Multifandom fic recs (Madoka Magica, Lucifer, Jeeves & Wooster, Murderbot)

  • Lucifer (TV) | demons, Lucifer/Chloe | T | Sympathy for the Devil
    “He was moping. What kind of loyal subject would I be, if I allowed my King to suffer needlessly? Besides,” he adds in a smaller voice, “it’s not like she’s dead; she’s just resting. I gave her some of your soup.”
  • The Murderbot Diaries | Three, ART, humans | G | Learning Fast
    Herein, Three:
    Tells its first lie
    Hacks its first code (without an example source code)
    Performs its first slight of hand
    Enters a human Water Closet (eeew!)
    Talks back to its first human
    Attacks its first human
    Trusts its first human
    genfic,series:murderbot diaries,fic:chaptered
  • The Murderbot Diaries | Murderbot, PresAux | G | Rootkit
    The malware sneaks into my system, subtle and silent, and by the time I notice it’s there and try to stop it, it’s too late. It’s already re-writing some of my underlying code, installing new directives, shiny and bright, and suddenly I don’t see why I would even have bothered fighting them.
    genfic,fic:one-shot,series:murderbot diaries,trope:hurt-comfort,trope:trauma
  • The Murderbot Diaries | OCs | G | closing distance (NT-6478513)
    The following is a collection of reports drafted by NovaTero SecUnit 6478513, following the incident which resulted in the destruction of Freighter 6. The unit in question managed to evacuate only one client, Employee 86313. These reports were never submitted for review. The method employed in their acquisition, and the contents therein, are strictly confidential.
    series:murderbot diaries,genfic,fic:chaptered,trope:hurt-comfort

Christmas haul: two Yuletide gifts, one case of COVID

Other people get candy or toys in their stockings, I got the Omicron variant. Lucky me.

…seriously, though, it was the better kind of COVID experience. No hospital, no breathing problems, no need for any of the expensive treatments that are in short supply. I just canceled holiday plans, spent a few days sleeping a lot, had a friend drop off some chicken soup, and used over-the-counter fever/cough/etc meds to keep the symptoms in check.

Over a week of doing that, my immune system wrestled it steadily down from “thoroughly miserable” to “minor sniffles.”

And if you’ve been hearing people on the news panic about how Booster Shots Wear Off In Weeks And Then Omicron Can Kill Us All…listen, I didn’t even have a booster. Probably could’ve had milder symptoms if I did? But even un-boosted, the two regular Pfizer doses I got back in summer had the virus handled.

(The cat helped, I’m sure. He was very fierce at it. Scared it right off.)

Marshmallow Fluff having a Christmas nap

I had almost wrestled my Marked For Later list down to 5 pages when Yuletide dropped, and now it’s overflowing. At least reading has been easy for most of the COVID recovery period, so I’ve had time to start making a dent again.

I got 2 gifts!

A delightful comedy about Gideon, Harrow, and associates having low-stakes adventures, with Earth artifacts and attempted wrestling:

fifteen percent concentrated power of will (9120 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Locked Tomb Series | Gideon the Ninth Series – Tamsyn Muir
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Gideon Nav/Harrowhark Nonagesimus
Characters: Gideon Nav, Harrowhark Nonagesimus, Coronabeth Tridentarius, Judith Deuteros, Camilla Hect
Additional Tags: 5 things (kind of), gideon nav: personal trainer

Teaching someone to do a push-up is a love language, when that person is very annoying.

And a treat about Dorothy learning some finer details of Oz magic:

A Long Winter in Oz (14928 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 5/5
Fandom: Oz – L. Frank Baum
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Dorothy Gale & Glinda the Good, Dorothy Gale/Princess Ozma
Characters: Dorothy Gale, Glinda the Good
Additional Tags: Magic, Friendship, Minor Character Death, Implied/Referenced Suicide, no canon character deaths, Romance is a minor element, Worldbuilding

Dorothy decides that she ought to learn about magic properly and there just so happens to be a long winter approaching.

Multifandom fic recs (Red Dwarf, TCR, Labyrinth, Murderbot crossovers, Magic School Bus)

  • Colbert Report FPF | Jon/”Stephen” | G | where do you get those ideas? you’ve got a lively imagination.
    It’s not like Stephen was asking for love, no, that would be gay, and no Real Colbert had ever been gay. (Especially his Uncle Alex, who spent a lot of time doing manly things with his best friend Nick out in the barren wasteland that was Mississippi where they lived together. They did it to save money on housing, Stephen had been told, and Stephen was humble enough to admire anybody with the sensibility to save a few C-notes by doing so).
    series:fake news,pairing:jon_’stephen’,fic:one-shot

Multifandom fic recs (Hellsing, The Good Place, Good Omens, Murderbot)

  • Hellsing | Integra/Alucard | M | In This Darkness, I Have You
    These games they played may be dangerous, but then that was precisely the draw. Of course she called them games because she couldn’t bear to consider them anything more, but that was never something she’d dwell on for long.
  • The Murderbot Diaries | ART, Murderbot | T | layover
    During a cargo run, ART is subjected to a random security sweep. Murderbot falls back into its old routine of supervising annoying humans.
    fic:one-shot,pairing:art_murderbot,series:murderbot diaries,kink:identity porn,genfic