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And this is a palate-cleansing post of geeky stuff.

The words used to identify ASCII characters, from the familiar to the obscure.

Indian man who wandered away from his family at age 5 finds them again…via Google Maps.

A column written on the death of William Hanna (as in Hanna-Barbera), as written by the characters he was known for.

Some thoughts on small talk from people who aren’t good at it.

House of 1000 Manga reviews Hellsing (the manga, with nods to the animated versions). With appreciation for the style, ridiculousness, and glory all in turn.

What’s the gospel in seven words? The limit forces lots of responses to be perfectly eloquent…and perfectly snarky. A favorite: “Fine, you can use mixed fabrics again.” (Putting it another way: “Having a kid does change everyone, apparently.”) Vonnegut’s version: “Goddammit, babies, you’ve got to be kind.” The Bill & Ted version: “Be excellent unto each other. Party on.” One commenter’s daughter adds: “For God’s sake, don’t be a dick.”

Fan stuff; geek stuff. There’s a lot of overlap.

An examination of the state of the manga industry in the wake of the March 11 disaster in Japan.

A hand-illuminated, hand-bound copy of the Silmarillion.

A digital database to give official identification across the population of India.

A lavishly illustrated guide to mythical beasts found (in sculpture form) around Tokyo.

A fan-created storyboard for an animated Wicked movie…by an actual Disney animator. Admittedly, the actual book is so not Disney fare, but then neither are most of the fairy tales they managed to make family-friendly.

Much-deserved praise for Animorphs, and an ongoing, once-a-week reread.

AIDS research aided by gamers. Behold the power of geek. (I have the automated version of this program on my computer, using background processing power whenever it’s free: World Community Grid.)

I’ve got a pantomime horse disguise you can use.

Map of Europe with south facing up. Trippy.

Using the blogosphere to measure global happiness. I feel good about this. (There, I’ve done my part for the day.)

I Can Has Cheezburger: The MusicLOL. I cannot imagine this will be any good, but…

How long Bill Murray spend trapped in the time loop in Groundhog Day? Years and years, it turns out. (Gives me chills.)

ASCII cross-stitch sampler. Want.