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Good things. (Racists reforming, disability savings, free art, and more.)

Leaving Westboro Baptist: “When Brittany Murphy died, Phelps-Roper had seen the disparity between her reaction and that of the rest of the church as a sign that something was wrong with her. Now the contradiction of her mother’s glee and her own sadness made her wonder if something was wrong with the church.

Leaving Stormfront: “But the unstated truth was that Derek was becoming more and more confused about exactly what he believed. Sometimes he looked through posts on Stormfront, hoping to reaffirm his ideology, but now the message threads about Obama’s birth certificate or DNA tests for citizenship just seemed bizarre and conspiratorial. He stopped posting on Stormfront. He began inventing excuses to get out of his radio show, leaving his father alone on the air each morning to explain why Derek wouldn’t be calling in.”

“Justin Bainbridge is 27 and works two jobs, but he wasn’t allowed to start saving money for his future until a few months ago. Bainbridge has Down syndrome, and like other people with disabilities who receive government benefits, he can’t have more than $2,000 in savings. If he does, he would start to lose those much-needed benefits. But a new type of savings vehicle is giving Bainbridge, and others, a chance to save more cash.”

I moved my whole company to a five-hour workday where everyone works from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Over a year later, we’re sticking with it.”

“As of [February 7], all images of public-domain works in The Met collection are available under Creative Commons Zero (CC0). So whether you’re an artist or a designer, an educator or a student, a professional or a hobbyist, you now have more than 375,000 images of artworks from our collection to use, share, and remix—without restriction.”

Maybe the Happy Birthday lawsuit will be settled by my *next* birthday

“Copyright scholars have long been pretty certain that “Happy Birthday to You” is in the public domain, despite the fact that Warner/Chappell claims copyright on it and charges impressive licensing fees to use it in public performances. Those fees, however, are much lower than a copyright lawsuit would be, so everyone shrugs and pays them. Until now.” (Update from last August.)

“Rather than risk a lawsuit, Zazzle responded this week by temporarily banning all garments featuring the 3,000-year-old symbol.

“BTW one of Watson’s wives is pre- and one post-1923. Sort of like playing the dozens (“Your mama is in the public domain”).”

“Said dean reportedly called for an emergency meeting, concerned that this small, unsettlingly agile girl in a T-shirt was Schmidt’s way of announcing his intention to claim all the spoils a New Jersey community college has to offer, by force if necessary.” Aggressive overreactions to defend against nonexistent threats: not just for Tumblr anymore.

A fishy post-birthday post

(1) The 26th was my birthday! Ashley made pie, and got me a self-cleaning fish tank. Which now has its very own fish.

10Still haven’t figured out what to name him yet. So far we’ve just been calling him Fishy.

My grandmother, meanwhile, sent me…socks. But not just any socks! These ones have directions on the packaging, to make absolutely sure you don’t use them wrong. Step 2 — out of 4 — is “Slip feet into socks, toes first.”

(In the interest of not giving you the wrong idea about my grandmother: she did also send a check.)


(2) Had a dream the other night that I was having some kind of IM conversation with this guy I no longer talk to. And even within the dream, I was thinking, “This was a bad idea. Why did I start this conversation? He’s just going to take it as meaning that nothing he did was that bad after all, and will go right back to the same harassment and aggression I cut him off for in the first place.”

And then I woke up, and realized I hadn’t started any conversations after all. It was like, YES. This day already feels like a total success. And I haven’t even gotten out of bed yet!

(For reference, this is the guy who insisted that people advocating for government food assistance programs were exactly like people who sell humans into sexual slavery. Guess who was buying her food with SNAP at the time he said this? Yeah.)


(3) Major art theft by wholesale knickknack company Cody Foster. Pass it on.


(4) Seanan McGuire on my WtNV Little Mermaid AU: “I had a SAD and then a WISTFUL and then a OH MY GODS ABOVE AND BELOW AND ESPECIALLY DOWN IN RADON TRENCH.

I’m down with this.


(5) I’m actually making some use of Twitter, not just crossposting things. People I know, if you’re on there, tell me your username so I can follow! And, you know, subscribe too =)

Copyright, spying, racism, and quinoa

Dick Armey complains about the million-dollar deal his conservative group, FreedomWorks, had with Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. What’s so headdesk-y about this is that he doesn’t seem to see any ethical issues with secretly paying pundits to talk up a political organization. His complaint? He thinks they spent too much for not enough underhanded advertising.

Scenes from a historical struggle between American imperialism and American racism. In summary, “we totally deserve to take over all of Mexico” versus “but do we really want that many non-white people to become US citizens?”

