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Monday Roundup 4/22 (Captain Marvel, She-Ra, Of Magic and Muses, and more)

But I’m A Cat Person
Pink and Feathery (wallpaper | Cybele | worksafe)
He’s Gone (sketch | María, the Donkey | worksafe)
We’re Still Here (sketch | María, the Donkey | worksafe)

Leif & Thorn
Pantheon of the North (AI ver.) (art | Northern deities | worksafe)

Captain Marvel/She-Ra
Captain Marvel Spoilers (comic | Adora, Catra | G)

Of Magic and Muses
Magic and Muses (art | Georgia, Willow | worksafe)

Figure drawings 3-26-2019 (life drawing, NSFW)
Multifandom sketchpile (sketches | Sam Bee, T’Pol/Archer, Makoto, Viktor/Yurio | NSFW-ish)

This Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
Sign language saves the rescue operation.

This Week in Leif & Thorn:
Holly gets an exciting reassignment.

How do you say “a linguistic linkdump” in Klingon?

Does the contours of your native language shape how you think? No in some ways, but definitely yes in others, including some very surprising ones.

As a sidebar, this amazing chart contrasts the meanings of over eighty colors across ten different cultures. For instance, black is the color of mourning in the West, but if you’re Chinese it’s white, Eastern European it’s yellow, and South American it’s purple. Purple also has connotations of insight in Japan, whereas the same is green in Hindu culture, and yellow in Native American. (Incidentally, red signifies passion just about everywhere.)

When translating involves more than two languages: dealing with the Greek and Latin in Negima!, and trying to keep it all consistent. Here’s a bit of straightforwardness about the process in general, and here’s a bit about the editor’s job, including the history of the industry.

An opera written and sung entirely in Klingon. And the reviews say the music and performances are actually good. What’s Klingon for “FTW”?

The importance of baby babbling, and how to encourage it.

Somebody went and uploaded the entirety of The Story of English on YouTube. It’s an Emmy-winning documentary from the ’80s, with enough breadth and depth that it doesn’t date itself in embarrassing ways – only in interesting ones. (Which is to say, it’s more “this is a snapshot of the world at the time” than “this is a laughably inaccurate declaration about how language will work in the far-off year 2000”.) Including glimpses of speculation for the future of computer communication, long before the Internet came into its own.

An extensive and wide-ranging compilation of various FANDOM STUFF OF YAY.

Kirk and Spock are the 23rd-century Jeeves & Wooster: a very convincing video essay, featuring lots of well-timed eyebrows.

Huffington Post goes around analyzing the slash potential in photos of politicians. Ranging from the sweet to the sultry.

If You Were Gay, fake news edition. The expressions are perfectly chosen, and hilarious.

Speaking of fake news, if ever anyone was a little short for a Stormtrooper….

Speaking of Star Wars, what if it were an Icelandic saga? In, just to make things as epic as possible, Old Norse (with English translations).

The Hellsing Essays, part 1: a semi-serious but unabashedly invested aria to the glorious over-the-topness that is Hellsing. Spoileriffic to the extreme, but full of so much love that I almost want to recommend it to non-fans anyway, as a way of luring you all into the series.

The follow-up essay is on character, slightly more structured and equally fascinating. Here there are more things I actually disagree with, but it’s generated enthusiastic debate in the comments, all of which is more than worth a read.

A carefully reasoned theory on how Rose Tyler makes a whole lot more sense as a lesbian in denial.

Another reasoned theory, this one by P. G. Wodehouse, on how Sherlock Holmes was rich and evil.

And, combining the two: evidently the new Sherlock series exists in the same universe as Doctor Who. One of Sarah Jane’s aunt’s books is on Holmes’ bookcase :D

The story of one of the ghostwriters behind the Hardy Boys: how much he secretly hated the books, and how bits of his innovation managed to slip through the torrent of drek anyway.

Some hot genderbending Toy Story cosplay. FTW.

This Week, 10/26-11/1

DC Comics
East of the Sun – The Triad (illustration | Cissie/Tim/Kon | worksafe)

Fake News
Disney Princess Eyes (art | happy!Stephen, a bluebird | ridiculously worksafe)
Needs Met, page 01, page 02 (comic | Jon/”Stephen”, Jon/liberal!”Stephen” | G, so far)
A Selection of Stephanies (art | Tawny Hunnibi, Stephanie, Liberal!Stephanie, Happy!Stephanie, Stefania | worksafe)
Needs Salt (art | baseball!Jon, vampire!”Stephen”, ghost!Bobby | worksafe)

Fake News/Hellsing
Vampire!Stephen sketchdump (sketches | Jon/”Stephen”, Alucard, Integra, Seras | worksafe)

Fake News/Politics/Star Trek
Dreaming of Q (illustration | Kal Penn, Peter Orszag, Biden, Obama, Rahm, Michelle, Jon, Stephen | worksafe)

Integra Declares It (art | Integra | worksafe)
Integra in Ribbon (art | Integra | NSFW)

The space of a year (monthtastic mix)

Next Week in Shine:
A certain cuddly catboy gets to do his big adorable reveal.

