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Help me identify these mad scientists & magical girl?

I’m transcribing the last year of Shine, and can’t remember who the heck these cameos are. Anybody recognize them?

All from the Eurekon storyline.

From strip #1, the mostly-bald scientist with the goggles and the tall collar – ID’d! Professor Membrane, from Invader Zim.

From strip #4, the blue-skinned, mop-top, vaguely bug-faced scientist – ID’d! Baxter Stockman, from TMNT, post-transformation.

And strip #21 has a ton of magical girls, most of whom can be identified just from a distinctive bit of weapon, skirt, or hairstyle…except I can’t remember who had these cute red shoes. – ID’d! Panty, from Panty & Stocking. (Should’ve known, Stocking herself appears elsewhere in the strip…)

Thanks to anyone who can help!

Monday Roundup, 6/17

But I’m A Cat Person
Just a big ol’ puppy dog (art | Bianca, Patrick | worksafe)
The Light Won’t Hurt (art | Patrick, Miranda | worksafe)
Sketches VIII (art | Dotan, Tina, Cub, Park | worksafe)

Fake News
Shout*For, chapter 6, chapter 7, chapter 8, chapter 9 (AO3 mirror) (fic | Jon, “Stephen”, Jimmy, Olivia, Steve, Kristen, Wyatt, Brian, ensemble | PG-13)
Shout*For – The Boys in a Field (art | Jimmy, “Stephen”, Tucker, Jon | worksafe)
It’s A Long Drop (art | Jon, “Stephen” | worksafe)

Shine, Ten Years Later (chibis | every single person in the cast | worksafe)

Fluff in a Hammock, Still Lifes in Ink (still lifes, worksafe)
A Users’ Guide to AO3 Tagging (what it says on the tin)

This Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
A younger Ann Walker fires some people, visits Japan, and stops by a certain somebody’s college campus.

Just as The Eagle of Hermes was an excuse to not work on Shine…

Sometimes it seems like the only way I ever get anything done is when it’s in order to procrastinate on something else.

An illustrative example: I finally have a serviceable website for But I’m A Cat Person, the original webcomic whose premise I’ve been dithering over for almost a year now. All the code is in place, some filler is up, I mentioned it on DA; now all it needs is actual pages. It’s been effectively shifted from “vague theoretical idea” to “thing I should be actively working on, like, Right Now.”

I then sat down and churned out two weeks’ worth of Shine strips in two days.

Another worthwhile thing I’m dragging my heels on: reviewing And Shine Simple Heroes, which, seriously, if you are a Shine fan at all, you need to read. Even if there are sections where you start to glaze over for not recognizing the crossover characters, hang in there — the ending is absolutely golden.

(PSA: this week only, you can create a Dreamwidth account without worrying about invite codes. Go wild.)

more personal miscellany

Can anybody open this file? The extension is .DCR, and it should be an image, which I believe is animated. (I made it myself, so I know it’s virus-free.) If you can convert the frames into some more universal image format and get them back to me, I will shower you with cookies.

Watched Pleasantville yesterday, while working on go_exchange assignment. This movie, you guys. This movie. Not only is it a visual and technical marvel, the whole thing is clearly a metaphor for fandom. A couple of viewers step into canon, and…okay, the first thing they introduce is porn, with a strong focus on female sexuality. But this is followed by AU, and crossovers, and shipping, and character studies, and all sorts of depths that the original series never explored. I want to buy everybody I know a copy.

Speaking of fandom: my WIP folder no longer has a scrollbar. Pretty soon I’m not going to know what to do with myself.

Picked up an AO3 account, thus silencing forever that nagging voice in the back of my head saying maybe I should make use of my ff.net one to upload things. Currently posted: all my non-fake-news stuff, and a couple of the fake-newsy crossovers. Not planning to post the whole fake-news oeuvre; still mulling over which bits to post, and when.

