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When Obama endorsed marriage equality I was all like

1) keysmash keysmash grin grin grin

2) So the political calculation is that marriage support is now predicted to gain him votes rather than lose them! The depressing news out of North Carolina is a throwback. The national trend is — forward!

(And no, I don’t think he should’ve made the announcement before the Amendment One vote. It would have brought out the kneejerk bigot vote even more than it was already.)

3) Time to run off to make a week’s worth of same-sex marriage Daily/Reports From Last Night :D

3) Ooh, look! It inspired a marriage equality bill to be introduced in Israel! START THEM DOMINOES FALLING.

4) This is a good GIF party.

5) …aaaaand the tearing-down has already begun.

I’m not talking about the freakout from the right, mind you. I’m talking about the left.

I hate it when this happens. Any time we make progress, any time an initiative comes together to do some good, out comes the head-shaking and the eye-rolling about how it’s not enough good. “How dare he only be the first sitting president to say he approves of same-sex marriage? Why can’t he also declare it a constitutional right, and make it instantly legal in all fifty states, and personally send a bouquet of flowers to every couple who ties the knot as a result? And he should have done it three years ago!”

Look, lots of things should have happened. The last President should also have been in favor of same-sex marriage since the beginning of his term. For that matter, the last forty-three Presidents should have been. Do people think the folks appreciating Obama’s announcement don’t know that? Were they not even following the Amendment One vote? Do they not realize that LGBTQ rights are a struggle, that every step forward has been clawed out of the grip of bigots and fundamentalists and centuries of ignorance, that milestones like this can’t be taken for granted?

In a perfect world Obama’s support of same-sex marriage would be a nonstory, because the rest of the country would be so far ahead that it wouldn’t even bear saying. But in the real world it isn’t, and we aren’t, and any progress toward our global acceptance is still cause for celebration.

Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo!

A typical incendiary blog post. Be sure to read the amazing, amazing comments.

Fortune cookies you’d really like to see. Such as: “If you’d opened me first, I could have warned you about the shrimp.” And: “Me you can trust, but that Thin Mint on 5th and Park is a lying bastard.” And: “Be thankful that Chick Tracts don’t fit into these things.”

Why everything you know about studying is wrong. Or at least, quite a bit of it.

Trans chick in hot-pink wig wins…Scrabble tournament. FTW.

Obsolete English words that should really make a comeback. Compare with awesome non-English words that just don’t translate.

Google, in its ongoing quest to Organize Everything Ever, has a database of 500 billion words published in six languages between 1500 and 2008. Even its flaws turn out to be interesting.

Obama’s speeches become popular in Japan as a way to learn English.


Mental health and mortal peril and moot, oh my

Declassified films of nuclear bomb tests. (No surprise: most of the filmmakers have by now died of cancer.)

When architecture turns fatal: a curved reflective building turns sunlight into a Death Ray. (Why hasn’t this been in a ThreatDown?)

Depression in preschoolers? I’m torn on this one. Vigorous debate in the comments, too.

From a blog about bipolar over at Healthyplace.com: Words don’t judge people. People judge people.

Atheists know the most about religion. Color me unsurprised.

Zero percent of lesbian-raised children report abuse. Go us.

Four-thousand-year-old pine trees under siege from a foreign fungus we brought into their territory. Oops.

One in five Americans believe Obama is a cactus. The Onion makes perfect sense. And again, in Congress Sets Sail In Search Of Fabled Sword Of Bipartisanship.

A step-by-step guide to how 4chan completely controlled the 2009 Time 100 poll, to the point of precision-ordering the first 21 results in defiance of captchas. (If only we could turn that kind of power and dedication on something actually useful…)

Bringing some :) to your morning.

The latest updates from Barack Obama’s Facebook news feed.

Doctor In Distress: a song put together by a bunch of B-list celebrities to protest the Doctor Who hiatus in the ’80s. Almost painfully eightiestastic.

Latest Sarah Palin Speech Opens Sixth Seal. And lo, there was then a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair; and the moon became as blood; and “gosh” was spoken repeatedly.

An attendee of a Christian conference gives her perspective on the other event sharing their hotel – Katsucon. Witness her explanation of “Clamp mangas (comics drawn by all female illustrators)” and adult manga, “rated H (known as HENTEI)”.

The Victorian version of Craigslist: vintage personal ads.

Technology is a word that describes something that doesn’t work yet.

In praise of laughing baby videos. Aww.

65% Of All Wildlife Now Used As Homosexual Subculture Signifier. Oh, Onion, ILU. Also for this article about a presentation on an AU Sci-Fi Channel.

Using the Netflix model to rent designer dresses. Did not see that one coming.

IT Pro calls Douglas Adams as one of its top five tech heroes. Good man.

New Disney video game is attempting to rebrand Mickey. My reaction so far is something between “this actually sounds pretty cool” and “…but not as canon!

Next time you hear a conservative saying “We’re only treating Obama the same way liberals treated Bush for eight years!”, point them in the direction of this story: Obama is getting four times as many threats, to the point where the Secret Service is struggling to keep up.

…but on the plus side, it’s been a year since Obama ended racism in America! A clever article of the pros and cons since.

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