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Monday Works Roundup, 12/11/17 December 11, 2017

Posted by Erin Ptah in But I'm A Cat Person, Leif & Thorn, Works Roundup.
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But I’m A Cat Person
Remembering those we’ve lost, 2017 (sketch | Henriette | worksafe)
Pillowed Patrick (sketch | Patrick | worksafe)
BICP Cover Tests (art | Patrick, Bianca, Sparrow | worksafe)

Leif & Thorn
Northern Lights (art | Leif/Thorn | worksafe)
All Downhill From Here (art | Leif, Thorn | worksafe)

Big Hero 6
Hamadacest (sketch | Hiro/Tadashi | worksafe)

Fake News
Galactic Amity (fic! | “Stephen”/aliens, “Stephen”/Jon | NC-17)

Harry Potter
Talk Murder To Me (sketch | Bellatrix/Voldemort | worksafe)
Written? Smitten! (sketch | Ginny/Voldemort | worksafe)
Snarry (sketch | Harry/Snape | worksafe)

Precure(/other magical girl series)
Wild Card (art | Joker, Nanoha, Cure Black, Usagi, Madoka, Sakura | worksafe)

Seraph of the End
Feed me Yuu (sketch | Mikaela/Yuu | worksafe)

This Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
Timothy picks up another ally for the quest of Team Not-Killing-Beings.

This Week in Leif & Thorn:
Leif is safely out of the way, and gets to enjoy a week of wrestling.


Monday Works Roundup, 11/13/17 November 13, 2017

Posted by Erin Ptah in But I'm A Cat Person, Leif & Thorn, Works Roundup.
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My computer needed some expensive maintenance last week. Click for more details & what you can do to help.

But I’m A Cat Person
Starlit Fights (wallpaper | Poe, Kara Lynn, Patrick, Reseda, Cybele | worksafe)

Leif & Thorn
Deleted scenes 2017 (extra panels, worksafe)
A Mouthful of Leif (art | Leif, vampire!Thorn | worksafe)
Two Years of Leif and Thorn (art | Leif/Thorn | worksafe)

Harry Potter
Doe-Eyed (sketch | Lily/Snape | worksafe)

Ultimate Sailors Rip + Laura + Helena (art | Rip, baobhan sith, Helena | worksafe)
Ultimate Sailor Integra x Alucard (art | Alucard/Integra | worksafe)
Integra-Seras Role Swap (comic | Integra, Alucard, Seras | G)
Highland Lady (art | baobhan sith | worksafe, shockingly)

Cute in a Coat (sketch | Sherlock/Molly | worksafe)

Steven Universe
Out Of This World (comic | Ronaldo/Peridot | G)

Voltron: Legendary Defenders
Let Me Show You Why They Call Me Loverboy (art | Lance/Lotor | worksafe)
I’m Following You Now (art | Keith/Lance | worksafe)

Doctors and Diamonds (commissioned art, worksafe)
Hands and feet (life drawing, worksafe)
Trial of the Century (commissioned art, worksafe)

This Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
Miranda’s lurking in graveyards again. This time she has company.

This Week in Leif & Thorn:
Violet drops off her assignment, and asks about her sister.

Multifandom Works Roundup, 2/13/17 February 13, 2017

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Leif & Thorn
Cotton Candy Nap (art | Leif/Thorn | worksafe)
Hy Fashion (art | Hyacinth | worksafe)
Fancy Olive (art | Olive | worksafe)
This Is Not An Effective Sweater (art | Leif | NSFWish)

You Were My Hope (art | Mikan/Ibuki | worksafe)

Gravity Falls
Pacific Pines Embrace (art | Mabel/Pacifica | worksafe)

Harry Potter
This time I’ll be the catgirl (art | Tonks/Hermione | worksafe)

Soft Lips, Sharp Blades (art | Vriska/Aranea | worksafe)

Legend of Korra
That’s Some Good Handmaidening (art | Korra/Asami | worksafe)

I Am A Girl Who Loves My Planet (art | Tip, Moana | worksafe)

Moana/Little Mermaid
That Scavenging Collector (comic | Moana/Ariel, Maui | G)

Steven Universe
Modern Dance Opal (art | Pearl/Amethyst, Opal | worksafe)
Are Those Space Pants? (sketch | Pearl/Peridot | worksafe)

Figure drawings 2-11-17 (sketches, NSFW)

This Week in Leif & Thorn:

Monday Works Roundup, 9/5/16 September 5, 2016

Posted by Erin Ptah in Leif & Thorn, Works Roundup.
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Leif & Thorn
Under rosy covers (art | Leif/Thorn | NSFW-ish)
Leif Explains a Metaphor (panel | Leif/Thorn | worksafe)
An armful of Leif (art | Leif/Thorn | worksafe)
Beach Thorn (wallpaper | Thorn, Leif | worksafe)

