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Monday works roundup, 12/31/2018 December 31, 2018

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Leif & Thorn
Me And My Cat, We Match (art | WiB, Cat in Black | worksafe)
Handstand (sketch | Thorn | worksafe)
Slow dancing (sketch | WiB/Iona | worksafe)
Warm Winter Vacation (art | Leif/Thorn, Tiernan | worksafe)

The Colberts Take Tumblr (comic | Stephen, liberal!Stephen | G)
An “Into the Colbert-Verse” Christmas (comic | Stephen, liberal!Stephen | G)

Sailor Moon
Saturn Pride (art | Hotaru | worksafe)

Trans Woman Pride Stamp (stamp)
Chibi Alefina (commission, worksafe)
Trans Man Pride Stamp (stamp)

This Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
Walker contemplates firing a bunch of people to cheer herself up.

This Week in Leif & Thorn:
This episode of Hedge & Grassie takes a turn nobody saw coming. (Or at least, none of y’all commented about it.)


Monday Roundup, 9/17 September 17, 2012

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But I’m A Cat Person
Fashion Plates (art | Patrick, Bianca, Sparrow, Miranda, Poe | worksafe)

Fake News
Someone Has A Tiny Jon Fetish (comic | liberal!”Stephen”, tiny!Jon | PG)
A Bird In The Hood (art | wolf!Jon, “Stephen”, bird!Olivia | worksafe)
Bangles (art | Jon/”Stephen” | NSFW)
I’ve Got 99 Problems, But The Truth Ain’t One (ongoing compilation of one-sentence fics | anyone and everyone | through PG-13)
All Under The Same Big Sky (art | tiny!Jon, Neil Degrasse Tyson | worksafe)
Concubindecision 2004 (fic | Sam/Jon, Jon/”Stephen”, Rob Corddry/Ed Helms, Sam/Jason | R)
Doin’ the Fact Check Jam (art | Jon, Herman Cain | worksafe)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica
One More Shot… (AO3 Mirror) (fic | Homura/Mami | NC-17)

The Newsroom
A Lot Of What’s Going On In This Story Has To Do With The Economy (AO3 mirror) (fic | Sloan/Mackenzie | R)

This Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
Karen Park and Ann Walker have a recreational face-off in DC.

Monday Roundup, 7/23 July 23, 2012

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But I’m A Cat Person
Sunshine and Moonlight (art | Bianca, Miranda | worksafe)

Fake News
Pride Wear (art | liberal!”Stephen”/Jon | worksafe)
What Do You Wear To A Geek Wedding, Anyway? (fic | Olivia(/Kristen), Aasif | PG)
Ten Roads Converged (fic | variations on Jon/”Stephen” | PG)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica
But The Din In My Head, It’s Too Much, And It’s No Good (fic | Homura, others | R)

The Newsroom
Review & reaction post for episode 3
Review & reaction post for episode 4

The Zombies Are Coming (commissioned artwork: cosplay zombie hunters)
Bikini Cutie (commissioned art: bikini girl)
Sun and Moon (tile background)

This Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
Poe and Patrick attempt to have a non-violent conversation, and Sparrow’s mother makes her appearance.

These Weeks through 2/12 February 12, 2012

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But I’m A Cat Person
Poe Attacks (art | Poe | worksafe)

Calvin & Hobbes
Artists and Manager (illustration | Calvin, Hobbes, Susie | worksafe)

Captain Planet
Without Water (illustration | Gi | worksafe but violent)

Fake News(/Sherlock)
The Rescue of Stevie Jane, part 1, part 2, part 3 (comic | “Stephen”/Jon | PG, PG, soft-R)
Consulting Pundit + Useful Italian Phrases (ficlets | Jon/”Stephen” | PG)
Five Times Stephen Got A Green Light (fic | Jon/liberal!”Stephen” | R)

Young Alupuff’s War (puffs | y!Walter, Girlycard | worksafe)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Five Things Scarier Than Demons (AO3 Mirror) (fic | Mami/Kyoko, Homura, Charlotte, Yuma | G)

Sailor Moon
Crescent Pallas and Crescent Juno (old sketches | PallaPalla, JunJun | worksafe)

Cooking Girl and Exercising Girl (commissioned chibis, worksafe)
New York Evening (custom Dreamwidth layout)

Next Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
Miranda has revealed herself! Will Patrick go back with her? Will Poe start a fight? Will Bianca call the police?

