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Monday Roundup, 11/17

But I’m A Cat Person
Election Special 2014 (comic | Sparrow, Bennett | worksafe)
On The Attack (art | Poe, Kara Lynn, Patrick, Reseda, Cybele | worksafe)

His Dark Materials
Lyra Belacqua and Will Parry – The Saviors (art | Lyra/Will | worksafe)
Xaphania – The Messenger (art | Xaphania | worksafe)

Welcome to Night Vale(/His Dark Materials)
Night Vale: The Musical, tracks 53-59 (fic, song parodies | Cecil/Carlos, ensemble | T)
A Blinking Light Up On The Clouded Mountain, chapters 26-28 (fic | Cecil/Carlos, HDM crossover characters, WtNV ensemble | T)
Touch of grey (art | Carlos | worksafe)
Intern Maureen – The Survivor (art | Maureen | worksafe)
Do Not Enter The Dog Park (art | Cecil, mother, brother, Khoshekh | worksafe)
Night Vale Holiday Celebration (art | Cecil’s sister, Janice, Renée | worksafe)
Frozen fractals all around (art | Cecil, mother, brother | worksafe)
Kevin Serling – The Knifebearer (art | Kevin, StrexDaemon | worksafe)
Kevin-shaming (sketch | Kevin, StrexDaemon | worksafe)

This Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
The battle ends, and Jany has to figure out what to do with everything she’s just learned.

Monday Roundup, 11/3

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But I’m A Cat Person
BICP Sketches – Cybele Variations (art | Cybele, Cybele, Cybele, Cybele, Bennett, Cybele | worksafe)
Animal Hoodies (art | Patrick, Kara Lynn, Cybele, Poe, Reseda, Cub | worksafe)
Witch Cat Reseda (art | Reseda | worksafe)

Fake News
Under The Sea (art | “Stephen”/Jon | worksafe)

Pixel Dolls – Section XIII, Iscariot (dolls | Anderson, Maxwell, Heinkel, Yumiko, Yumie | worksafe)
Pixel Dolls – Walter and Alucard (dolls | Walters, Alucards | worksafe)
Pixel Dolls – Hellsingers in Costume (dolls | Seras, Pip, Alucard, Integra | worksafe)
Mew, episodes 49-52 (review/recap & discussion)

Welcome to Night Vale(/His Dark Materials)
A Blinking Light Up On The Clouded Mountain, chapters 22-25 (fic | Cecil/Carlos, HDM crossover characters, WtNV ensemble | T)
Cecil Meets the Family -2- (art | Cecil, Khoshekh, Carlos’s family | worksafe)
Cecil Meets the Family -3- (art | Cecil, Carlos’s family | worksafe)
Science Boxers (art | Cecil/Carlos | borderline NSFW)
Carlos Ramirez – The Scholar (art | Carlos | worksafe)
Cecil Palmero – The Anchor (art | Cecil, Khoshekh | worksafe)
Dana Cardinal – The Walker (art | Dana | worksafe)

This Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
The Book of Revelation is freakin’ weird. But Ann Walker thinks there might be something to it.

Monday Roundup, 4/15

But I’m A Cat Person
Delight (art | Cybele | worksafe)
Still A Cat (comic | Timothy & Reseda | worksafe)

Fake News(/Aladdin)
Shining, Shimmering, Splendid (art | Jasmine!”Stephen”, Aladdin!Jon | worksafe)
Blue – Someone To Crowd You With Love (art | Jon/”Stephen” | worksafe)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Lady Madoka (art | Madoka | worksafe)

Lace and a Lead Pipe (original mahou shoujo design, worksafe)
Sunset Flight (contest art, worksafe)
In Which I Watch: Black Rock Shooter, episodes 1-2 (reaction post, screencaps, meta)

This Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
We find out just where Patrick’s been getting this money, and check in with what’s going on in DC.