Big Hero 6
Monster kisses (sketch | Hiro/Fred | worksafe)
Shoulder kisses (sketch | Hiro/Wasabi | worksafe)

Save me from the snowball (sketch | Hans/Anna | worksafe)

Harry Potter
Why are you interested? (comic | Lucius/Hermione | G)

That Crystal Gem aesthetic (art | Tip, DieAnne | worksafe)

Steven Universe
C’mere, sis. (art | Amethyst, poofed!Jasper | worksafe)
Record Setting Pearl (art | Pearls | worksafe)
Did somebody lose a Pearl? (art | Pearl, Bismuth | worksafe)
Disco Mom (art | Bismuth | worksafe)

Dogwood layout (old sketch, worksafe)
Arizona Officer (commissioned portrait, worksafe)

This Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
The inevitable Pokemon Go gag.

This Week in Leif & Thorn:
With Thorn deep in a flashback, it’s up to Leif to protect him.

Monday Roundup, 3/25 March 25, 2013

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But I’m A Cat Person
You may sa-a-ay I’m a dreamer (art | Bennett, Cohen, Park, Walker | worksafe)
Victorian Miranda (art | Miranda, Poe | worksafe)

Fake News
Aggressive Conservative Guys (AO3 mirror) (fic | Jon/”Stephen”, fantasized Jon/other | NC-17)
Men In Nice Suits (art | Jon/”Stephen” | worksafe)
Collar U parts 1-5 (DW mirror) (fic | Jon/”Stephen”, others | PG-13)
A Lonely Bench (comic | Jon/”Stephen”, sort of | G)

Harry Potter
FemslashFebruary – Luna+Hermione (sketch | Luna/Hermione | worksafe)

FemslashFebruary – Night Sky (sketch | Integra/Seras | worksafe)

Marvel Cinematic Universe
FemslashFebruary – Black Widow Descending (sketch | Pepper/Natasha | worksafe)

Tokyo Mew Mew
In Which I Watch: Tokyo Mew Mew, episodes 11-15 and episodes 16-20 (reaction post, screencaps, meta)

This Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
Chapter 11. The convention is over, but our heroes won’t be getting home just yet…

Monday Roundup, 5/7 May 7, 2012

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Fake News
The Littlest Maid (art | tiny!Jon | worksafe)
Yoink (art | Jon/”Stephen” | NSFW)
The Hogwarts Question (meta/essay on which characters go in which Houses)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Mami’s Muscles (sketch | Mami | worksafe)
Mami, Don’t– (art | Homura | worksafe)

Sailor Moon
Venus Versus Mimete (art | Sailor Venus, Mimete | worksafe)

The Wizard of Oz
The Marble Monuments of Oz (fic | Dorothy/Ozma, others | worksafe)

30 Days of Writing Fanfic Meme (answers to a list of fic-related questions, finished)
…licious (chibi | Justin Bieber | worksafe)
A Chick For All Seasons (chibis | misc. chicks | worksafe)
Big Ears, Small Mouth (art | fennec fox | worksafe)

This Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
There’s a giant rabbit wreaking havoc in the subway (and her Master is none too pleased).

Website Updates
♠ What’s this? More YKYLHTMWs?

Monday Roundup, 4/9 April 9, 2012

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But I’m A Cat Person
Easter Bunny (art | Cybele | worksafe)

Fake News(/Harry Potter)
Little Red State Riding Hood (fic | wolf!Jon/”Stephen”, Romney | PG-13)
Fake News Quidditch Rumble (art | Stephen, Kristen, Jon, Olivia | worksafe)
Spell Me Once, Shame On You (fic | Jon/”Stephen” | R)
A Little Stroll (art | Stephen, tiny!Jon | worksafe)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Tournent les violons (art | Sayaka | worksafe)

30 Days of Writing Fanfic Meme (answers to a list of fic-related questions, ongoing)

This Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
Patrick’s injuries revealed. Reseda’s help enlisted. Snark traded.

End-of-year magic December 24, 2011

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Spending the holidays with the family, marathoning the box set of all the Harry Potter movies and being lightly mauled by Ziggy Stardust (that’s the cat). Good times.

2011 First Lines Meme:

January: I’ve come to the conviction that nobody actually manufactures New Year’s commemorative spectacles or paper hats. They spring forth fully formed once any given party is in full swing, in a kind of celebratory parthenogenesis.

February: Another round of poems – all in one thread this time. (One of them is seventeenth-century tentacle porn. In couplets. No, really.)

March: Continued from yesterday’s post: the conclusion of the adventures of The Steamypuff Girls.

