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Works roundup, 4/28 (Frozen, Korra, Stargate, Matilda, Sleepless Domain, and more)

Leif & Thorn
water under the bridge (sketch | Ceannic scenery | worksafe)
Mulberry Sunset (art | Leif/Thorn | worksafe)
MCLIS and Chill (art | Archie/Rowan | worksafe)
What if we all started with love (art | Leif/Thorn | worksafe)

Frozen/Legend of Korra
You Are The Bridge (art | Elsa/Korra | worksafe)

Stargate/Fairy Tail
A is A cover (crossover art | SG-1, Fairy Tail crew | worksafe)

Six Fanarts – follower prompts (art meme | Miss Honey, Hinata Hyuga, Mustache Girl, Misato Katsuragi, Zoe SleeplessDomain, Miss Marple | worksafe)
Webcomic Woes 30 – Wonderful mass guessing (comic, G)

This Week in Leif & Thorn:
Leif bonds with new people through the shared language of music!

This Week, 10/11-10/17

Evil Con Carne
Major Doctor Ghastly (old art | Ghastly | worksafe)

Fake News(/Evangelion)
State of Grace, chapter 13, chapter 14, chapter 15 (fic | “Stephen”/Jon, Charlene, ensemble, OCs | through NC-17)
This Is (Not) The Colbert Report (art | Rei!Jon, Shinji!Stephen | worksafe)
I Am America (manip | “Stephen” | worksafe)
Serenade (art | “Stephen”/Jon, a piano | worksafe)

Fake News/Hellsing
EoH Graduation Sketchdump (sketches | Stephen, Jon, Seras, Integra, the Dandy | worksafe)
Guns Blazing (art | Stephen, Alucard, assorted guns | worksafe, except for the guns part)

UFO Shooter (art | Jan, doll!Integra | worksafe)
Bookish Helena (kao | Helena | worksafe)

Little Orphan Annie
Carrying Annie (art | Annie, “Daddy” | worksafe)

Sailor Moon
Erin Watches Sera Myu, stage 1 part 3 (reviews & reactions)
Moonlight Wishes (art | Sailor Moon | worksafe)
Sailor Mau (old sketch | anthro!Luna | worksafe)

Mika art: Outlines of Mika’s Family | Mika, Reversed Stage | Katze, stage 1
6-Minute Figures (old figure sketches, NSFW)
Pascentia Variations (old character sketches, worksafe)
the hedgehog and the crane (old animal sketches, worksafe)
Proportions (old hand-and-face sketches, worksafe)

Next Week in Shine:
Integra has a bodyguard, in the form of a toothy young blonde. Unfortunately, it’s not the one she was hoping for.

Website Updates
The Logos Naki World lyrics collection has a new entry.
Jay the Intern has been added to The Cast of Colbert, along with a picture of Homer.


It’s already Tuesday, and I’m still riding the rush of energy from Otakon (that’s Friday through Sunday, for those of you not keeping up). From being surrounded by fandom. Being saturated with it. Getting an injection of otaku geekery directly into the bloodstream.

I love the panels that go into minute details of cosplaying (did you know that there’s an optimum number of fake eyelashes for women who crossplay?), and I love the panels that degenerate into drunken flailing. I love the giant box of pocky walking around, along with a Pac-Man, several Waldos, one Billy Mays.

I adore the four-year-olds being led by their parents: teeny Naruto, itty-bitty Princess Serenity, a mini Soul Reaper. They’re like chibis in RL form.

I love the girl in Pikachu ears and a yellow bikini. I love the spontaneous Naruto conga line. I love the squadron of guys walking around in Saiyan warrior armor made of paper colored with crayon.

I love loling over terrible dubs, and getting engrossed in excellent dubs, and loling when the video feed malfunctions right as an Angel fires into Tokyo-3. I love groups of people breaking into the Hare Hare Yukai dance, some in seifuku, some in bunny outfits.

I love the geeky shirts. (Horton Hears Cthulu! I will not brew decaf; decaf is the mind-killer. TARDIS Shipping: for when it absolutely, positively has to be there before you sent it.)

I am not so keen on the autograph session lines filling up within five minutes of the con doors opening, or the utter lack of good last-minute deals in the dealers’ room this year. But they are a small price to pay.

I love helping host a panel on using comics to teach kids, and having thirty people show up and start asking piercing questions: How can I use this in my classroom? How can I adapt this to adult education? What does it take to get started?

I love having random people come up and pet the giant stuffed dog I carry around.

And I can’t say I mind having people say “You do And Shine Heaven Now? Can I hug you?”

I sit by the fountains and pull out my sketchbook, and turn out half a dozen drawings, followed by two weeks’ worth of comics in a matter of hours, while cosplayers mill about below me and La Soldier blasts in my headphones.

I look up, and I see a gorgeously costumed Super Sailor Moon greet a Gundam so large that the costume probably doesn’t fit on the escalators, and I think:

I’m home.