Shine readers who follow the forum will already know that I’ve had trouble sleeping, and am a bit behind on updates. Still working on it. Will be up to speed soon. Possibly after a nap.

For your entertainment in the meantime: Not My Fandom Fest is, with the possible exception of Pleasantville, the most disarmingly charming thing I’ve seen all week.

This Week, 7/12-7/18

Fake News
Footrub (art | Jon/”Stephen” | worksafe)
Baby, It’s Fact (mix | Jon/l!”Stephen” | PG-13ish)
Clothing Choices (comic | Jon, Olivia, Wyatt | PG)

Fake News/Hellsing
The Eagle of Hermes – Chapter 3 is complete!
The Man In Blue (art | Jon | worksafe)

Chekhov’s Absinthe (art | Integra | worksafe)
Get Off My Desk (old sketch | IntegraxAlucard | worksafe)
Teen Walt (old art | mildly NSFW)
Family Art (sketch | Integra, Lord Hellsing | worksafe)
Draculina’s Debut (art | Seras | worksafe)
Angels… (old art | Seras, Integra | worksafe)

Sailor Moon
Step On A Crack (art | Sailor Makaiju | worksafe)
Pink Sugar Henshin (old sketch | Sailor Chibi-Moon | worksafe)
Elegant Michiru (old art | Michiru | worksafe)

United States of Tara
Discussion post, in response to one blog’s critique of the show from a disability rights perspective.

How to commission my art: the big info post. Get in touch!

Next Week in Shine:
Jeeves and Wooster go looking for Walter, and find more than they bargained for.

Website Updates
The Shine character page has finally, finally been modernized! Including seven new profile pictures, and up-to-date descriptions all around.

This Week, 12/29-1/3

Doctor Who
The nth Doctor (art | n | worksafe)

Fake News
Needs Met page 14 (art/sketches | Jon/c!Stephen, Jon/l!Stephen, Joan | NSFW)
I Like You (Too Much) (half of a two-part Jon/Stephen mix)
I Hate You (Don’t Leave) (the other half of said mix)
I Like You, I… (portraits | Jon, Stephen | worksafe)
Assorted Belatedly Collected Drabbles: Stephen’s Staff Edition (ficlets | Bobby, Ric Ocasek, Stephen, Tad, Meg, Jimmy, Killer | G-PG)
Assorted Belatedly Collected Drabbles: Sam, Jon, and Stephen Edition (ficlets | Sam/OC, Jon, Bill Bennett, “Stephen”, Bobby, Jon/”Stephen” | G-PG)
Uniform Swap (art | Stephen, girl!Jon | worksafe)

Fake News/Strangers With Candy
Why Should I Care – Ensemble (sketch | George/Seamus, Chuck/Geoffrey, Claire, Jerri, Jon/Stephen, Charlene | worksafe)

The Giraffe Problem (art | giraffe!Alucard, giraffe!Seras | worksafe)
Timothy’s Happy 2010 (art | Timothy’s shoulder sprites | worksafe)

2009 In Review (art meme | Stephen, Jon, Alucard, Integra, Seras, Tenth Doctor, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Moon, Lister and Rimmer, George William | worksafe)
“wait a minute? since when were they working there? since when were they dating him/her? since when!? (personal-information Q&A-type meme)

Next Week in Shine:
Integra deals with her 38th attempted kidnapping.

Website Updates
Every single link on Shine Hell’s fic page was broken, and nobody told me? Pfft. They’re fixed now, at least.
Speaking of links, there are more on the webcomics page, albeit mostly in the “unsorted” category.
And let’s not forget the scans page, which features some new download links for Hellsing doujinshi as well as old works of Hirano’s.
The About Shine page is finally in line with the new layout. And up-to-date, to boot!
The long-missing You Know You Read Shine Too Much When… list is back online!
Speaking of long-missing things, The Zen and the Damaged now features two recently re-unearthed reports: the Report, 2007.10.31 and Jon in standup, 2006.10.06.