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Monday Roundup, 5/14

But I’m A Cat Person
Bite-Size Beings (art | Bianca, Patrick, Miranda, Poe | worksafe)

Fake News
A Good Luck Charm (sketch | tiny!Jon, Anderson | worksafe)
Knot Heart (chibis | happy!Stephen, Jon | NSFW)
Correspondents Course – Updated (art | eeeeeveryone | worksafe)
Never Was A Cornflake Boy (fic | Jon/”Stephen” | soft R)
Review: All the President’s Pets, by Mo Rocca (like it says on the tin…)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Duet in Ph.D Minor (AO3 Mirror) (fic | Madoka/Sayaka | NC-17)
Magic Knight Kyoko (art | Kyoko | worksafe)
Our Lady of Perpetual Hope (art | Madokami | worksafe)

This Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
The authorities in Boston call in an expert to deal with the attack. Bianca and Sparrow, meanwhile, are catching up on TV and missing all the plot. Don’t they know they’re supposed to be the heroes?

Website Updates
♠ New art and profiles, complete with links, added to Correspondents Course! The headers across the site have a new look to match.


You skip one week, and suddenly a month’s gone by. Eheh. Here’s what’s gone up in the meantime:

But I’m A Cat Person
Characters III (designs | Timothy, girl!Timothy, Lily | worksafe)
Babies and Plushies (art | Bianca, Patrick, Sparrow, Miranda, Poe | worksafe)

Fake News(/His Dark Materials)
Red String (fic | “Stephen”, Jon/Tracey, families | R)
Red String (art | Jon, “Stephen” | worksafe)
Eight Roads Converged (fic | combinations of Jon, Stephen, “Stephen”, Beck!Jon, happy!”Stephen”, liberal!”Stephen”, and Wyatt | PG)
The DM of +4 Ohana (fic | “Stephen”/Jon[athan], Olivia, Kristen, Demetri, Wyatt, Sam(/Jason) | PG-13)
All Her Original Brightness (fic | “Stephen”/Jon, daemons | light R)
Tentacolbert (art | “Stephen”/tentacles, Jon | NSFW)

Hellsing(/Pet Shop of Horrors/Deadpool, /Read or Die/Jeeves & Wooster)
Paintball Tournament (sketch | Pip, Leon, D, Deadpool | worksafe)
Triptych (art | Heinkel, Enrico, Seras, Integra, Walter, Jeeves, Marian, Maggie, Anderson, Alucard, Schroedinger, Captain, Reseda | worksafe)
Stained Glass Knight (art | Alucard, Integra | worksafe)

Neon Genesis Evangelion/Puella Magi Madoka Magica
You Are NOT Alone (art | Rei, Madoka | worksafe)

Stained Glass Day (digital stained glass window)
Picspam: Babies! (From the movie of the same name)

Next Week in Shine:
The fangirls peace out and Alucard gets divided by zero, leaving Integra on her own. Or so she thinks…

Website Updates
For the first time in, like, a year, there’s a new Shine poll!

These Weeks

But I’m A Cat Person
Mahou Shoujo Meme (art meme | Bianca, Patrick, Miranda, Poe, Sparrow, Timothy | worksafe, mostly)

Fake News
Pink Ropes (comic | Jon/happy!”Stephen” | NSFW)
Art Stephen Up – Labyrinth (photomanip | Jareth!Stephen, Sarah!Jon | worksafe)
Tiger Munn and Indigo Jon (art | Olivia, Jon | worksafe)
Vox Populi (fic | Jon, real!Stephen | G)
Hagiography (I), Hagiography (II) (fic | Jon/wife, other/”Stephen” | NC-17)

Mina and the Count
Hula and the Count (art | Mina, the Count | worksafe)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica(/Homestuck, /Sailor Moon/Princess Tutu/Utena)
Homustuck – God Tier Madoka 1 and God Tier Madoka 2 (animation/art | Madoka | worksafe)
Unified Madoka Theory of Mahou Shoujo (sketch | Usagi, Ahiru, Utena | worksafe)
I’ll Rewrite Space And Time For You (mix | Homura/Madoka | G)
All For You (art | Madoka/Homura | worksafe)

Read or Die
Yomiko-Nenene Redrawn (art meme | Yomiko/Nenene | worksafe)

The Wizard of Oz
The Boy in Silver Shoes (art | boy!Dorothy, Toto | worksafe)

Next Week in Shine:
Back to the main(-ish) plot! Reseda and the disguised not-Integra board the Nazis’ head zeppelin.

This Week, 10/18-10/24

Fake News
State of Grace, chapter 16, chapter 17, chapter 18, chapter 19 (fic | “Stephen”/Jon, Charlene, ensemble, OCs | through NC-17)
which Stephen am I? (manip | “Stephen”? | worksafe)
Sandy (art | Jon/”Stephen” | worksafe)
Harmony, Oh Love (art | happy!”Stephen”, a teddy bear | worksafe)
A Mixtape To Restore Happiness (mix | happy!”Stephen” | G)
Sketchpile tied up (sketches | “Stephen”/Jon, “Stephen”/OC | borderline NSFW)
Vidi, Vici, Veni (art | Jon/Stephen | worksafe)
The Chibi Faces of Steve (art | “Stephen”, “Stephen”, “Stephen” | worksafe, technically)

Monstrous Alucard (kao | Alucard | worksafe)

