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Shine Updates, 2007

This page records previous updates to And Shine Heaven Now. These are saved for historical purpose only. Links are outdated and will probably not work.

See also: 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003

September 25

Another entry in the the Logos Naki World collection

September 10

Hit up the media and scans page for a full version of Schaft’s “Broken English”, the awesome song from the original Hellsing OVA trailer.

September 9

New entry to the cameo challenge; take a look!

There’s also (finally) a shiny new poll on which to vote.

August 21

Time for your monthly update! Another round of YKYLHTMWs.

The high-res image of Alucard’s sigil is actually available now, for all who want it ^_^

July 19

New character profiles – including characters from the current storyline – plus new pictures for old ones.

May 23

Click here for discussion of Rip Van Winkle’s name and rifle.

There are updates on Shine England, for those who aren’t watching it closely: the second season of the anime is out, and new downloads are available!

April 15

I’ve been updating, I swear – Shine England and The Case for AxI have both been added to recently.

As usual, you know you like Hellsing too much when….

February 5

Not only is there more in the Logos Naki World collection, but one savvy reader has written down the Japanese lyrics to Shi-kuretto Karuma Serenade.

And, naturally, there’s more of you-know-what.

February 2

More of my fanart on DeviantArt. Check out Integra in fencing gear and all the women of Hellsing at the beach.

January 15

The record in ye olde Cameo Contest has just been shattered. Shattered, I tell you. It used to be thirteen; now it’s thirty. Wow.

January 7

I’ve been updating my DeviantArt gallery with new pictures – by which I mean ones posted to the oekaki a long time ago that never made it to DA.

We finally have a release date for Hellsing Ultimate II!

January 4

The Lyrics Naki World collection has yet another update.

There’s a new little online shrine, for everything you ever wanted to know about the baobhan sith but were afraid to ask. Falling Into a Trap with a Sexy Lure (named after a song on the RUINS soundtrack) is live!

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