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They took an innocent panda and turned it into an assassin!

I keep posting little personal updates on Facebook, but not having anything substantial enough to make an actual post. So let me summarize.

–Graduation! A big deal. Ann Curry’s research!fail has since made Jimmy Fallon, NPR (panel two). I did get the correct diploma, although it looks substantially less expensive than the plaque I got in middle school for being good at math.

–I have since had 3 dreams (and counting) about being back at Wheaton. Apparently my subconscious doesn’t believe they’ve really let me go.

–Last weekend: Balticon! Friday through Monday, a moderately-sized and well-funded sci-fi convention. The artist guest of honor was the guy who does Schlock Mercenary. The food was free, decent (including cereal and bagels as well as cheese, chips, and chocolate, plus a variety of teas), and kept coming. And the panels and programming were delicious.

–Also, the whole family dressed up in homemade costumes from the Red Dwarf episode “Quarantine.” Twitter has a shot of my brother, complete with Mr. Flibble. We got laughs, applause, and multiple requests for photos, especially when all together. Good times.

–I discovered, and became a huge fan of, Better Off Ted. It’s funny and clever and quirky and geeky and the characters are delightful. (A Veronica: I want one.) As it turns out, it was canceled three weeks ago. I object.


–This weekend: A-Kon! Friday through Sunday, though I fly out to Texas tomorrow. All in the name of promoting the first issue of Emeralds.

–I really need to get my act together and make a classy This Is How To Commission Me page.

–Next week: seventh anniversary of Shine! So, naturally, I’ve blown through almost thirty pages of The Eagle of Hermes over the past week, rather than putting together a Special Commemorative Anniversary Thing. Maybe I can call EoH the Special Commemorative Anniversary Thing.

These Weeks, 4/19-5/2

Emeralds: Hearts in Oz
Patches (art | Scarecrow/Scraps | worksafe)

Fake News
The Sword In His Mouth part 1 (very meta fic | Jon/BriWi, “Stephen” | PG-13)
Pinup chibi Steph-chan (art | “Stephanie” | mildly NSFW)
Little Steve ColberT (art | Stevie, an eagle | worksafe)
This One’s For The Girls (art | Joan/”Stephanie” | worksafe)
You’re Not Straight, Are You? (comic | Jon/happy!”Stephen” | PG-13)

Fake News/Sailor Moon
The Eternal Couple (art | sailor!Jon, tux!Stephen | worksafe)

The Slayer (old art | Integra | worksafe)
Rico Suave (art | Integra, Enrico | mildly NSFW)

Hellsing/Sailor Moon
Countess Integrity (comic | sailor!Integra, countess!Integra, baobhan sith | G)

The Powerpuff Girls
Powerpuff Guys (art | boy!Blossom, boy!Bubbles, boy!Buttercup | worksafe)

Sailor Moon
Sailor Magnesium Thorn (art | Animamate!Sailor Makaiju | NSFW)
Jupiter Star (art | Sailor Jupiter | worksafe)

Teen Titans
Starfire (old art | Starfire | worksafe)

Teacher, Teacher (old sketch | a teacher | worksafe)

Next Week in Shine:
Uh, this week is mostly tears and blood and death. I’M SORRY. Seras will be getting to be awesome soon, I promise.

These Weeks, 3/22-4/4

Doctor Whoniverse
The Sarah Jane Eggventures (art | Rani, Luke, Clyde, K-9 | worksafe)

Emeralds: Hearts in Oz
Characters V (designs | Omby Amby, Hungry Tiger, Nick Chopper | worksafe)

Fake News(/Twilight/Hellsing/Little Mermaid)
All Your Stars Were Fallen Embers (fic | Jon, “Stephen”/OC | R, warnings)
Am I Supposed To Enjoy This? (art | Jon/girl!”Stephen” | worksafe)
OC Meme – George (meme | George, Edward Cullen, Alucard, Stephen, Ursula | worksafe)
Libertease (art | Stephen | possibly NSFW)

Pretty Anchor Sailor Jon
Age Swap (comic | Quartet!Dan Bakkedahl, sailor!Demetri, sailor!Jon | worksafe)

Heart of Glass (art | Integra | worksafe)
La plage en plein soleil (art | Pip | worksafe)
Daffodils and Bluebells (art | Seras | worksafe)
Every Leaf in Autumn (art | Alucard | worksafe)

Vintage Hellsingpuffs (old sketch | puff!Integra, puff!Seras, puff!Alucard, professor!Walter | worksafe)

Sailor Moon
Makaiju Plan(e)t Power (art | Sailor Makaiju | worksafe)

Yu Yu Hakusho
Hiei’n’Kurama (old sketches | Hiei/Kurama | worksafe)

Said The Dragon To The Fly (old sketch | Jean, Kara Lynn | worksafe)
Quizzical sketchpile (assortment of random sketches | worksafe)
SNRPG sketchpile (old sketches | Jean, Mike, James, Adam | worksafe)

Next Week in Shine:
Seras’ third eye to the rescue! Also, Pip has a reputation to maintain.

This Week, 2/15-2/22

Boston Legal/Good Omens
Who Gets Alan Shore? (comic | Crowley, Aziraphale, Alan | G)

Emeralds: Hearts in Oz
Characters II (designs | Betsy Bobbin, Glinda, Jellia Jamb | worksafe)

Fake News
Clover and Shadows, chapter 2 (fic | c!Stephen, Charlene, Jon | R, warnings)

Fake News/Sailor Moon
Sailor Gorlock (art | sailor!Gorlock [gee, who’da thunk] | worksafe)

Popsicle (old sketch | Seras | worksafe)
Iscariot Sketchpile (old sketches | Enrico, Yumiko, Heinkel, Alex | worksafe)
The Millennial Forces (art | Major, Doc, Zorin, Captain, Alhambra, Rip, Schrödinger, Sett, others | worksafe)

Hellsing/Revolutionary Girl Utena
Hellsing Student Council (old art | Alucard!Touga, Seras!Nanami, Integra!Juri, Pip!Saionji, Walter!Miki | worksafe)

Pretty Knight Sailor Hellsing
The Team (dolls | sailor!Kim, sailor!Seras, sailor!Alex, sailor!Pip, sailor!Integra, sailor!baobhan sith, sailor!Rip, sailor!Heinkel, sailor!Yumie, sailor!Helena | worksafe)

Sailor Moon
Our Lady (art | Hotaru/Small Lady/Helios | worksafe)
Puu-sama (old sketch | Setsuna | worksafe)

Strangers With Candy
Paint Shirt (art | Chuck/Geoffrey | worksafe)

Next Week in Shine:
Now that everyone in Hellsing is in dire distress, let’s switch tracks and see what Heinkel and Yumiko are up to.

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