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Review: The Book of Dust – La Belle Sauvage December 18, 2017

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Finally got to La Belle Sauvage!

(Not to be confused with La Belle Sauvage, or a Progress Through the Beau-Monde, a pair of books published in 1803. Coincidence or inspiration?)

For people who liked HDM: would recommend.

It might or might not be a good jumping-in point for people who haven’t read any of the other books. Even though it’s the first in a series, it has a really hard case of “middle installment in the trilogy” syndrome — sets a bunch of things up, then abruptly stops. As a standalone work I’m sure the end would be pretty unsatisfying.

On the other hand…it does a lot of over-explaining. Every time there’s a new plot point (e.g. “the witches have some kind of prophecy about Lyra”), we get multiple scenes of it being repeated, in full, to characters who didn’t know it already. For me that was annoying, but now that I think about it, it’s a sharp contrast to the way The Golden Compass is pretty impenetrable on first go-through, and might make this book an easier way in.

So that’s the complaining out of the way. On to…

The Good Bits (spoiler-free summary)

The new characters are well-rounded and likeable. Mal in particular is a good combination of “impressive competence” and “eleven-year-old fancies.”

Hannah Relf is amazing in all ways and I would have read an entire book about just her.

Baby Lyra is precious and perfect. She and Pan are a nonverbal infant for the entire book, but she’s written with so much personality, and is so clearly the tiny version of the character we know and love in later books.

The prose in general is great. Not in the sense of Terry Pratchett, where you actively notice the cleverness, but great in the sense that it’s clear and fluid and gets everything across without getting in the way. (I probably wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t read so many badly-written books lately.)

La Belle Sauvage is the name of Mal’s canoe. One of his friends pranked him by painting an “s” over the “v”.

New information about daemons!

New Daemon Lore (vaguely spoilery)

Unsettled daemons can take combination forms. When Mal is hanging out in a swamp, his Asta turns into an owl with duck feathers, so she can keep a distant lookout but still be waterproof.

Alice doesn’t seem stressed that her daemon Ben is unsettled at age 16, though she’s actively curious what he’ll settle as.

Daemons can be physically injured — there’s one that has a missing leg. (It’s implied that the injury was caused by its physically-abusive human, and that they are collectively pretty unhinged.)

Daemons can urinate. (It’s not described as a physical need, just an expression of contempt.)

There’s an ambiguously-magical woman whose daemon is a flock of butterflies. (!!)

Before they learn language, babies and their daemons will babble to each other. It’s suggested that this can turn into a rudimentary language of its own if you don’t teach them English (or whatever), similar to the way our-world infants will come up with proto-language if a group are neglected together.

At one point baby!Pan turns into a kitten and kneads Mal’s bare hand. He interprets it as “the taboo on daemon/human touching is learned,” but I think it’s more “Lyra really likes this kid.” Either way, it’s adorable.

A Proper Summary (here be spoilers)

Malcolm Polstead is a 10-11-year-old boy who works at his parents’ tavern/inn, where he hears all the local gossip. (One of his co-workers is 16-year-old Alice Parslow, a cousin of Roger.) He also helps out at the priory across the river. When the nuns take in baby Lyra, he gets completely starry-eyed.

Mal gets recruited by Hannah Relf as a junior informant, for a government anti-Magisterium spy organization code-named Oakley Street. (Coram van Texel, aka Farder Coram, is another of their informants.) They’re passing around secret messages about Lyra and alethiometers and the mysterious “Rusakov field.”

When they’re first introduced, Oakley Street is fascinating. The last trilogy was mostly through a kid’s POV — now here are the adults of the Resistance that had her back! Subterfuge, secret codes, undercover research, spying!

Hannah is doing research with the Oxford alethiometer, which means she gets short limited sessions with it, and uses some of that time for spy research. Later there’s a sequence where a branch of the Magisterium steals a different alethiometer, killing someone in the process, and Oakley Street retrieves it…but instead of returning it to its owners, they sneak it off and deliver it to Hannah, asking her to use it on their behalf full-time.

Did I mention I would read a whole book about her? Because I would.