This Week, 11/29-12/5

Doctor Who
Ace Never Has The Same Problem Twice (vid | Luke, Sarah Jane, Martha, Ten, Turlough, Nyssa, Tegan, Ace | PG)
Now Say Sorry (paper children | Ace, Ten, Martha | worksafe)

Fake News
State of Grace bonus scenes (ficbits | Jon/”Stephen”, Tracey | PG)
faaaaanservice (sketch | bondage!”Stephen” | worksafe)
Riding the Love Train to Sanitytown (fic | Jon/”Stephen”, others | PG-13)
Naan Of Your Business (art | Aasif | worksafe)
You Have Restored Mine (mix | Jon’s Rally speech | G)
What A Croc (art | Jon | worksafe)

Cat Scratch Fever (art | Reseda | worksafe)
Singing Rip (kao | Rip | worksafe)

Read or Die(/others)
Season of Giving (art | Nenene/Maggie, cameos | worksafe)

Revolutionary Girl Utena(/Sailor Moon)
Fallen Rose (sketch | Anthy | worksafe)
Sailor Utena (sketch | sailor!Utena | worksafe)

Sailor Moon
Glorious Moon (sketch | Sailor Moon | worksafe)
Neko Maid Usagi (sketch | Usagi | worksafe)

Death Lily (sketch | Death | worksafe)

Next Week in Shine:
Reseda is frustrated over the confusing fake Integra. Timothy’s frustrated because he’s just lost his weapon.

This Week, 10/18-10/24

Fake News
State of Grace, chapter 16, chapter 17, chapter 18, chapter 19 (fic | “Stephen”/Jon, Charlene, ensemble, OCs | through NC-17)
which Stephen am I? (manip | “Stephen”? | worksafe)
Sandy (art | Jon/”Stephen” | worksafe)
Harmony, Oh Love (art | happy!”Stephen”, a teddy bear | worksafe)
A Mixtape To Restore Happiness (mix | happy!”Stephen” | G)
Sketchpile tied up (sketches | “Stephen”/Jon, “Stephen”/OC | borderline NSFW)
Vidi, Vici, Veni (art | Jon/Stephen | worksafe)
The Chibi Faces of Steve (art | “Stephen”, “Stephen”, “Stephen” | worksafe, technically)

Monstrous Alucard (kao | Alucard | worksafe)

Sloth Comics (old comics | Dr. Sloth, various | worksafe)
Mindcat, take 2 (old art | alien Aisha | worksafe)

The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency
The Best in Botswana (art | Mma Makutsi, Mma Ramotswe | worksafe)

Sailor Moon(/Sandman)
Erin Watches Sera Myu, (reviews & reactions)
Dark Ladies (art | Black Lady/Mistress 9 | worksafe, barely)
I am become Delight (art | Delight!Minako | worksafe)

Mika art: Anthro Mika Tests | Mika’s Anthro Form
The Adventures of SarcastiGirl and Zen Boy (old comic, worksafe)
Graduation sketchpile (sketches | Integra, Timothy, Yomiko, Nenene, Anita, l!”Stephen”, Super Sailor Moon, Luna | worksafe)
Renaissance Reseda (old art, worksafe)

Next Week in Shine:
Erin celebrates her birthday in true Integra-fangirl style.

This Week, 9/20-9/26

Fake News
State of Grace, chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter 4, chapter 5 (fic | “Stephen”/Jon, Charlene, ensemble, OCs | through NC-17)
FEAR vs SANITY + matching icons (comic | “Stephen”, Jon | G)

Fake News/Hellsing
The Eagle of Hermes – chapter 6 has kicked off!

Got A Light? (art | IntegraxAlucard | worksafe)
Got A Light? (original sketch which inspired the above)
Angel Dust Anderson (kao | Alex | worksafe)

Maria-sama ga Miteru/Hellsing/SNRPG
Lillian sketchpile (sketches | Yumi, Sei, Yumiko, Yumie, Kara Lynn, Jean | worksafe)

Mika art: Mika in Grey | Three Cheers For Mika
Faces of Reseda (sketches of Reseda, worksafe)
High School Selves (two self-portraits, worksafe)

Next Week in Shine:
Sir Penwood gets to be a guardian angel in training…to one Bertram Wooster.

This Week, 1/19-1/25

Fake News
Slow Me Down (fic | Jon/”Stephen”, Sam, Larry, John-O, Lewis, Kristen, others | PG-13)
Soft Cuddly Surfaces (comic | “Stephen”/Jon | PG)
All The King’s Horses, part 1, part 2 (fic | “Stephen”/Jon | R, warnings)

Fake News / Hellsing / Iono-Sama Fanatics / Pippi Longstocking / R.O.D / Star Trek
Seven-Character Obsession Meme (meme | Integra, Iono, Stephen, Nenene, Jon, Pippi, T’Poll | PG-13)

Vintage: Reseda (art | Alucard!Reseda | worksafe)
Marian, Maid (art | Marian Amethyst Raven Yumi Sappho Urania Elizabeth | worksafe)

Next Week in Shine:
Integra has a plan: go to see Ann – if she can.