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This Week, 6/22-6/28

A slightly early roundup, because my plane leaves in a couple of hours. I’ll be traveling for the next couple of days, and should be back in action by July 1.

Doctor Whoniverse
Gooey (art | Donna, Gwen | worksafe)
Donna Noble, Government Super Temp (art | Donna | worksafe)

Fake News/Strangers With Candy
Why Should I Care? part 13 (fic | Seamus/George, Chuck/Geoffrey, Jon/”Stephen”, Jerri | R)
Tattered At The Seams (art | Seamus/George, Chuck/Geoffrey, Clair | worksafe)
Perfect (mix | Seamus/George, Chuck, Stephen | worksafe)

Fake News
Free Iran (art | Jon, liberal!”Stephen” | worksafe)
Stay, part 3 (fic | Senators Jon and “Stephen”, Sam/Jason, Rob R., Aasif, Scarborough | PG-13)

Next Week in Shine:
“Let’s beat the fangirls at their own game.”

This Week, 3/9-3/15

Doctor Who/Fake News
George’s World, one, two, three, four, five (fic | Ten’n’Jack, ickle!Stephen, Expectingverse!Stephen, George | PG)

Little Orphan Annie
Miss Ann Warbucks (art | Annie, Sandy | worksafe)

but don’t talk about revolution (a mix for RaceFail ’09)

Next Week in Shine:
Enrico takes us through the fate of the Axis vampire research divisions at the end of the war.

This Belated Week In Erin, 5/18-5/25

Balticon notes will come later this evening. Also, it looks like somebody tried to hack my much-neglected Gaia account while I was at the con; I got emails about twenty failed logon attempts. (In other words, somebody needs to get a life.)

—Raws of most of the Emma Bangaihen chapters are now available.

Gentlemen, We Love War: a Millennium fanmix
Sketch – The Dance (art, PG)
Post-dance relaxation (art, PG)
‘Teggy Loves Spaghetti (art, G)

—New layout at Shine Hell. There’s also a page for fanmixes.
—The Hellsingpuffs are making a comeback! Six scenes freshly uploaded, and counting!

Next Week in Shine:
Research! Logical deduction! Catboy mischief! Pip, of all people, has a flash of insight about vampires! But will it be enough?

This Week in Erin, 4/28-5/4

In final exam news, I got permission to do one of my papers as a comic. (Because I have the best professor ever.)

So here’s the new state of the countdown: 12 pages left to write, 5 left to draw.

Fake News
Sleepytime – teaser scenes (art, worksafe)

Next Week in Shine:
Alucard and Pip fail at being romantic, and Schrödinger gets in trouble.