But the group gets really worn-down by the book’s problem with over-explanation. For one thing, Mal gets let in on way more detail than he needs to know. (Seriously, why would you tell the kid you have a stolen alethiometer? His loyalty is still untested, not to mention, he’s a child.) On top of that, any time Oakley Street leaves top-secret information at dead-drops, that same info is also getting happily gossiped about at the tavern, and at the priory, and by random people in town.

We r serious spy team, this iz super sekrit.

The book’s recurring villain isn’t a Magisterium agent anyway. It’s Gerard Bonneville, a creepy disgraced physicist with a hyena daemon who thinks kidnapping Lyra will give him leverage to get the Church to fund his research again.

Partway through the book (I want to say halfway?), everything gets derailed by a massive flood. Buildings are flooded to the second story, that level of massive. Mal has a canoe, which got souped-up earlier by Coram to be extra-seaworthy, so he, Lyra, and Alice end up using it to escape.

At first their vague plan is to get to Jordan College. When the racing water takes them well past it, Mal decides they’ll deliver Lyra to Lord Asriel in London. They know he’s her father, and they also happen to know Mrs. Coulter is her mother, because literally nothing is secret in this book.

Up to this point everything has been well-grounded in reality. The canoe repair and navigation is expertly described, the locations around Oxford are developed in rich detail, the characters talk about practical issues of supplies and weather.

Three-quarters of the way through the book, we do a sudden genre shift, and now it’s Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Our heroes have a stopover on an enchanted island, where we meet Diannia, the possibly-faerie and definitely-unstable woman whose daemon is a whole flock of butterflies. Then another with a grand mansion in the distance, surrounded by an Alice-in-Wonderland garden that won’t let them get any closer to it. The place is full of partygoers who can’t see the children, but whose food they can get away with stealing — and then eating, because that sure sounds like a safe idea. They sail through an enchanted river-gate after Mal bluffs its guardian with news that Lyra is a princess, and they’re delivering her on the orders of the King of Albion.

Bonneville chases them the whole time. He murders at least one person along the way, so they end up killing him in self-defense, but then on one of the enchanted islands he’s back? And it’s not like they sailed into the afterlife, because we know what the afterlife looks like in the HDM multiverse. Lyra hasn’t even fixed it yet.

This whole arc had a lot of cool imagery, but felt really disjointed from the rest of the book. It would’ve made more sense if the fairytale elements had been integrated earlier, maybe foreshadowed by Hannah’s research.

Or if it didn’t get so fantastical at all. When Diannia was introduced, with her creepy demeanor and impression of being older than her youthful appearance, my first assumption was that she was a witch, who had taken off from her clan in grief after losing a daughter and was now fixating on Lyra for the same reason. That would’ve made more sense than “by the way, in Lyra’s world, faeries are suddenly a thing maybe.”

Finally the kids make it back to reality, re-kill Bonneville, and manage to rendezvous with Lord Asriel. He takes them to Jordan College, where he leaves Lyra for safekeeping.

This is the sudden cutoff point. Asriel takes off to do research in the North, though it’s not clear why thinks Lyra is safer at Jordan than she was at the priory in the first place. We don’t see Mal and Alice return home. It’s not like Mal’s parents were much of a presence, but it would’ve been nice to see them find out their kid was okay.

And we don’t hear anything at all from the Oakley Street crew. They were mentioned a couple of times in the back half of the book — Hannah tries to help the others work out where Mal would be taking Lyra — but got no resolution. The book really needed a bonding/reconnecting/debriefing scene with Mal and Hannah, and we didn’t get it.

(We do get Asriel warning Mal and Alice to keep the whole thing hush-hush, for the sake of protecting Lyra. Which, okay, but Mal should be able to trust Hannah with at least as much top-secret information as she entrusted to him. And both kids deserve an adult to help them decompress.)

Hopefully some of that will get retroactively dealt with in books 2 and 3. We know Mal grows up to be a scholar, and he and Hannah both tutor Lyra at points, so they’re still going to be connected.

