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Finally renamed the last couple of accounts. March 15, 2017

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Went from sailorptah to [personal profile] erinptah on DW, and [archiveofourown.org profile] ErinPtah on the AO3.

The first one redirects. The second one doesn’t. But all the fics are still at the same URLs, so I’m sure people will find me if they want to.


Just as The Eagle of Hermes was an excuse to not work on Shine… February 22, 2011

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Sometimes it seems like the only way I ever get anything done is when it’s in order to procrastinate on something else.

An illustrative example: I finally have a serviceable website for But I’m A Cat Person, the original webcomic whose premise I’ve been dithering over for almost a year now. All the code is in place, some filler is up, I mentioned it on DA; now all it needs is actual pages. It’s been effectively shifted from “vague theoretical idea” to “thing I should be actively working on, like, Right Now.”

I then sat down and churned out two weeks’ worth of Shine strips in two days.

Another worthwhile thing I’m dragging my heels on: reviewing And Shine Simple Heroes, which, seriously, if you are a Shine fan at all, you need to read. Even if there are sections where you start to glaze over for not recognizing the crossover characters, hang in there — the ending is absolutely golden.

(PSA: this week only, you can create a Dreamwidth account without worrying about invite codes. Go wild.)

Unexpected glee is unexpected August 25, 2009

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Reason #2501845 I love Dreamwidth: OpenID users can join communities. So if there are locked posts, or if the comm is set to “only members can comment”, you still don’t need an actual DW account to have a way in.

Reason #2501846 I love DW: It’s good for LJ. (Link includes a whole history of online journaling services. Inside views and all.)


Just recently started listening to Pandora again. Had forgotten how much I love it.

The premise: you tell the program some music you like, and it goes out and finds similar-sounding songs to play for you. If you’re a music junkie, it’s addictive. And it’s added a ton of background info since I was last there, including lyrics, artist histories, and album reviews.

So a song by H.I.M. comes up on one of these stations (this one, which is how I got introduced to Plumb, Delain, Fireflight, and Leaves’ Eyes), and I click through to their artist page, and what do I see?


News from the blogometasphere May 14, 2009

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I’ve been trying to figure out how to consolidate my blogging, but it just keeps getting more scattered. The current plan:

~Artwork will remain on DeviantArt.

~Fiction is on reseda_ptah@LJ for the moment, but will get moved to reseda@DW eventually. (A sidenote: check out that shiny, shiny layout on reseda. Isn’t that gorgeous? Yes, it is.)

~Family-friendly blogging about NZ will remain at Hobbitland.

~Posts which would be best served by the LJ/DW commenting format (such as meta posts) will go on Dreamwidth.

~The weekly “here is all the stuff I’ve posted in the past seven days” roundup will continue to appear here.

~The semi-regular linkspams are currently getting posted both here and on Dreamwidth. I’m not sure if I should pick one, or continue to crosspost, or post to both but direct the comments to one, or what.

(That last practice has sparked some controversy. See here for thoughts. And, while I’m on the subject, have some Dreamwidth/LiveJournal hatesex fic.)

You know what’s really nifty, though? You can follow any and all of these things via Dreamwidth. Even if I never do manage to get my act together, anyone who has a DW account will be able to cope.