Works roundup, 11/21 (Moon Knight, MCU, Leif & Thorn)

Leif & Thorn
Seven Delicious Years (art | Leif/Thorn, Kale, WiB | worksafe)
Touch in the light (art | Leif/Thorn | worksafe)
Warmest part of waking up (art | Leif/Thorn | NSFW-ish)
Three Hands (wallpaper | Leif/Thorn/Kale | worksafe)
The Traveler (art | Future Thorn | worksafe)
Casual genderflip (art | Leif/Thorn | worksafe)

Moon Knight
Moon Knight studies 23 – Fear of Falling (art | Moon Knight | worksafe)
Moon Knight studies 22 – Hand Stuff (art | Moon Knight | worksafe)
Moon Knight studies 24 – Scramble and fall (art | Moon Knight | worksafe)
Moon Knight studies 25 – Workout Fanfare (art | Moon Knight | worksafe)
moon-silvered, lunatic, cratered chapter 7-8 (fic | Jake/Steven/Marc, Jake/Jen, Duchamp, Steven/Marc/Layla | M)
Headmate cuddles in blue (art | Jake/Steven/Marc | worksafe)
Objectively Incredibly Funny (fic | Donna, Steven(/Layla/Marc) | G)
Avatar of Mothers and Children (comic | Steven/Layla, Taweret | G)

Moon Knight/Marvel Cinematic Universe
Cover of Knight, chapters 21-22 (fic | Steven, Marc, Jake/Jen, Bucky, Duchamp | T)

This Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
Annotated version of the scene where Bianca and Sparrow finally ask Patrick the right questions about his past.

This Week in Leif & Thorn:
The Woman in Black starts putting her time-travel-mission affairs in order. Cute, funny, adorable order.

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