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Monday Works Roundup, 3/6/17

But I’m A Cat Person
Top of the City (art | Cybele, Reseda, Patrick, Kara Lynn | worksafe)
Miranda Lake (wallpaper | Miranda, Poe | worksafe)

Leif & Thorn
Vivianite (art | Holly, Ivy, fusion | worksafe)
Rowan and the Twins (sketch | Rowan, Rosie, Rhodey | worksafe)

Magnificent Boov Genders (art | George, Oh, Sharzod, Larry, Krunkle | worksafe)

SK4T3 YOUR H34RT OUT</a) (sketch | Latula/Terezi | worksafe)

My Little Pony
The Pay’s Terrible, But You Can Sleep At Night (art | Sunset Shimmer/Adagio Dazzle | worksafe)

Steven Universe
You’ve Got To Be A Leader, Blue (art | Blue Diamond | worksafe)

Commission Prices 2017 (info, worksafe)
Mako (reward chibi, worksafe)
Figure drawings (sketches, NSFW)
Power Armor (art, worksafe)

This Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
Back to the present! Camellia’s confrontation with Walker begins in earnest.

This Week in Leif & Thorn:
Present-day Rowan reflects on his childhood.

Erin Watches: Home, Season 2, the thrilling conclusion

Wow, the back half of this season is loaded with gender stuff.

So many references to specific Boov characters being not-male-or-female! Sharzod being a boyboygirl keeps getting referenced. A giant greenish-teal Boov we’ve seen a couple times, Traffic Cone Larry, is identified as a boyboyboyboy. Krunkle’s gender still isn’t specified, but when they reappear in 10B, Tip congratulates them with “You go, girl!” — and then remembers, and self-corrects: “Or whatever gender you are.”

Episode 9A is Sharzod-centric. Pronouns (in Boov-to-English translation) confirmed as “himhimher.” (When the writers remember, at least. In 10A, Kyle use both “heheshe” and “she” two minutes apart.)

…btw, Larry thinks Tip’s pronouns are “it.” Although that was a Boov-only conversation, meaning he could’ve been using a Boov pronoun for Things Without Genders. I bet there are a lot of traditional Boov who think only magnificent genders “count.”

The Seven Magnificent Boov Genders appear to be a septinary system, so I dither about how to frame all this in human terms. Trans readers, what would you go with? All these are technically canon nonbinary characters, but not necessarily trans characters, because it’s easy for Boov to be nonbinary-cis.

Still! Just going by what’s confirmed so far, it’s cool.

And Krunkle’s ambiguity leaves the door open for them to be non-septinary trans, which, uh, might be my new headcanon. (Oh did say Krunkle’s gender is “the rarest”….)

Sidebar: Sharzod has been gendering Tip as a boy (did we know this already?), not like an insult or anything, but like a sincere belief. The joke plays as Wacky Misunderstanding via Clashing Cultural Gender Norms…until Sharzod makes a statue of Tip (for important plot reasons) and the statue is not “Tip’s normal appearance, which Sharzod perceives as male.” It’s “Rule 63 Tip.” It was sculpted with masculine-by-human-standards features that the actual Tip does not have.

The Doylist explanation is that the writers were poking fun at Tip not performing her gender to Earth-US-human standards, and didn’t consider that this makes no sense coming from a septinary-gendered alien. I…may have to write a fixit for that.

And finally: episode 8A opens with a game, where Oh is playing a human woman (we know “human” because of the balloons stuffed in his dress) and Tip is playing as a Boov gender (“I bet you say that to all the boyboygirls”).

It’s not something the show is likely to go anywhere with, but I could get kinda attached to a nonbinary!Tip headcanon. I’ve talked before about wanting fic that explores how the human trans community interacts with the seven magnificent Boov genders…wasn’t thinking of Tip specifically coming to identify with one of them, but now? Bring on the boyboygirl!Tip.

In non-gender observations….