These Weeks, through 1/8 January 8, 2012

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But I’m A Cat Person
BICP Sketchpile – Earrings (sketches | ensemble | worksafe)
Characters V (designs | Bianca and family | worksafe)

Fake News
In Summer’s Parching Heat (fic | Olivia/Kristen (pre-femslash), Jon(/”Stephen”), John Oliver, Wyatt | G)
Neo-Colonial Kyriarchal Consumerist Slavery (comic | liberal!”Stephen”, Jon, special guest | G)
Tiny Troop Support (art | tiny!Jon, troops | worksafe)
Castle Down Chibis (art | Stephen, Jon, Kristen, Olivia | worksafe)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Big Bangs and MadoMagi (writing meta)
Warm Feelings (AO3 Mirror) (fic | Junko, Madoka/OFC | NC-17)
Fireworks and Waterfalls (AO3 Mirror) (fic | pre-Kyoko/Sayaka, Yuma | G)

Sailor Moon
Tuxedo Chibi-Mask and Phoebe (art | boy!Chibiusa, girl!Helios | worksafe)

Cowboy vs. Ninja (commissioned art | OCs | worksafe)
2011 Summary of Art (art meme)

Next Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
New chapter! Woobiness for Patrick, intrigue for Miranda.

This Week, 9/5-9/11 September 11, 2011

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But I’m A Cat Person(/My Little Pony)
My Little Being II (ponies | Bianca, Miranda, Sparrow, Bennett, Camellia, Timothy | worksafe)

Fake News
What’s This In My Pocket (comic | “Stephen”, tiny!Jon | G)
It’s Hard Being A Tiny Parent (sketch | tiny!Jon, a baby | worksafe)
Tiny Jon Loves Dogs (sketch | tiny!Jon, a puppy | worksafe)
Tiny Jon Versus Baconnaise (sketch | tiny!Jon | worksafe)
Something To Celebrate (fic | Jon, liberal!”Stephen” | PG)

The Eagle of Hermes
Learn To Love The Ride (sketch | tiny!Jon, vampire!”Stephen” | worksafe)

Pretty Anchor Sailor Jon
I’m Sorry, My Prince (comic | prince!Stephen, sailor!Jon | PG)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Homudespair (sketch | Homura | worksafe)

United States of Tara
Gimme Shelter (fic | Tara, all the alters | R)

Next Week in Shine:
It’s the beginning of a post-’99 world.

Next Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
The opponent you’ve all been waiting for has arrived. Game, start!

OH LOOK AN UPDATE. June 12, 2011

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You skip one week, and suddenly a month’s gone by. Eheh. Here’s what’s gone up in the meantime:

But I’m A Cat Person
Characters III (designs | Timothy, girl!Timothy, Lily | worksafe)
Babies and Plushies (art | Bianca, Patrick, Sparrow, Miranda, Poe | worksafe)

Fake News(/His Dark Materials)
Red String (fic | “Stephen”, Jon/Tracey, families | R)
Red String (art | Jon, “Stephen” | worksafe)
Eight Roads Converged (fic | combinations of Jon, Stephen, “Stephen”, Beck!Jon, happy!”Stephen”, liberal!”Stephen”, and Wyatt | PG)
The DM of +4 Ohana (fic | “Stephen”/Jon[athan], Olivia, Kristen, Demetri, Wyatt, Sam(/Jason) | PG-13)
All Her Original Brightness (fic | “Stephen”/Jon, daemons | light R)
Tentacolbert (art | “Stephen”/tentacles, Jon | NSFW)

Hellsing(/Pet Shop of Horrors/Deadpool, /Read or Die/Jeeves & Wooster)
Paintball Tournament (sketch | Pip, Leon, D, Deadpool | worksafe)
Triptych (art | Heinkel, Enrico, Seras, Integra, Walter, Jeeves, Marian, Maggie, Anderson, Alucard, Schroedinger, Captain, Reseda | worksafe)
Stained Glass Knight (art | Alucard, Integra | worksafe)

Neon Genesis Evangelion/Puella Magi Madoka Magica
You Are NOT Alone (art | Rei, Madoka | worksafe)

Stained Glass Day (digital stained glass window)
Picspam: Babies! (From the movie of the same name)

Next Week in Shine:
The fangirls peace out and Alucard gets divided by zero, leaving Integra on her own. Or so she thinks…

Website Updates
For the first time in, like, a year, there’s a new Shine poll!