And I’m looking forward to the next books in general. This one could be exasperating, but it wasn’t actively upsetting, and there were more than enough good and fun parts to make up the difference. If the rest of the trilogy is at least this good, it’ll be a satisfying read.


Birthday works roundup, 10/26 October 26, 2015

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But I’m A Cat Person
Good Dad AU: Trick or Treat (art | Bennett, Cohen, Cybele, Patrick | worksafe)

Leif & Thorn
Hold your light close (art | Leif, Thorn | worksafe)

Fake News
Ice Cream Cuddles (art | Jon/”Stephen” | worksafe)

Sailor Moon
Super Sailor Earth (art | Chibiusa | worksafe)

Steven Universe
Pumpkin Diamond (art | gemsona | worksafe)

Welcome to Night Vale(/Steven Universe)
Happy Smiling Sunshine Fusions (art | Daniel, Cecil, Kevin, fusions | worksafe)
The Whispering Picnic (art | scientists, Faceless Old Woman, daemons, forest | worksafe)

Pink falling dots (free stock image, worksafe)
Reward Chibi – Pierce (commissioned chibi, worksafe)

This Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
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This Week in Leif & Thorn:
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Monday Works Roundup, 8/31 August 31, 2015

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But I’m A Cat Person
Beingsona Art Trade (art | Tina, Dotan, Beings | worksafe)
Baby Cohen + Bennett (art | Bennett, Cybele, Cohen | worksafe)

Miraculous Transformation (screencap redraw | Tip, Oh | worksafe)
As Goes The Slushious (art | Tip, Oh | worksafe)

Legally Blonde
Commander in Chic (art | Elle | worksafe)

Steven Universe
Underused Gemsona Mineral Reference Sheet (photos, worksafe)
Rose Fusion Theory, part 1, part 2, part 3 (comic | Rose/Greg, team | G)

Steven Universe/Welcome to Night Vale
Smooth, Fist-Sized River Gem (comic | Sarah Sultan, NVCC staff, Steven and the Gems | G)

Welcome to Night Vale(/His Dark Materials)
Let The Shadows Fall Behind You, part 6 [end] (fic | Cecil/Carlos, ensemble | T)
Alethiometry Apprentice (art | Leonard, Cecil, daemons | worksafe)
Painted Dog Daemon (art | Kevin, daemon | worksafe, eye horror)
ten feet under, and upside down (mix | Cecil/depression | T)
The Gem in the White Jacket (comic | TJ, Cecil | G)
Dana-Maureen Fusion (art | Dana/Maureen | worksafe)

Ryuji (reward chibi OC, worksafe)
Pink rock wall (free tiled pattern, worksafe)

This Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
Behind-the-scenes sketches, bonus art, and a new monthly wallpaper.

Monday Roundup, 12/22 December 22, 2014

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Fake News
Jingle Me Stephen (sketch | “Stephen”, Jon | worksafe)
The Little Pundit | AO3 mirror (fic | Jon/”Stephen”, Neil, Jimmy, others | PG)
Best Underwater Friends Forever (art | mermaid!”Stephen”, others | worksafe)
Two Pets Stephen Is Not Allowed To Keep (and one he is) | AO3 mirror (ficlet | Jon/”Stephen”, animals | G)
Defying Reality (filk | Jon, “Stephen” | G)
Jon’s JDate Adventure, Part 3 (comic | Jon/”Stephen” | PG-13, mildly NSFW)
Pac-Man (comic | Jon, “Stephen” | G)
Let’s Go Reporting (sketch | Jon, “Stephen” | worksafe)

His Dark Materials
Mary Malone – The Explorer (art | Mary | worksafe)

Welcome to Night Vale(/His Dark Materials)
A Blinking Light Up On The Clouded Mountain, chapter 34 (fic | Cecil/Carlos, HDM crossover characters, WtNV ensemble | T)
Cloaked and Scarved (art | Khoshekh, IsaƱa | worksafe)
Various Strexcorp Daemons and Various Strexcorp Daemonless (art | Daniel, Lauren, Vanessa, Kevin, OCs | worksafe)
Mayoral Night Vale Daemons (art | Vansten, Faceless Old Woman, Hiram | worksafe)

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Bonus strips! Seasonal jokes and general ones, starring all your favorite characters, every day this week.

