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Burns & Allen transcript: Hotel Room Shortage (1944-11-21)

The year is 1944. There’s a war on, and George Burns and Gracie Allen are doing shows for the Armed Forces Radio Service. In this one, Gracie schemes her way into a hotel room while every place in New York is booked up, and has dreams (or are they?) where George switches place with the guest star, romantic leading-man Franchot Tone.

Listen to the episode on YouTube, download the audio from this bundle on the Internet Archive, and read the transcript below.

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Burns & Allen Transcript: The Poker Game (1944-03-07)

Alan LaddThe year is 1944. World War II still shows no signs of turning (D-Day won’t happen until June); Wendell Willkie has crashed and burned in the Republican primaries, though he was the nominee in 1940; and Alan Ladd is rising to stardom after playing a hitman, alongside femme fatale Veronica Lake, in films like This Gun For Hire.

Gracie Allen disapproves.

This episode is…very drenched in 1940’s gender roles (take a shot every time someone complains about women drivers), but a lot of the jokes come from the characters deliberately playing up and/or subverting the stereotypes put on them. Plus the usual cute gags and fun moments.

Download the episode here, or listen on YouTube, and read the transcript below.

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