Multifandom fic recs, 1/18 (Villainess, Good Omens, Innocent Bird, Mysterious Stranger, Moon Knight)

  • Good Omens | Aziraphale/Crowley, Satan, God | T | Secrets of Wild Soho
    God and Satan, and Aziraphale and Crowley, wherein the former pair watches the second pair doing things they’ve never done and would be hideously embarrassed if caught doing by anyone else, especially, say, God and Satan.
    series:good omens,pairing:crowley_aziraphale,fic:one-shot
  • The Mysterious Stranger | Lucifer, OC | G | Genesis, Revised and Expanded
    “I was there for that ‘Let there be light’, and I tell you, there was ten million of us angels out there to gather it up, and not a steamer or a donkey-engine to haul it with, neither. I could write a whole book of the Bible about the hauling and the digging behind those ‘Let there be’s. For ten cents I would write one. That world of yours took us a solid week of work without so much as a dinner-break.”
    series:the mysterious stranger,genfic,fic:one-shot,series:religion
  • Moon Knight | Marc, Badr, cat | G | 100 words of accidental cat acquisition
    The Moon Knight suit was protecting him from the cat’s claws, but the undead strength with which it was kicking at his chest was nearly enough to make him drop it. No wonder Tigra always won their arm-wrestling matches, if this was what cats were like without the restrictions of the living.
    genfic,series:moon knight,fic:one-shot
  • Moon Knight | Khonshu/system | M | Tyrant Mouth
    I would not allow them to hurt you, my Avatar.

    Marc stops still. That tone… he remembers Khonshu being fervent, possessive, but that tone…
    series:moon knight,pairing:khonshu_marc,pairing:khonshu_jake,pairing:khonshu_steven,fic:chaptered,trope:polyamory,kink:bdsm

  • Moon Knight | Marc/Khonshu | M | Just a Storm
    In which Marc visits a synagogue, and Khonshu is not happy…with either his avatar’s transgression or the presence that might still want to claim Marc as its own.
    series:moon knight,pairing:khonshu_marc,trope:non-con,fic:one-shot,series:religion

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