“A very special “All In” investigation looks at the dangerous elements in White Culture, as seen on display during the Huntington Beach surfing riots this week. Chris Hayes talks to Cord Jefferson of Gawker to find out what can be done about this menace to society.” (A production of MSNBC. The satire is coming from inside the network!)

“The instructions that Internal Revenue Service officials used to look for applicants seeking tax-exempt status with “Tea Party” and “Patriots” in their titles also included groups whose names included the words “Progressive” and “Occupy”.” (So yeah, that whole “scandal” actually had no political bias involved. The one positive/uplifting thing you’ll find in this particular link roundup…)

“So, just to be clear: Canipre has written ‘they all know it’s wrong and they’re still doing it.’ Referring to copyright theft. On top of an image that they are using without the permission of the copyright holder. On their official website.

And, in other copyright news, the NSA’s PRISM logo is also in violation, nabbed from a photographer’s website without the required attribution.

“National Security Agency officers on several occasions have channeled their agency’s enormous eavesdropping power to spy on love interests, U.S. officials said.”

“Do you have any bombs, they asked. Do you own a pressure cooker? My husband said no, but we have a rice cooker. Can you make a bomb with that? My husband said no, my wife uses it to make quinoa. What the hell is quinoa, they asked.

Anderson Cooper, Jigglypuff, serious stuff about copyright and sexism, and Red Dwarf

Or, “miscellaneous fannish links of neatness.”

Buzzfeed compiles fanart of Anderson Cooper. Oh, hey, some of those are awfully familiar. (#15 is one of mine.)

“A Whole New World” as sung by Jigglypuff and Professor Oak. Or at least, fans doing solid impressions of them. The Internet: it’s a thing of beauty.

Q&A with Rebecca Tushnet about copyright and transformative works. A good overview of the subject.

“….during the teens, 1920s, and early 1930s, almost one quarter of the screenwriters in Hollywood were women. Half of all the films copyrighted between 1911 and 1925 were written by women.” Our forgotten film history.

Media monopolies: why “Mrs. Robinson” has been played enough times to air for 32 years back-to-back nonstop.

The high-tech digital makeup used to get one (originally buff) actor playing both pre- and post-superserum Captain America.

And the most awesome thing to break in the past few days: the new Red Dwarf trailer is out! A shot-by-shot breakdown, for anyone who wants to get as much mileage out of the tiny clips as possible. (*cough* Such as myself.)

Link roundup, on books and other things for reading

“When I asked him about it, he confirmed that, no, the museum didn’t print them. Because it couldn’t afford to. The Cartoon Art Museum is on such a tight budget that it can’t afford the cost of mounting a half-dozen extra labels on foamcore down at the copy shop.

Fifty Shades of Grey and a history of publishing, including fandom’s interactions therewith. Read all the links for extra detail. There’s commentary on FFA as well. (And, wait — from not too long ago — “the trilogy has captured twenty-five percent of the adult fiction market in recent weeks“? What? Just…what?)

“The Nook edition of Tolstoy’s War and Peace (in its English translation) has been de-Kindled, quite literally.

Century-old mummified frozen lobotomized corpses: the setup for a confusing question of copyright law, obviously.

Cache of five hundred preserved but previously unknown fairy tales discovered in a German archive. Archivists are awesome.

“In 1934, Otlet sketched out plans for a global network of computers (or “electric telescopes,” as he called them) that would allow people to search and browse through millions of interlinked documents, images, audio and video files.” With associated video. If you want Internet in your steampunk setting, this would be the thing to base it on.

High time for another roundup of silly geek stuff.

Brackets for the 2012 iNternet diCkbAg chAmpionship tournament: Guy Who Thinks Anything With More Than Three Sentences Is Too Long To Read vs. Woman Who Thinks You Don’t Go To Heaven If You Don’t Spend 90% Of Your Waking Life Being Furiously Outraged At Something

Neil Gaiman talks online piracy, and how it’s made his book sales go up. No surprise here (I’m one of the fans who discovered his writing when a friend lent me Good Omens, and have bought that and other works of his since).

Tons of red giants have rocky planets at the right distance to possibly have water. Tens of billions of habitable possibilities!

Grouchy scribes leaving comments in the margins in medieval manuscripts :D

Student writes his dissertation on comics (the degree is in interdisciplinary studies)…in comic form. Awesome. (I did the final papers for capstone classes in both my majors in comic format. Good teachers.)

The addictive powers of “stupid games”. For me, it’s Mafia Wars, plus a couple of Neopets games including Destruct-O-Match. (Though let it not be said that I don’t appreciate my Tetris.)

A 92-year-old DVD bootlegger…for the troops! (The poor RIAA has no idea how to deal with this.)