April: Anyone have recommendations for good sites where you can sell used books? (And hopefully DVDs, CDs, etcetera.)

May: For example: several anons from extremely small towns tl;dr about the experience of growing up there.

June: This is a topic I’ve been pondering a lot recently. It’s probably a natural result of following a bunch of Issue-based fandom comms, rec lists, and fests…but honestly, what spurred the post was a bunch of summaries that looked intriguing and thoughtful, leading into fics that were just bad.

July: Just spent my evening finishing off the ebook for But I’m A Cat Person #1, then the rest of the night promoting it everywhere I can.

August: Back in the land of the Internet after almost a week of sporadic access. Computer is groaning under the weight of all the tabs I have open, poor thing.

September: I’ve applied to grad school for library science, starting in the spring semester of 2012.

October: FFA’s reputation in other Internet spaces. Very through-a-glass-darkly. Thread was frozen over contentious discussion of triggering events on other communities, so do tread carefully.

November: The OTW is the topic of the moment, with Yuletide and board elections on the horizon; and I’m glad the meme is around, because now that Metafandom is dead I have no good source for roundups of this stuff.

December: (To the tune of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen)
God Rest Ye, Unitarians

This Week, 9/19-9/25 September 25, 2011

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But I’m A Cat Person(/Harry Potter)
But I’m A Magic Person (art | Ron!Patrick, Hermione!Bianca, Harry!Sparrow | worksafe)

Doctor Who
Romanas Two (sketch | Romana, Romana, Four | worksafe)

Fake News
Tiny Furry Friends (sketch | Aasif, a kitty | worksafe)
The Golden Idol Strikes Again (art | Jon, “Stephen” | NSFW for language?)
Beware The Nice Ones (fic | Jon/”Stephen” | NC-17)
Archnemesis + And It’s F@#king Golden (ficlets | Jon/”Stephen” | PG)
Dress-Up Tiny Jon (sketch | Jon, “Stephen” | worksafe)
Jon Knows + Check In + Scars (drabbles | Jon/”Stephen” | through R, warnings)
Tiny Styling (comic | tiny!Jon, Miranda | G)

Sharp Dressed Hellsings (art | Alucard, Integra/Seras, Penwood, Pip | worksafe)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Hold Me Till Morning (art | Homura/Madoka | worksafe)
With My Own Hands (art | all the characters. all of them. | borderline NSFW)

The Wizard of Oz
Patient (fic | Dorothy/Ozma, Henry/Em, Oscar Diggs, ensemble | PG)

Next Week in Shine:
The war…in song! Plus, more answers to all your burning questions.

Next Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
Bianca’s first battle with Patrick. Shounen narrative formulas…activate!

Weekly Updates, 8/2-8/8 August 7, 2010

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Doctor Who
Well, That Was Interesting (art | Eleven, Bambera | worksafe)
The Morrigan (art | an extradimensional myth | worksafe)
Keep A TARDIS Handy (art | Handy | worksafe)

Laptop PC (old art | Sumomo, Chii | worksafe)

Fake News
Fuzzy: the redux (art | Jon, “Stephen” | worksafe)

Fake News/Hellsing
The Eagle of Hermes – chapter four is finished!
Red Rover, Red Rover… (sketch | Pip, Stephen, Seras | worksafe)
Fangs, Girlfriend (sketch | Joan, Stephanie | worksafe)

Hellsing(/Sgt. Frog, /Harry Potter)
Mirror, Mirror (old sketch | Seras, young!Integra | worksafe)
Trying To Read (old sketch | Alucard, young!Integra | worksafe)
Police Frog (sketch | Seras, frog!Seras | worksafe)
Leave Them To Us (old sketch | Yumiko | worksafe)
Needs Her Sire (old sketch | Alucard, Seras | worksafe)
Sirius Hunting (sketch | Sirius Black, Integra | worksafe)

Neopets(/Sailor Moon)
Sailor Chibi-Lupe designs (old sketches | Katie Tuatara | worksafe)
Pet Collage (old sketches | assorted pets and petpets | worksafe)

Sailor Moon
Cat Cuddle (old sketch | Usagi, Luna | worksafe)
Rose Cake (old sketch | Makoto | worksafe)
Chibi Chibi Splash (old art | Chibi Chibi | worksafe)

United States of Tara
Fireflies (art | all the personalities, as of season 2 | worksafe)
All Systems Are Go (mix | Tara and her inner family | G)

Pascentia, Lady Circle, and Cybele: sketches of old Neopets RP characters (worksafe)
Reseda: more character sketches (worksafe)
Baby Carrots: a still life (almost) in sepia (worksafe, but may turn you gay)

Next Week in Shine:
Jeeves does not approve of the fangirls’ insistence on wearing colors not found in nature.