There’s a “we bought a pet without reading the fine print, and it turned into Little Shop of Horrors” storyline in 8B. It’s executed really well for something so tropey…but one of the tropes it invokes is a Mysterious Old Blind Chinese Salesman stereotype. No, show! Bad! They’re aliens, you don’t have to racialize them at all, and you definitely don’t have to do it for things like this.

Two separate incidents of humans crashing their cars, nearly injuring Boov, because they were watching cat videos on their phones. Is that a thing now?

Along with the episodes that focus on Sharzod and Krunkle, there’s a Kyle-centric film-noir parody, and a Smek-centric quest for friendship in which he gets a whole song. Solid material for fans of everyone in the beta cast.

Episode 13A reveals that the Boov have invented hammerspace. Tip runs around stuffing random things into Oh’s “cloud storage,” starting with the junk in her room and escalating all the way to a shuttered building.

It’s all very Homura. (Until she breaks hammmerspace, anyway.) Who wants to write me that crossover?

Disappointed in 13B. The theme is one we’ve seen before — Oh going through some alien life change (meeting “the one”, getting the flu, etc) that threatens to displace his friendship with Tip — so obviously at the end of the episode it turns out nothing changed. Not that you can’t repeat themes, and a fresh twist on this one would’ve been a worthy season finale…but instead Oh is going through “booverty,” and they blow the whole thing on icky puberty jokes.

Overall: happy with season 2! Would mostly rewatch. Especially the one with DieAnne.

Multifandom Works Roundup, 2/13/17

Leif & Thorn
Cotton Candy Nap (art | Leif/Thorn | worksafe)
Hy Fashion (art | Hyacinth | worksafe)
Fancy Olive (art | Olive | worksafe)
This Is Not An Effective Sweater (art | Leif | NSFWish)

You Were My Hope (art | Mikan/Ibuki | worksafe)

Gravity Falls
Pacific Pines Embrace (art | Mabel/Pacifica | worksafe)

Harry Potter
This time I’ll be the catgirl (art | Tonks/Hermione | worksafe)

Soft Lips, Sharp Blades (art | Vriska/Aranea | worksafe)

Legend of Korra
That’s Some Good Handmaidening (art | Korra/Asami | worksafe)

I Am A Girl Who Loves My Planet (art | Tip, Moana | worksafe)

Moana/Little Mermaid
That Scavenging Collector (comic | Moana/Ariel, Maui | G)

Steven Universe
Modern Dance Opal (art | Pearl/Amethyst, Opal | worksafe)
Are Those Space Pants? (sketch | Pearl/Peridot | worksafe)

Figure drawings 2-11-17 (sketches, NSFW)

This Week in Leif & Thorn:

Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh s2 is out!

I’m torn between wanting to binge the whole season overnight, and wanting to savor it one episode at a time. At this point I’m halfway through.

The good: References to book continuity. References to season 1. DieAnne is back! The Tip-Oh friendship is strong as ever, shattering some egregious tropes along the way. Lots of good lines, and the occasional bursting into song.

The bad: Some wince-worthy gender politics. Lots of bodily-function jokes. I can’t tell if there have been more in general this season, or if I just blanked the last round from memory. In specific, all of episode s04B is an extended fart joke. Was that necessary, show?

Any reference to the seven glorious Boov genders is catnip to me, and episode 01A gets right to it: Boy Boy Girl Band, featuring a singer named Boy Boy George.

“Their Boov hearts are breaking from disappointment!” “That’s a THING?!” “Yes! It totally is.”

In other noncishetero news, Oh gets a crush on a human boy in 02A (in the process of trying to flirt on Tip’s behalf). The boy doesn’t return it, and is pretty weirded out, but it feels like that’s because Oh is an alien — there’s no reference to gender being the weird part. I mean, very likely they kept it vague for the sake of plausible deniability, but. The lack of no-homo’ing is nice.

Oh’s impression of Tip with a crush: “I am going through human puberty emotions!”

When it turns out the boy only likes Tip because she’s cute, she gets a great outburst: “Cute is an accident! Personality is hard!”

I think the animators have gotten bored with drawing the standard Boov shape all the time. They’re going really wild with exaggerated body shapes, nostricle styles, and random colors and features.

