Multifandom fic recs, 11/16 (Temeraire, Jeeves & Wooster, Moon Knight + other comics)

  • Temeraire | Laurence/Tharkay, Laurence/Roland | G | Summer Occupation
    With Temeraire and Tharkay gone, Jane proposes that Laurence help manage things at her estate awhile.
    Then Tharkay returns.
    Laurence had no idea Tharkay disliked the admiral so much.
  • Original Work | OC plural system | G | Exaltation
    “That’s my imaginary friend,” said Emmy. This was the safe way to talk about being an Exaltation: whoever was talking was Emily, and the other four were Emily’s imaginary friends. Zix thought we’d have to think of something else when we got older but this worked in the fifth grade.
  • Moon Knight, GotG | Marc, Rocket | G | Paintball Day
    “So you’re telling me,” the raccoon said. “That those little crescent things of yours never run out.”

    Marc slammed his fist into the nearest man-eating bird. It exploded in a cloud of feathers and black slime. “Yeah. So what?”

    “So you could be rich, moron!”
    series:moon knight,genfic,fic:one-shot,series:marvel comics

  • Moon Knight, Daredevil | Steven/Layla, Marc/Layla, Jake/Gena, Fisk, Matt | T | Driving the Knife
    “I can handle anything this job throws at me, Spector. I always have and it has never been a problem. But this is different. This guy doesn’t want our help. He wants you. Nothing else will satisfy him.”

    The guys are in New York for the summer, going in every direction but the same direction. Someone has noticed and is maneuvering them into a deadly situation from which there may be no escape.
    series:moon knight,series:marvel comics,fic:chaptered,pairing:jake_gena,pairing:layla_marc,pairing:layla_steven,kink:identity porn

  • Moon Knight | Jake/Wade, Marc, Steven | T | Paint the Town Red
    Jake’s pet stamped her front paws, which were impressively clawed. They reminded him of Logan, which made Wade’s loins stir a bit. The Canuck was a cranky stick-in-the-mud, but he was easy on the eyes.

    “Pfft,” White scoffed. “It’s clearly an echidna.”
    series:moon knight,fic:chaptered,pairing:wade_jake

  • Moon Knight | Steven, Marc, Layla, Jake | T | Smoke and Mirrors
    After a particularly bad blackout, Marc and Steven wake up to find themselves in a place that doesn’t quite feel right, covered in injuries they can’t even begin to explain. As the truth of their situation unfolds, they soon realise that getting back home is going to be a lot harder than they thought.
    series:moon knight,fic:chaptered,trope:hurt-comfort,genfic,pairing:layla_marc,pairing:layla_steven
  • Moon Knight | Steven, Marc, OCs | G | Synchrony
    Steven Grant has a terminal illness and a job mapping routes for the spaceships which make interstellar journeys between inhabited colony worlds, so when he gets the opportunity to have his mind merged with someone else’s to become a composite person – two people inhabiting one body, capable of piloting ships through z-space – he takes it. But Steven’s composite partner has secrets, and Steven’s about to find out that you can live in someone else’s head and still not know them at all.
    series:moon knight,fic:chaptered,genfic,trope:hurt-comfort
  • Moon Knight | Steven(/Layla), Marc(/Layla), Jake, OCs | M | opening the door
    Several months after Cairo Steven wakes up in hospital, missing several pints of blood and one Marc Spector. Where’s Marc? Who’s Jake Lockley? And how can he convince his psychiatrist that he doesn’t need antipsychotics?

    Or: Marc beats up a mirror, Steven is admitted to a psychiatric ward, and Jake makes a half-decent Spanish tutor.
    series:moon knight,fic:chaptered,trope:trauma,trope:hurt-comfort,pairing:layla_marc,pairing:layla_steven,genfic,amazing

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