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Mental health and mortal peril and moot, oh my

Declassified films of nuclear bomb tests. (No surprise: most of the filmmakers have by now died of cancer.)

When architecture turns fatal: a curved reflective building turns sunlight into a Death Ray. (Why hasn’t this been in a ThreatDown?)

Depression in preschoolers? I’m torn on this one. Vigorous debate in the comments, too.

From a blog about bipolar over at Healthyplace.com: Words don’t judge people. People judge people.

Atheists know the most about religion. Color me unsurprised.

Zero percent of lesbian-raised children report abuse. Go us.

Four-thousand-year-old pine trees under siege from a foreign fungus we brought into their territory. Oops.

One in five Americans believe Obama is a cactus. The Onion makes perfect sense. And again, in Congress Sets Sail In Search Of Fabled Sword Of Bipartisanship.

A step-by-step guide to how 4chan completely controlled the 2009 Time 100 poll, to the point of precision-ordering the first 21 results in defiance of captchas. (If only we could turn that kind of power and dedication on something actually useful…)

Notes from Balticon 42

I knew I was among friends when I paused in the dealer’s room at a table of expensive jewelry, and the vendor complimented me on the chain on my glasses.

“Thanks,” I said. “It’s . . . plastic on plastic . . .”

“But it’s shiny,” she replied, “so who cares?”

Notes from Balticon 42

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