Minhoon
  4. Shim Gunchan

동정의 형태 | Form of Sympathy (Webcomic) [NSFW]

  1. Jung Yohan (Form of Sympathy)
  2. Park Moogyeong (Form of Sympathy)
  3. Kwon Yuri (Form of Sympathy)
  4. Lee Sunwoo (Form of Sympathy)

별똥별이 떨어지는 그 곳에서 기다려 | Wait Where the Shooting Star Falls (Webcomic)

  1. Effie (Wait Where the Shooting Star Falls (Webcomic))
  2. Ozan (Wait Where the Shooting Star Falls (Webcomic))
  3. Pye (Wait Where the Shooting Star Falls (Webcomic))
  4. Worldbuilding (Wait Where the Shooting Star Falls (Webcomic))

살아남은로맨스 | Surviving Romance (Webcomic)

  1. Choi Jinhui (Surviving Romance)
  2. Eun Chaerin (Surviving Romance)
  3. Ha Minwoo (Surviving Romance)
  4. Kim Huisu (Surviving Romance)

아빠 나 이 결혼 안 할래요! | Father I Don’t Want this Marriage (Webcomic)

  1. Juvelian Floyen
  2. Maximillian Kasin Aschet
  3. Regis Adri Floyen

야화첩 | Painter of the Night (Webcomic) [not all available for free]

  1. Baek Nakyum
  2. Yoon Seungho (Painter of the Night)

엔네아드 ENNEAD (Webcomic) [not all available for free]

  1. Foreign God (ENNEAD)
  2. Horus (ENNEAD)
  3. Osiris (ENNEAD)
  4. Seth (ENNEAD)

엔딩메이커 | Ending Maker (Webcomic)

  1. Cordelia Chase | Yellowstorm
  2. Yuder Baiel | Outboxer009

역대급 영지 설계사 | The Greatest Estate Developer (Webcomic)

  1. Lloyd Frontera
  2. Javier Asrahan

이번 생은 가주가 되겠습니다 | I Shall Master This Family (Webcomic) [not all available for free]

  1. Florentia Lombardi

재혼 황후 | Remarried Empress (Webcomic)

  1. Navier (Remarried Empress)

키스 미 라이어 | Kiss Me Liar (Webcomic) [NSFW]

  1. Joshua Bailey
  2. Keith Knight Pittman
  3. Seo Yeonwoo
  4. Spencer Pittman

헤어짐의 방법 | Ways of Parting (Webcomic)

  1. Ha Joyoon
  2. Shin Kwon-Ju

황제궁 옆 마로니에 농장 | My Farm by the Palace (Webcomic) [not all available for free]

  1. Hazel Mayfield (My Farm by the Palace (Webcomic))
  2. Martha Martin (My Farm by the Palace (Webcomic))
  3. Worldbuilding (My Farm by the Palace (Webcomic))

회귀자 사용설명서 | Regressor Instruction Manual (Webcomic) [not all available for free]

  1. Jung Hayan
  2. Kim Hyunsung
  3. Lee Kiyoung
  4. Worldbuilding (Regressor Instruction Manual)

악녀는 두 번 산다 | The Villainess Lives Twice – Han Mint

  1. Artezia Rozan
  2. Cedric Evron

여주인공의 오빠를 지키는 방법 – 킨 | The Way to Protect the Female Lead’s Older Brother – Kin

  1. Cassis Pedelian
  2. Dion Agriche
  3. Maria Agriche
  4. Roxana Agriche
  5. Sierra Agriche

Phoebe and Her Unicorn Series – Dana Simpson

  1. Dakota (Phoebe and Her Unicorn)
  2. Marigold Heavenly Nostrils
  3. Phoebe Howell

World’s Strangest Meet Cute – tooquirkytolose (Tumblr)

  1. Child in Wheeled Chair (World’s Strangest Meet Cute)
  2. Child with Prosthetic Leg (World’s Strangest Meet Cute)
  3. Knight (World’s Strangest Meet Cute)
  4. Warlock (World’s Strangest Meet Cute)

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