Multifandom fic recs, 3/15 (Good Omens, WandaVision, Moon Knight)

  • Moon Knight | Steven, Jake, Marc, Layla | T | contact
    Over the months, Jake has grown more comfortable conversing with Steven. Together, they confer like college roommates, like brothers, lobbing insults back and forth like terms of affection, their conversations easy and fraternal and casual.

    To Marc, Jake does not talk much at all.
    series:moon knight,genfic,fic:one-shot

  • Moon Knight | Layla, Jake | T | carving out the shape of you
    Layla sees Jake. Then she sees him.

    “What’s your name?”

    His eyes finally find hers in the mirror, his brow raised. The brown of his irises are black in the low light. “Getting personal, now, are we?”
    series:moon knight,genfic,fic:one-shot

  • Moon Knight | Layla/Team MK | T | A Game of Chance
    Layla’s soul mark had always been strange. The date on it would change at random when it wasn’t supposed to.

    When it changed again that morning, it was sheer luck that she had been looking straight at it.
    series:moon knight,fic:one-shot,trope:soulmates,trope:polyamory,pairing:marc_steven_jake_layla

  • Moon Knight | Marc/Layla, Layla/Steven | T | Truce
    “If it’s nothing to do with Khonshu… I keep coming up with explanations, and they all sound crazy to me, and they’re probably not nearly as crazy as the actual truth.”

    Marc felt his mouth twist into a smile, even though that word, crazy, gave him a pang. She didn’t know the half of it. “Try me.”
    series:moon knight,fic:one-shot,trope:amnesia,pairing:layla_marc,pairing:layla_steven,amazing

  • WandaVision | Wanda/Vision | T | a glitch on the television screen
    “Butterfly kisses,” he says to the coffee table. He can’t muster up the contentment he felt a moment before. He folds his hands in his lap, furrows his eyebrows a second later when Wanda takes them in her own.

    “Of course you do, silly,” she says, squeezing his hands. “It’s our tradition, remember?”

  • Iron Man, WandaVision | Wanda, family, Peggy, Tony | T | Wanda 1995
    Her mother makes her soup, before she heads off to work. Her parents can’t afford to stay home to take care of her, but at six years old, Wanda is old enough to stay home for a few hours.

    (She is almost-thirty and a mother of two.)
    fic:one-shot,series:marvel comics,series:wandavision,genfic,trope:timetravel

  • WandaVision | Wanda/Vision | T | I Know Those Eyes
    White Vision contemplates if he should complete his mission and destroy the Vision or if there is something worth living for. (The red-haired woman.)
  • WandaVision | Wanda/Vision, Billy, Tommy | T | direct to reality sequel
    “Mr. Maximoff. Your children are clearly very academically gifted, but they seem … troubled. Is everything alright at home?”

    It’s a foolish line of questioning. Being so direct often results in a defensive answer. One hoping to deflect any probing. Of course everything’s fine, is the automatic response. The boys are bored, un-challenged in their current state. Perhaps they should be moved up a grade, or into gifted classes.

    “They’ve recently been separated from their mother,” he sighs.


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