Monday Roundup, 1/20 January 20, 2014

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But I’m A Cat Person
Out of the Past (cover art | Patrick, Kara Lynn | worksafe)
A blast from the feline past (cover art | Sparrow, Bianca, Patrick | worksafe)
It’s Good To Be In D.C. (cover art | Bennett, Cybele | worksafe)
Stu and Jess (cover art | Lake, Cohen, Patrick | worksafe)

Fake News
Shout*For, Act II, chapter 14 (AO3 mirror) (fic | Jon/”Stephen”, Olivia/Kristen, Jimmy/Tina, Tucker, Steve, others | T)
#stimmy is real (AO3 mirror) (fake Tumblr posts | “Stephen”/Jimmy, Jimmy/Tina | PG)
Paradise (or something…) by the Dashboard Lights (fic | “Stephen”/Jon, John Oliver | PG-13)

Welcome to Night Vale(/His Dark Materials)
He Says He Is An Experimental Theologian, chapters 8-12 (fic | eventual Carlos/Cecil, scientists, Night Vale residents, their daemons | T)
The Alethiometrist on the Radio (art | Cecil, Khoshekh | worksafe)
Early daemon designs (sketch | Cecil, Khoshekh, Carlos and daemon | worksafe)
Dress-Up With Daemons (dolls/art | Cecil, Khoshekh, Carlos and daemon | worksafe)

This Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
Cohen’s research continues to move forward…as does his personal life, though he’s only just about to find that out.

These Weeks, …howeverlong it’s been. March 28, 2011

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But I’m A Cat Person
Never Leave Erin A Placemat – BICP (sketches | Bianca, Sparrow, Patrick, Miranda, Poe, Timothy, Reseda, Cybele, Arthur | worksafe)

Doctor Who
Jelly Chibi (art | chibi!cosplay!girl!Four | worksafe)

Fake News
Noir News 4 Kids (art | young!Jon | worksafe)
Grey and Blue (commissioned art | Jon/Olivia | borderline NSFW)
Steves and Jons (art | Steve Col-bert/Jon, “Stephen”/”Jonathan” | worksafe)
Peasant Blouse (art | “Stephen” | worksafe)
TransDimensional, page one (comic | various “Stephens” | PG)

Fake News/His Dark Materials
State of Grace: the Despair that Slumber’d remix, part one, part two (fic | Jon/”Stephen”, Charlene, Sweetness, others | R)
Avivah and Renoir (art | Jon, Charlene, daemons | worksafe)

Me And My Shadow (art | Pip, Seras | worksafe)

Hellsing/Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Puella Magi Integra Magica (art | Kyuubey!Alucard, Puella Magi!Integra | worksafe)

Sapphire and Steel
Medium Atomic Weights (art | Sapphire and Steel | worksafe)

The Color Of Blue – vid of the color distortion that happened when my computer went foom.

Next Week in Shine:
Saying goodbye to yet another formidable fighter.

fulfilling my navel-gazing quotient for the week March 27, 2011

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In summary:

1. I have a low libido. Like, really, really low.

2. But not nonexistent.

3. Buuuuut whenever I hear asexual people meta’ing about their relationship to sexuality (theirs and others’, beyond the obvious “not interested in sex” bit), it sounds awfully familiar.

4. Buuuuuuuuut [see points 1 and 2, repeat ad nauseam].

I thought about doing another big rambly sexuality survey, just to get some (anecdotal) data to mull over. Then I realized how much I did not need to hear the masturbatory habits of a pile of strangers on the Internet, to say nothing of people actually on my flist. (Very, very much.)

So there’s that.

In other news, over at Kink Finders I put in a request for AUs of any series in which the characters have daemons, His Dark Materials style. The response had been kind of mind-blowing. I’m bookmarking the specific ones I read and liked, but a bunch of them are in fandoms I don’t know, so if you’re into HDM at all, give it a browse.