Time loop in 02B! With bonus rips in the fabric of spacetime, temporarily fixed with duct tape.

Okay, background: the original novel has a sequel, in which Tip sneaks off to visit the Boov colony on a moon of Jupiter, and Oh struggles to invent a time machine which can retcon all his mistakes from the Gorg invasion. Here, there’s a time machine, but it doesn’t reference anything else in the books — Oh whips it up overnight when Tip has a bad day.

Lovely continuity with s1 in 03A. PomPom the pageant contestant reappears, as does the magnificent DieAnne from the Angerdome, with more muscles than ever. Tip becomes DieAnne’s peace mentor! It’s a tough job! DieAnne still tries to solve everything with punching! This is 100% going to be Jasper in a few seasons of Steven Universe, you watch.

Bodyswapping in 03B, with an impressively solid plot reason why it takes ages for people to notice that a cat brain is in Tip’s body. And then it plunges into horrifying chimera territory when the cat starts talking. Not okay!

More book-references in 05B, which features a group of Boov-hating preteen boys. Softened from the original, though. Instead of being an angry resistance in an underground hideout because the Boov invaded their planet and kidnapped their families, this is far post-invasion, and they’re mad because a Boov broke one kid’s bike.

Okay, you know the trope where a villain tries to sabotage a friendship by telling the people lies about each other, and it drives a wedge between them for long-term angst, even though the whole plan would fall apart if the friends just had a five-minute conversation about what was going on?

The boys try that on Tip and Oh. And it fails miserably, because they always talk to each other, and sort out the problem within like thirty seconds. This is great.

“Slushious is kind. She would never use baby ducks for evil!”

Slushious gets an AI voice in 07B. Cool! …It’s a female voice, and it exists for the sake of a plot about her becoming murderously jealous of Tip’s friendship with Oh. Less cool.

So it has a couple episodes that are incredibly skippable, but the good bits are excellent, and I’m excited to binge and/or savor the rest of the season.

Monday Works Roundup, 9/5/16

Leif & Thorn
Under rosy covers (art | Leif/Thorn | NSFW-ish)
Leif Explains a Metaphor (panel | Leif/Thorn | worksafe)
An armful of Leif (art | Leif/Thorn | worksafe)
Beach Thorn (wallpaper | Thorn, Leif | worksafe)

Big Hero 6
Monster kisses (sketch | Hiro/Fred | worksafe)
Shoulder kisses (sketch | Hiro/Wasabi | worksafe)

Save me from the snowball (sketch | Hans/Anna | worksafe)

Harry Potter
Why are you interested? (comic | Lucius/Hermione | G)

That Crystal Gem aesthetic (art | Tip, DieAnne | worksafe)

Steven Universe
C’mere, sis. (art | Amethyst, poofed!Jasper | worksafe)
Record Setting Pearl (art | Pearls | worksafe)
Did somebody lose a Pearl? (art | Pearl, Bismuth | worksafe)
Disco Mom (art | Bismuth | worksafe)

Dogwood layout (old sketch, worksafe)
Arizona Officer (commissioned portrait, worksafe)

This Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
The inevitable Pokemon Go gag.

This Week in Leif & Thorn:
With Thorn deep in a flashback, it’s up to Leif to protect him.

Erin Watches: Adventures with Tip and Oh, cont’d

Back from a fast-paced Otakon, ready to relax and finish off this season.

Apparently there’s a kind of Boov doomsday cult hiding in the sewers, convinced that the Gorg conquered the surface of the planet and enslaved everyone it could find. They have a slideshow about it! With a song! (Oh doesn’t have a song prepared for his own slides, so Tip makes some verses up.)

Well, great, the writers are willing to toss out all established continuity for the sake of an episode gimmick. Oh gets a case of static electricity, and the cure is for another Boov to touch him…except suddenly Boov Never Touch Each Other! Sure, Kyle put his arm around Oh as far back as their reconciliation scene in the movie, but all of a sudden he won’t make physical contact with Oh — or any other Boov in danger — because it’s Not Proper.

