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This Week, 11/10-11/16

Doctor Who/Le Petit Prince
J’avais une fois une rose (art | Ten, the prince, the rose | worksafe)

Fake News/Doctor Who
I Want My MTV, parts four, five (fic | Stephen, young!Stephen, Jack, Sarah Jane, Ten, Four, JSS!Jon | PG)
Children in Need special: The Colbert That Never Was (fic | Stephen, Jon, Martha | PG)

Fake News
Why More Other Words Need Me? (foreign-language mix | “Stephen”, a bit of Jon | G)
The Man In Pink (art | Jon | worksafe)

Hellsing (sort of)
Three of <3s (art | fangirls | worksafe)

Obama-kun and Hillary-chan (art | what it says on the tin | worksafe)
Sunday paper sketches (art | Little Nemo, Flip, Impy, Calvin, Hobbes, Susie, Garfield, Catbert, Krazy Kat, Ignatz, the Yellow Kid, Buster Brown, Tige, Little Orphan Annie | worksafe)

Next Week in Shine:
Bertie gets perceptive (sort of), Walter gets backstory, and Arthur says what you’ve all been thinking.

This Week, 7/7-7/13

Sorry this is late; I got back Saturday night, but I’ve been playing catch-up ever since. (We sealed a roof and built a whole new classy deck. Pictures when I’ve got ’em.)

I am, once again, off, this time to vacation with the grandparents. Internet access is likely but not assured. Stay tuned.

Fake News
Kiss You Where It Hurts: the story (R), the art (NSFW), the step-by-step (ditto)

Arr, Captain (arrrrrt, worksafe)

Otaku USA #7 includes a free sample from the official Marimite sub! (The full first season will be out in two weeks.)

Next Week in Shine:
The Alucard fans arrive, and Schroedinger comes face to face with . . . himself?

This Week, 6/29-7/6

As mentioned earlier, I’ll be Internet-free in rural Tennessee until Saturday. See y’all on the flip side.

The Season 1 box set is out . . . but with mono audio. A disc-replacement plan is in the works, but if you haven’t bought your set yet, hold off for a while.

Fake News
Stephen with his Best Friend Fysicist (art, worksafe)
Snow White Syndrome (comic, G)
Wrapped In The Flag (art, PG-13)

OVA V set to be produced by Madhouse. Distribution, meanwhile, has been snapped up by FUNimation.
Shiny new OVA-based evidence in The Case for AxI.
Chapter 93 scanlated by Hiranomoe!

Drawing The Line (fic, fake news/Harvey Birdman/Tek Jansen/The Ambiguously Gay Duo, TV-14) episodes 1.11, 1.12 (with video!), official soundtrack
The Virus (art, Chobits/ReBoot, worksafe)

Next Week in Shine:
While Integra and Alucard spar, the other two threads of our three-part plot crash headlong into each other.

Improvement Over Time (art, very very worksafe)

This Week In . . . stupid, stupid connection.

My Internet has been out for about 24 hours, and no amount of button-pushing seems to be working this time. Since I don’t know whether I’ll be able to get on tomorrow, you get this week’s roundup a bit early.

Chapter 92 scanlated by Hiranomoe!
Girlycard In Chains (art, mildly NSFW)

Drawing The Line (fic, fake news/Harvey Birdman/The Ambiguously Gay Duo/Tek Jansen, TV-14) episodes 1.07, 1.08

Next Week in Shine:
Rip and Schrödinger clash as we get the first glimpse of our favorite catboy’s current body. The fangirls begin to devise a plan (always a dangerous prospect). Before the week is out, someone will be in tears.

This Week, 6/9-6/15

The Internet at my house has been out since yesterday afternoon; this is posted from a Barnes & Noble. (I even remembered my power cord this time!) Look out for a con.txt ’08 report when my connection is back.

Fake News
Tyrone Hunnibi (hypothetically) (mix, PG-13)

Two more Hellsingpuff images, featuring Luke, Jan, and Integra.

Drawing The Line (fic, fake news/Harvey Birdman, TV-14) episodes 1.05, 1.06

Next Week in Shine:
Fangirls attack, and plot begins to happen when the scene switches to the Millennium secret base.

This Week, 6/2-6/8

Fake News
Keeping Up Appearances (aka The LSD Story) (fic, PG)
Half a dozen stories have been added to the fanfiction section of The Zen and the Damaged. The new ones are marked with this handy little icon:

Raw of Chapter 92 is out, and, um, crack.

Drawing The Line (fic, fake news/Harvey Birdman, TV-14) episodes 1.03, 1.04, extras

Next Week in Shine:
Happy anniversary! Then, Integra is MIA, Schrödinger is in trouble, and the fangirls are back.

—Robin, Anthy, and the Marimite crew have been added to the character page.
—New poll: the obligatory character popularity contest!

This Week in Erin, 4/21-4/27

Fake News
Three A.M. (comic, G)
Thank You For Smoking? (1/2) (comic, PG-13)

Create a Comic Project ad 4 (Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei/CCP, worksafe)

Next Week in Shine:
Back at the Hellsing mansion, Integra uses Alucard as a guinea pig—or tries to.

> The fangirl profile index has finally been brought up to the present day!