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Tell that the person who made it read well those strong things you feel

The Up-Goer Five Text Editor is addictive. (It spellchecks your text so that you can only use the thousand most-used words in the English language.)

Here’s Shelley’s Ozymandias:

I met a person who came from an old land
Who said: two big legs made of rock with no body
Stand in the hot dry place. Near them, on the ground,
Half under the land, a broken face lies. Its frown
And lip in a mean expression, and smirk of being cool and the strongest person,
Tell that the person who made it read well those strong things you feel
Which yet are still there, where you can see them on these things with no life,
Long after the hand that made fun of them, and the heart that drove them.
And on the rock under the legs these words appear:
“My name is ‘Ozymandias’, strongest of strong people.
Look on my works, you other strong people, and be sad!”
Nothing beside remains. Round what is left
Of that big broken thing, with no end and no other things on it,
The ground with no people that does not go up or down goes far away.

Here is your sword: faith in our life, in the human worth.

Quick things–

1. Had TDS and TCR tickets right in a row, but couldn’t find a place to crash overnight, so I had to cancel one. Opted to keep TDS, as I’ve already been to a TCR taping. The bus tickets are squared away; I’ll be seeing Jon do TDS live for the first time on August 18. (Now watch Colbert end up having an amazing guest on the 17th.)

2. There is an awesome magical girl multifandom fic swap currently acepting signups! Go check it out.

3. Thundercaaaaaaaaaaaats. *_* (More on this later.)

4. Til Ungdommen (“To Youth” – a Norwegian dirge) sung in Oslo Cathedral in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack. Someone on FFA did a quick translation, which I’m copying here for posterity, and because I know I want to be able to find it again.

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Oh hey, it seems I went and got a Tumblr.

During this TCR interview, Stephen asks if the guest can give all his answers in iambic pentameter, and gets a fumbled reply. My first thought was, “Oh, come on. He should have said ‘I’ll try, but I can’t promise anything.'” Then, “Hey, I could do this standing on my head.” And, eventually, “I wonder how this trick would fly on Tumblr?”

And thus, Fuck Yeah Iambic Pentameter was born.

I could just post random lines of blank verse, but this will be so much more fun if I’m answering questions. So those of you who already have Tumblr accounts, do me a favor and ask me things! (Anonymous questions are currently enabled. We’ll see how that goes.) Anything is fair game, from “who will still be alive at the end of Shine?” to “how can we achieve peace in the Middle East?” to “what’s your favorite color?” Even if the answer is a secret, or something I have no idea about, I will find a rhythmic way to say so.

Finally, anyone have suggestions for interesting Tumblrs that I should be following? (And feel free to include your own.)

April haets u, makes lilacs, u no can has.

It’s World Poetry Day!

I normally have no use for poetry. I went to a magnet program in high school that made me swim in the stuff for four years, and I was poetry’d out even before then. But here are a few that are worth your time.

The Myth Of The Sensitive New Age Nice Guy, by “a woman who ‘is not bitter’.”

For The White Person Who Wants To Know How To Be My Friend, by Pat Parker.

And, of course, LOLcat Wasteland, by Corprew Reed. (Probably funnier to those of you who were immersed in the history of poetry for four years.)

Turns out “me” rhymes with “:DD”

One of the wallpapers on Smashing’s latest calendar wallpaper post is an upside-down world map!

New desktop, oh yeah : D

In other nifty news: The Longest Poem In The World, which takes Twitter updates and arranges them into rhyming couplets. Coming up on 400,000 verses.

An excerpt:

Had a good night and is having a much better day : )
Loves you and misses you; what else is there to say?
Keep it confidential, you and me
Home from snow cones, park, and dinner. : D D

Worthy of Tennyson, y/y?

Fun links and fireflies

I’ve ushered four fireflies out of the house so far this evening. (I sure hope it was four fireflies, rather than one very determined one.) Luckily, they don’t have good enough reflexes to avoid being caught.

News roundup (wow, I’ve been sitting on some of these for a while):

A bunch of studies about language, and specific ways in which it helps you perform. Fun fact: many languages don’t distinguish between “blue” and “green”. Meanwhile, Russian (and Italian) have words for “blue” and “blue” (a distinction that English doesn’t make).

The NYT profiled xkcd. Is that cool or what?

And a recovering blogging junkie lays out her story. Seriously . . . this is pretty heavy stuff. I’m going to be thinking about it for a while.

That said, I’ll end on a note of silly-yet-righteous indignation: Stop Making Movies About My Books, by Dr. Seuss (in the Onion, naturally). I want to smack the author for writing lines that scan so badly; on the other hand, I agree with every word.