Sloth Comics (old comics | Dr. Sloth, various | worksafe)
Mindcat, take 2 (old art | alien Aisha | worksafe)

The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency
The Best in Botswana (art | Mma Makutsi, Mma Ramotswe | worksafe)

Sailor Moon(/Sandman)
Erin Watches Sera Myu, (reviews & reactions)
Dark Ladies (art | Black Lady/Mistress 9 | worksafe, barely)
I am become Delight (art | Delight!Minako | worksafe)

Mika art: Anthro Mika Tests | Mika’s Anthro Form
The Adventures of SarcastiGirl and Zen Boy (old comic, worksafe)
Graduation sketchpile (sketches | Integra, Timothy, Yomiko, Nenene, Anita, l!”Stephen”, Super Sailor Moon, Luna | worksafe)
Renaissance Reseda (old art, worksafe)

Next Week in Shine:
Erin celebrates her birthday in true Integra-fangirl style.

These Weeks, 4/19-5/2

Emeralds: Hearts in Oz
Patches (art | Scarecrow/Scraps | worksafe)

Fake News
The Sword In His Mouth part 1 (very meta fic | Jon/BriWi, “Stephen” | PG-13)
Pinup chibi Steph-chan (art | “Stephanie” | mildly NSFW)
Little Steve ColberT (art | Stevie, an eagle | worksafe)
This One’s For The Girls (art | Joan/”Stephanie” | worksafe)
You’re Not Straight, Are You? (comic | Jon/happy!”Stephen” | PG-13)

Fake News/Sailor Moon
The Eternal Couple (art | sailor!Jon, tux!Stephen | worksafe)

The Slayer (old art | Integra | worksafe)
Rico Suave (art | Integra, Enrico | mildly NSFW)

Hellsing/Sailor Moon
Countess Integrity (comic | sailor!Integra, countess!Integra, baobhan sith | G)

The Powerpuff Girls
Powerpuff Guys (art | boy!Blossom, boy!Bubbles, boy!Buttercup | worksafe)

Sailor Moon
Sailor Magnesium Thorn (art | Animamate!Sailor Makaiju | NSFW)
Jupiter Star (art | Sailor Jupiter | worksafe)

Teen Titans
Starfire (old art | Starfire | worksafe)

Teacher, Teacher (old sketch | a teacher | worksafe)

Next Week in Shine:
Uh, this week is mostly tears and blood and death. I’M SORRY. Seras will be getting to be awesome soon, I promise.

This Week, 3/1-3/7

Emeralds: Hearts in Oz
Characters III (sketches | Scarecrow/Scraps, Mombi | worksafe)

Fake News
Pam and the Pink (art | MtF!Stephen, happy!Stephen | worksafe)
Of The Father’s Love Begotten (fic | Jon/Stephen, kids | PG)
Afterwards, Wyatt Was Never Able To Look At Salad Tongs The Same Way Again (ficlet | Wyatt/Kristen/John-O/Sam/Jason(/Aasif/???) | PG-13)

Pretty Anchor Sailor Jon
Sketchbits (sketchy art | Jon, Stephen | worksafe)
Digital Watch (sketchy art | sailor!Ed, sailor!Jon, sailor!Steve | worksafe)
The Bee-Owl Family (art | Jason, princess!Sam, Piper | worksafe)

Couples Start To Look Alike (art | Heinkel/Yumie | worksafe)
Anderplant Charge (old sketch | Anderson | worksafe)
Heinkel’s Women (art | Heinkel/Yumie/ko | worksafe)
Delicate & Innocent (mix | Heinkel/Yumie/ko | PG-13, warnings)
Hellsing sketchpile (sketches | Integra/Alucard, Pip/Seras, Walter | worksafe)
Sign of the Cross (art | Integra/Alucard | worksafe)
Bishounencognito (old sketch | Incognito | mildly NSFW)
Sari Integra (old sketch | Integra | worksafe)

Next Week in Shine:
With eleven personalities awake and alert, Yumiko and her system are switching all over the place, trying to figure out where to go from here.

Website Updates
The front page has a new poll!

This Week, 2/1-2/7

Doctor Who
Let’s make a TARDIS wave throughout DW! (meme/picspam with Ace, Leela, and Romana)

Fake News
Colbert Stamp – Acts 6:8 (DeviantArt stamp)
Castle Down, chapter 6 (fic | Jon/c!Stephen, Larry/John-O, John Hodgman, Mrs. Jonatha Strangedirt | R)
Castle Down illustration collection (art | Jon/c!Stephen | worksafe)
Needs Met, Happyverse Style (comic | happy!Stephen/Jon, l!Stephen, c!Stephen | PG)
How Can You Resist That Face? (art | c!Stephen | worksafe)

Fake News/Calvin and Hobbes
Colbert and Hobbes (comic | Susie!Jon, Hobbes!Junior, Calvin!Stephen | G)

Wolf Charmer (art | Rip, wolf!Captain | worksafe)
Harkonnen II – Vladimir (art | Seras, her giant gun | worksafe)

Bishoujo Kishi Sailor Hellsing
The Sailors Iscariot (art | sailor!Heinkel/sailor!Yumie | worksafe)

Next Week in Shine:
Zorin’s balloon descends, and Seras is More Awesome Than You.

Website Updates
New additions to the seventh page of YKYLHTMWs.