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Nice and hopeful links. (No, really.) December 21, 2017

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‘We are Muslims and we’d never had a Christmas tree in our home,’ says Riffat. ‘But these children were Christian and we wanted them to feel connected to their culture.’ So he bought a Christmas tree, decorations and presents. The couple worked until the early hours putting the tree up and wrapping presents. The first thing the children saw the next morning was the tree.”

“On September 26, 1983, Soviet military officer Stanislav Petrov received a message that five nuclear missiles had been launched by the United States and were heading to Moscow. He didn’t launch a retaliatory strike, believing correctly that it was a false alarm. And with that, he saved the world from nuclear war.

The 1928 international treaty that outlawed conquest . . . and worked. Nations still go to war for plenty of other reasons, but conquest has screeched almost to a halt.

Letting teens sleep in would save the country roughly $9 billion a year.” Partly because they’ll do better in school, partly because of fewer sleep-deprived adolescents crashing their cars.

First baby in the US born via uterus transplant!

World hunger can be eradicated. A price has been set and estimated by the United Nations to solve this crisis – $30 billion a year. It may seem like a large sum of money, but when compared to the U.S. defense budget – $737 billion in 2012 – $30 billion seems more attainable.”


Who else is excited for post-Valentine’s Day chocolate sales? February 13, 2010

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It turns out the news stories that get emailed most are the optimistic, the scientific, and the intellectually challenging. Go humanity!

…and on that note, have a mostly-serious linkspam.

This is why we don’t allow international adoptions out of disaster areas.

Twilight tempts tourists to trample tribal territory. How the actual Quileute should be getting a cut.

Race play as kink. The second time I’ve ever found the idea discussed in anything other than a horribly negative light. (The first time was an early Dan Savage podcast.)

Science Channel Refuses To Dumb Down Science Any Further. Aww, science.

The early stages of the next revision of the DSM. Shiny.

This Week, 11/24-11/30 November 30, 2008

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Fake News/Doctor Who
The Eagle Has Landed, parts two, three (fic | Jon, Stephen, young!Stephen, Four, Ten, Sarah Jane, Jack | PG)

Fake News
He’s Your President Too (art | Jon, Stephen | worksafe)
I Don’t Want You To Be Afraid (art | Jon, Bill O’Reilly, Mister Snuggles | worksafe)

Krazy Kat
There Is A Happy Land (50 sentences | KrazyxIgnatz, ensemble | G)

Strangers With Candy
Why Should I Care? part 1 (fic | Seamus/OC, Chuck/Geoffrey | PG-13)

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