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“Situation: There are 14 competing blog platforms….”

It’s been a long time since I was really satisfied with a social blogging site.

WordPress blogs are powerhouses of crossposting and have great features like tagging and scheduling, but still manage to feel like little disconnected islands. Dreamwidth is better at community, and I love having icons, but lots of its capabilities are limited, and some of the ones we were promised at launch (including queueing!) still haven’t showed up. Tumblr queues are wonderful things, the image hosting is unmatched, and it’s incredibly easy to find content for a given fandom or interest, but it leaves out basic things like comment threading. Also, the total undifferentiation means the only way to avoid spammers/haters/wankers is by playing constant Whack-A-Mole.

Deviantart has amazing features for art hosting/queueing/sharing, but the interest in general blogging is low, and only logged-in users can comment. Facebook is only good for really short content; Twitter, even shorter. I could use no-patron-threshold posts on Patreon to share things, but that’s an audience I really don’t want to annoy with “not the content I came here for” type posts, because when they leave, their money goes with them.

For years now I’ve been mostly double-posting on Dreamwidth and WordPress. It would be nice to consolidate, but neither one seems likely to develop the features that I rely on the other to have.

(And some posts get slapped down onto other sites when it seems appropriate. Like playing a demented game of Blog Twister.)


People on FFA have been talking about Imzy for months now. Saying it grabs some of the best parts of Dreamwidth and some of the best parts of Tumblr, and strikes a nice balance.

I finally caved and checked it out.

Good points: post scheduling! Image hosting! Neat features like being able to mark posts for having spoilers, and tip users for individual posts (without making a Patreon-style commitment). Posts can be commented on, liked, and/or shared as links.

Content is grouped into communities, DW-style, but the site has more emphasis on connecting you with them, making it feel like a less-anarchist Tumblr. I’ve already gotten into more interesting fandom conversations there in the past week than on DW (minus FFA) and WordPress combined in months.

Bad points: crossposting for other sites is nonexistent, Imzy’s version of personal blogs are just communities awkwardly crammed into a mold they weren’t designed for, and the whole thing is currently only visible to logged-in users. You can’t use the site as a platform to display things to the world in general.

So it’s not going to displace any of my other fandom home bases any time soon. But it’s a nice place to socialize, and there’s a chance it might develop the features that would let it supplant either my WordPress or DW blog.

For now Imzy is in invite-only beta. Anyone who wants to try it, grab a code:

And you can find me at @erinptah.

(Apologies to xkcd.)

Happy birthday, Roger Waters!

The Large Hadron Rap. Dig it.

Reading the comic-format introduction to Google’s new browser, Chrome, I thought, “This seems like something Scott McCloud would approve of.” Turns out it was drawn by . . . Scott McCloud.

The Most Popular Book in the Whole World. No relation to a certain book containing sparkly vampires: this one has slimy aliens.

LiveJournal Aqua is kind of addictive. Watch the porn, the Russian, the random snippets of life, and, yes, the fanfiction scroll by.

I have finally come into the modern age on DeviantArt and made myself some collections. Check out what all of DA has to offer re: the Hellsingpuffs, Pretty Knight Sailor Hellsing, and Pretty Anchor Sailor Jon, as well as stuff made for me by people who are awesome.

For anyone else who’s tired of the conventions being the only story in the news, William Falk is on your side.

I don’t want to achieve immortality through my work. I want to achieve it by not dying.

(Apologies to Woody Allen.)

Two articles that pair off nicely: Local Idiot To Post Comment On Internet, meet Complaining Bloggers Have a Cable Company’s Ear.

The gist of the second one is that if you post something negative about Comcast online, Comcast will track it down, use the criticism to improve its products, and send you an email thanking you for the help. Some bloggers are feeling a little creeped out about this, which I find very amusing. That’s right, folks: when you make a public post on the Internet, everyone can see it! Even the people you’re writing about! Shocking, huh?

(By the way, if anyone from Comcast’s digital relations department stumbles on this post: don’t worry about the haters, guys. Keep up the good work.)

In random amusing news, Martha Stewart is presiding over her own MSTing.

In random thought-provocation, here’s an essay on being mixed-race in America. On that note, you may as well also check out everything posted for International Blog Against Racism Week.

And in conclusion: Orson Scott Card, I love your books. So whyyyyy must you be a crazy homophobe?

Fun links and fireflies

I’ve ushered four fireflies out of the house so far this evening. (I sure hope it was four fireflies, rather than one very determined one.) Luckily, they don’t have good enough reflexes to avoid being caught.

News roundup (wow, I’ve been sitting on some of these for a while):

A bunch of studies about language, and specific ways in which it helps you perform. Fun fact: many languages don’t distinguish between “blue” and “green”. Meanwhile, Russian (and Italian) have words for “blue” and “blue” (a distinction that English doesn’t make).

The NYT profiled xkcd. Is that cool or what?

And a recovering blogging junkie lays out her story. Seriously . . . this is pretty heavy stuff. I’m going to be thinking about it for a while.

That said, I’ll end on a note of silly-yet-righteous indignation: Stop Making Movies About My Books, by Dr. Seuss (in the Onion, naturally). I want to smack the author for writing lines that scan so badly; on the other hand, I agree with every word.