These Long, Long Weeks

Boston Legal
Making StridesBalcony Time

Fake (and real) News
Eyebrows (comic | Jon/”Stephen” | PG)
Tribbles (art | Jon, a tribble | worksafe)
Plushie Love (art | Rachel, plushie!Palin | worksafe)
Making StridesSoccer Jon (art | Jon | worksafe)

30 Alucards in Drag, 26-30 (art | Alucard, Girlycard, Icklecard | mildly NSFW)
Making StridesAxI – Bench (art | AlucardxIntegra | worksafe)
Making StridesNice Shirt (art | Alucard | mildly NSFW)

Making StridesDungeonmaster (art | Treguard | worksafe)

Red Dwarf
Making StridesRed Dwarf II (art | Sailor!Cat, Sailor!Kryten | worksafe)
Making StridesRed Dwarf 3 (art | cosplayers as Rimmer, Lister, and Wolf | worksafe)
Making StridesB-day Rimmer (art | Rimmer | worksafe)

Sailor Moon
HALATION (art | Sailor Moon | worksafe)

Star Trek
Making StridesLieutenant Commander (art | OC | worksafe)

War of the Worlds
Making StridesVery Straight (art | Blackwood/Ironhorse | worksafe)

My Flist Would Kill Me (a mix about fandomsecrets)
Making StridesLa Professeur (art | girl!Xuanwu | worksafe)

Next Week in Shine:
Guest strips continue, this time with a bunch of classy fannish ones.

This Week, 9/21-9/27

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Making StridesWhich Witch (art | Willow | worksafe)

Calvin and Hobbes
Making StridesHey, Susie (comic | Calvin, Hobbes, Susie | G)

Fake News
Five Versions Of The Limo Ride Home (fic | Jon/liberal!”Stephen”, Joan/”Stephanie”, Jon/r!Stephen (Sailor Jon version), Schmon Schmewart, Jon, “Stephen”, Jon/happy!”Stephen” | G through NC-17)
Lesbians, Explained (comic | Joan/”Stephanie” | R)

Making StridesMeow! (art | Seras | NSFW)

Red Dwarf/Sailor Moon
Making StridesSailor Red Dwarfers (art | sailor!Rimmer, sailor!Lister | worksafe)

Sailor Moon
Making StridesIn The Pink (art | Super Sailor Chibi-Moon | worksafe)

Star Trek
Making StridesAww, Data (art | Data, OC | worksafe)

Top Gear/Sailor Moon
Making StridesTop Sailors (art | sailor!Richard Hammond, sailor!Jeremy Clarkson, sailor!James May, sailor!The Stig | worksafe)

Making StridesAww, Ellen (art | Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi | worksafe)

Next Week in Shine:
All’s fair in love and war…

This Week, 5/24-5/31

Doctor Who/Fake News/Good Omens/Sailor Moon/Star Trek/United States of Tara
Fandom history meme (questions’n’answers)

Look Out! (wallpaper | ickle!Integra, Doggycard, Hakim and his girls, a Morlock, an elephant | worksafe)

Fake News
With The Stars In His Eye (ficlet | Jon/”Stephen”, audience | G)
Grey, And Oh So Large (ficlet | Jon/”Stephen”, an elephant | G)
Nice Red Uniforms (ficlet | Jon, “Stephen” | G)
Campaign Strategy (ficlet | Jon, “Stephen” | PG)
The Essentials (ficlet | Jon/”Stephen” | G)
Clear Blue Day (ficlet | Jon/”Stephen” | G)

Karaøke Night (ficmix | Jon/”Stephen”, Sam/Jason/Rob Riggle, John-O/Larry, Kristen/Demetri, Aasif, Wyatt, the Wørd | PG-13)
A Modest Proposition (fic | Jon, liberal!”Stephen” | PG-13)

Fake News/Death to Smoochy
The Rainbow Agenda (fic | Jon, “Stephen”, Sheldon | PG)

Hellsing/Princess Tutu
Sugarplums (wallpaper | ickle!Alucard, ickle!Integra, Princess Tutu | worksafe)

Next Week in Shine:
The guest strips (and guest videos, even!) march on.