Seriously, you couldn’t have given us the fun of Oh’s electrified head turning into a Jacob’s-ladder without that kind of plot-contorting?

The Department of Bubble Vehicles has a little “hang in there, baby!” style poster…with a weird segmented bug-cat on it. Aww.

Oh freaking out over receiving an issue of Tweenie Pop is the greatest thing. He literally goes into a magical-girl transformation over it.

Positive continuity: in one episode, Sharzod decides to adopt Pig the cat as a fashionable new hairpiece, and a couple episodes later we see a cat-hat on a random Boov photographer.

Episode 11a sees Tip get into a punching battle with a would-be alien invader who’s got that Steven Universe aesthetic going — four arms, three eyes, cute skirt, Jasper-style build.

And every line of hers is gold. “I forged my muscles in the trials of Moondisc, a planet made entirely of insults!” “I was birthed in a pit of fire. How do you make a pit of fire proud of your accomplishments?!” “I too was recently banished to the friendship center by MY love interest!” “Four is the most desirable amount of arms!” “You too seem to know the unfathomable horrors of love!”

Sharzod confirmed to be a boyboygirl!

I still think it was the wrong decision to make the Gorg male at all. (Think of the narrative parallels! A daughter on a journey to rescue her mother vs. a mother on a journey to rescue her daughters!) So of course in the cartoon they decided it wasn’t gendered enough, and doubled down with a little pseudo-mustache. It’s a a literal Starfish Alien! Why does it need anthropomorphic cues of masculinity?

But, y’know, the alien babies are still cute. And it makes a nice lead-up to an episode where Oh goes searching for his own biological relatives — his podmates — and tries to have a human-style family reunion, with mixed results. That’s the second-last episode, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was planned to be the last one, because the affirmation of his adoptive family at the end is a nice wrap-up for the themes of the whole series.

Erin Watches: Adventures with Tip & Oh (with some Phineas and Ferb thrown in)

The Home sequel cartoon just dropped on Netflix, so obviously I’m all over this.

Oh’s new voice actor does a really good job of capturing Jim Parsons’ speaking style. The voice of Tip is more recognizably not-Rihanna, but still works.

Some new characters. I’m in the weird position of feeling like I should be offended by Sharzod, but between the alien culture and the art style I’m not sure on whose behalf. Women? Trans women in particular? Gay men? Drag queens? Some subset of races and/or ethnicities?

The little lessons are pretty good. And very 21st-century. Episode 3b is all about how you shouldn’t take mean Internet comments to heart.

They’re using stuff from the books! It’s unambiguously movie continuity, but I love the tie-ins. Tip’s mom calling her “turtlebear.” The Boov raising Koobish. The seven glorious Boov genders! (For the record: boy, girl, girlboy, boygirl, boyboy, boyboygirl, and boyboyboyboy.)

And the fact that Oh’s dialogue is always so wordy means they can throw in the word “misgendering” and have it sound completely natural. In a cartoon with a target demographic of elementary schoolers.

Episode 4a features Oh having a crush on Krunkle, an old-fashioned Boov of “the gender that Oh likes the best — the rarest!” Without specifying which. (Although the English pronouns still shake out to one “him” and one “her”, because I guess we still need some baseline level of hetero.)

Next episode may answer the question — Lucy gives Oh fake eyelashes, and assures him, “A couple bats of those things, and all the girlboys will come running!”

They’re good about continuing the theme of Boov using human objects in frickin’ weird ways. A toilet seat as a hat (shades of Princess Beatrice). A classy musician playing a cello…using a trumpet.)

It’s not all domestic shenanigans, our heroes still get to go on interplanetary trips. Turns out Slushious can be adapted for space travel if you fuel it with 24-hour energy drink.


Splitting it up with other things so I don’t run out of episodes all at once. I’m almost finished with a long-running Phineas and Ferb rewatch.

The whole “villain/nemesis as romance” thing gets kicked up so hard by this point. When Doofenshmirtz gets his plans thwarted by a non-Perry secret agent, he downplays it as a “thwarty call.”

All things considered, my fave is still Candace/Vanessa.