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Things I Have Been Watching Lately

1. The season finale of House.

What is even going on with this series.

I think by this point I’m mostly watching out of inertia. And to keep up with Polite Dissent’s reviews of the medicine.

2. United States of Tara.

Didn’t get renewed for a fourth season. (But they renewed Nurse Jackie? Oh, come on.) At least word on the Internet is they won’t be leaving us with a huge cliffhanger…still, it’ll be missed.

3. Evangelion.

Only in targeted chunks, for purposes of keeping up with the Shadowjack recaps — there’s a lot, even in terms of simple visual things, that I flat-out didn’t catch because I had no framework for figuring out what was relevant.

I keep wanting to cut the episodes into vids to incredibly inappropriate and/or misleading songs. Mostly the cheerful, upbeat, shounen-fighting-spirit types. Imagine the Asuka vid for Bon Jovi’s “Have A Nice Day.” Or the Rei vid to Katy Perry’s “Firework.” (That one would be worth it solely for the visuals to “Boom, boom, boom / Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon.”)

I also keep getting random ideas for the epic Colbert/Eva fusion. Not enough to hang a full story on, just enough to turn into the occasional macro:

You said you wanted to be best friends forever. This is why I insisted on a trial period.

4. Doctor Who.

What is even going on with this series.

Season has been very meh so far. (Except The Doctor’s Wife, which gets all the prizes for taking a concept that could have been mishandled in several million possible ways and handling it exactly right.) And then that last episode…which was a nonstop barrage of alternating “oh, wow, that is surprisingly awesome” and “what.”

I’m still trying to work out how much I’m on board with, and how much to (as all Who fans must, eventually) quietly leave out of my personal head!canon. One thing I’ll say for the RTD era: this was easier to work out when the universe-bending revelations were all crammed into the last episode or three of the season.

5. The Jaquie Brown Diaries.

An obscure New Zealand comedy whose heroine is basically a genderswapped “Stephen”. I don’t mean in terms of general character type; I mean, she works in TV news, declares herself to be archenemies with anyone who appears to be stealing her spotlight, makes things happen solely by warping reality with her outrageous ego, and builds a fandom out of people who just can’t look away…even though that same ego gets her into constant trouble, from which her more reasonable and moderate friends (whom she will throw over at the drop of a hat) have to bail her out.

I like her. There were a lot of points during the run of the series where I wondered if Jaquie had crossed the line from entertaining to irritating…then wondered if I would draw the same line for “Stephen”. And by the time I was finished fretting over the possible double standard, she had done something entertaining again.

6. The episode of Captain Planet that dealt with AIDS.

No, seriously. (Season 3, episode 11, “A Formula for Hate.”)

They don’t beat around the bush about it, either. A high school basketball star turns out to be HIV+, and while the bad guys are gloating about how they’ll use it to spread fear and hate (which is sort of related to pollution, I guess?), the kid’s doctor is saying things like “Yeah, you could have gotten this from sharing needles while using drugs, or unprotected sex, or that blood transfusion you had a couple years ago, when they weren’t being screened.” And at least one insinuation that’s about gay sex if you know what to look for.

On Captain freakin’ Planet.

BRB, having hope for the future of our country.

One, two, three, four: can I have a little more

So melannen made this awesome post on specific kinds of poly relationships that sci-fi/fantasy has given us. In particular, the concept of sedoretu both complicates and simplifies a whole lot of my shipping preferences.

I just spent four hours lying in bed not sleeping (oh insomnia, how I don’t love you), which left a lot of time for working out how my favorite pairings, triads, and variously poly arrangements would be restructured under this system. Caveat: all I know about sedoretu is what’s explained in those two links (seriously, go read them; they’re short enough that it’s not worth me re-summarizing here), so if there are subtleties or extra requirements I’m missing, oh well. If I do find out that’s the case, I’ll come back and edit. Maybe.

Details under the fold…

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