This Week, 9/27-10/3 October 4, 2010

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Fake News
State of Grace, chapter 6, chapter 7, chapter 8 (fic | “Stephen”/Jon, Charlene, ensemble, OCs | through NC-17)
Balanced Conversationalist (comic | liberal!”Stephen” | PG)
One Formidable Opponent (3) (old art | “Stephen”/”Stephen” | worksafe)
Membership Criteria (art | Rick Sanchez, Cramer, Carlson, Scarborough | worksafe)

Powerpuff Girls
‘Puffed Up (old sketches | Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup | worksafe)

Pretty Anchor Sailor Jon
Teen Jon (comic | Jon/Stephen, Demetri | PG)

Sailor Moon(/Sandman)
I am become Desire (art | Desire!Rei | borderline worksafe)
Eternal Wave (old sketch | Eternal Sailor Moon | worksafe)
The Eternal Pink (art | future Sailor Chibi-Moon | worksafe)

Mika art: Megane Kao and Other Stories | Mika Earns Her Wings
Screw Hellsing (commissioned OC, possibly NSFW for a choice gesture)

Next Week in Shine:
Integra’s car goes foom. What’s a novice guardian angel to do?

This Week, 8/16-8/22 August 22, 2010

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Fake News
The Daily Bishownen (art | Jon/”Stephen”, an excess of sparkles | worksafe)
Confusing Bouquet of Emotion (art | “Stephen” | NSFW, warnings)
Liberal Guilt Attack (comic | Jon, liberal!”Stephen” | G)

Grief (old sketches | Integra | worksafe)
Hellreindeer (old sketch | IntegraxAlucard, hellhounds | worksafe)
How To Win A Ship War (art | Pip/Seras/Schroedinger/Rip/Walter/Alucard/Integra/Enrico/Alex/Heinkel/Yumie/Yumiko | worksafe)

Lord of the Rings/Neopets
A Neopian Lord of the Rings (eleven-page comic | Gandalf!Donna, Kacheek!hobbits, Draik!Tom Bombadil, others | G)

Sailor Moon(+Neopets)
The Eternal Pink (old art | Eternal Sailor Chibi-Moon? | worksafe)
Super Moons (old art | Super Sailors Moon + Chibi-Moon | worksafe)
Moon Tier (sculpture | Sailor Cosmos, Chibi Chibi, Small Lady, Princess Serenity, Queen Serenity | worksafe)
Sailor Senshi Display Case (decorated figurine display case | Sailors Mercury through Pluto | worksafe)
Miracle Romance (light-up sculpture | Serenity/Endymion | worksafe)
Super Sailor Tiny Moon (wooden miniature | Super Sailor Moon | worksafe)
Moon Mask (paper-maché sculpture | Sailor Moon | worksafe)
Spectral (a working lamp | Super Sailor Moon, the Spectral Elemental | worksafe)
Palm Sized Chibi Chibi (clay sculpture | Chibi Chibi | worksafe)

Grass is greener (old pencil drawing of a tree)
Scanning My Cat (what it says on the tin. Oh, cat.)
Never Leave Erin A Placemat 3 (old sketches | Stephen, Korbat!Stephen, Shoyru!Jon, various Sailor Neopets, a parrot | worksafe)
Bunny Girl (wire sculpture of a bunny-girl silhouette in a short skirt)
The Ptah Lighthouse (wood and paper sculpture of, you guessed it, a lighthouse)

Next Week in Shine:
Back in the present, Walter is just starting to reflect on the moral of the flashback when his world turns inside-out.

This Week, 7/12-7/18 July 19, 2010

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Fake News
Footrub (art | Jon/”Stephen” | worksafe)
Baby, It’s Fact (mix | Jon/l!”Stephen” | PG-13ish)
Clothing Choices (comic | Jon, Olivia, Wyatt | PG)

Fake News/Hellsing
The Eagle of Hermes – Chapter 3 is complete!
The Man In Blue (art | Jon | worksafe)

Chekhov’s Absinthe (art | Integra | worksafe)
Get Off My Desk (old sketch | IntegraxAlucard | worksafe)
Teen Walt (old art | mildly NSFW)
Family Art (sketch | Integra, Lord Hellsing | worksafe)
Draculina’s Debut (art | Seras | worksafe)
Angels… (old art | Seras, Integra | worksafe)

Sailor Moon
Step On A Crack (art | Sailor Makaiju | worksafe)
Pink Sugar Henshin (old sketch | Sailor Chibi-Moon | worksafe)
Elegant Michiru (old art | Michiru | worksafe)

United States of Tara
Discussion post, in response to one blog’s critique of the show from a disability rights perspective.

How to commission my art: the big info post. Get in touch!

Next Week in Shine:
Jeeves and Wooster go looking for Walter, and find more than they bargained for.

Website Updates
The Shine character page has finally, finally been modernized! Including seven new profile pictures, and up-to-date descriptions all around.