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Advice from the Doctor, experiences of isolation and recovery, the CDC in the past vs. the present

The Doctor Who crew have been releasing some heartwarming bonus content for your quarantine entertainment. Thirteen weighs in: “Listen to doctors. They’ve got your back.” And the sequel, “I just WhatsApped a Cyberman.” And a newly-released short about Sarah Jane’s funeral brings together a bunch of DW/SJA actors filming their lines from home — including a reference to Tegan and Nyssa as “a couple”, and the reveal that Luke married his college roommate Sanjay. Good job, canon.

March 28: “Thorn’s 12-week isolation was not at home but in a London hospital in 1995, a different time and a different infectious disease — tuberculosis — but a situation similar to what many are just entering. He wants to describe his experiences now to help people in isolation and to offer practical and psychological advice gleaned from the hardest lessons of his life: how to cope when human connection is siphoned off.

March 31: “When we talked, I was still so confident that this response was gonna look like the 2009 [H1N1] pandemic response, which was a good response. Initially, it had some problems… but once they realized what was going on, they kicked into gear and everything went pretty well. One thing that’s super different is that the CDC in 2009 provided central leadership. They were proactively reaching out to state, regional, and local Health officials saying, ‘Here’s what you need to be doing. Here’s what this should look like.’ And people did it. I am scared and enraged because there’s no central authority here. I don’t understand what’s going on.”

April 8: “The institutions that have their shipments disrupted get no clear information what happened, on what legal authority it was done or whether they can expect to get any of the goods back or be made whole from a federal stockpile. […] Many of the hospital systems and executives insisted that the Times allow them to remain anonymous because they feared retaliation from the federal government.” So, hey, if you were wondering what new lows this administration could find to sink to: they’re stealing shipments of personal protective equipment that were purchased by US citizens.

April 9: “All right, but apart from the pandemic response team, the pandemic playbook, the CDC expert in China, and the transition training scenario literally involving a mock pandemic, what did Obama ever do to stop this?”

Asterix vs. Pandemix

April 11 (NYT): “Health care workers who have fallen ill and bounced back fill the hospital shifts of colleagues who are still at risk. Many who have overcome the infection, including some of America’s newly unemployed, donate blood to biotech companies and researchers seeking to manufacture treatments from their antibodies.”

April 11 (NYT): “The remaining employees at Greek Peak decided to transform one of their restaurants, Trax, into a takeout and delivery operation, using the hotel kitchen to cook. After seeing pictures of empty grocery store shelves, they pivoted their business strategy again, transforming the lobby space of the hotel into a grocery store with low-cost items for the community.” Businesses adapt, in good ways.

April 13 (Borowitz Report): “In order to better coördinate their efforts to combat the coronavirus, the nation’s governors are considering the extraordinary step of forming a country.

Summaries of the unproduced SJA episodes!

Details taken from the SJA companion magazine, found on Tumblr:

The one where Mr. Smith is put in a human body and flirts with Carla

The one that’s being partially repurposed into a Who episode, featuring Rani Doing Journalism

The one where Sarah Jane is part of (another) ancient prophecy, Jo Grant discovers it via Doing Archaeology, and Sky pulls a Tinkerbell Jesus

Miscellaneous other concepts that never got expanded for production

I really dislike what they were planning for Sky, and will be sticking with the fanon theories for that one. And really, poor Sarah Jane, how many ancient prophecies about her does one woman need? I’m torn about whether I like their idea of a Torchwood crossover, or whether I’m glad that scenario will be left to fic writers. On the plus side, the Mr. Smith thing could have been fun, another callback to Jo would have been awesome, and ACE. WE COULD HAVE HAD ACE.

What does everyone else think?

Contest needs entries; I offer chibis.

There’s a Sarah Jane Adventures art contest going on at sjaclub, and nobody is entering. Which makes me a sad panda, because SJA needs more love.

So here’s the deal. Anybody who draws something for the contest will get a free custom chibi from me. Can be anyone you like, from a Doctor Whoniverse character to an OC. Draw two entries, get two chibis. And so on.

Spread the word, and spread the love!

This Week, first of 2009

Doctor Whoniverse
Fixing A Hole (mix/art/fic | Sarah Jane/Maria, Luke, Clyde, Rani, K-9 | a bit of NSFW)
The Inner Light (art | Sarah Jane/Maria | NSFW like whoa)

Fake News/Hellsing
A bit of vampire Stephen (sketches | Jon/vampire!Stephen | worksafe?)
Zen Sigil (text art)

Fake News
Vintage: Toga Jon, The Accolade, Daily Show Cafeteria (art | Jon, Stephen, food | worksafe)
Vintage: Le Bel Homme Sans Merci (manip | Jon, chick!Stephen | worksafe)
Five Ways Stephen’s Wildest Fantasy (The One Where He And Jon Imbibe A Dangerous Amount Of Alcohol, Then Shag Until The Sun Comes Up) Didn’t Come True (fic | Jon/Stephen | R)

Evil Vampire Chicks (sketch | Rip, baobhan sith, “She”, Zorin, Nevada-tan | worksafe)

Hellbits (Hellsing/Chobits)
Plummy (sketch | Plum!Seras | worksafe)

RG Veda
Please Don’t Hate Me (art | Ashura | worksafe)

Next Week in Shine:
The Bird of Hermes is his name…

Website Updates!
Check out Correspondents Course for a comprehensive illustrated pocket guide to the TDS cast.

This Week, 12/7-12/14

The Body Electric (mix | Chii/Hideki | PG)

Doctor Whoniverse
Trophy Wife (art | Sarah JanexMaria | worksafe)

Fake News/Doctor Who
Jack Off Limits (fic | Jack, Stephen | R, warnings)
A Truthy TARDIS Crew’s Christmas, part one (fic/comic | Jon/Stephen, the Wørd, Sarah Jane/Maria, Luke | PG)

Good Omens
What The Duck Saw (art | AziraphalexCrowley, a duck | worksafe)

Strangers With Candy
Why Should I Care? part 2 (fic | Seamus/George, Clair | PG-13)

Victorian Romance Emma
Everybody Loves Emma (art | William/Emma, Hakim, Tasha, Hans | worksafe)

Next Week in Shine:
Alucard and young!Integra try to take a book from Aziraphale. Of course, he’s really a sweet guy who doesn’t want to fight. Crowley, on the other hand….

This Week, 10/13-10/19

Calvin and Hobbes/Pet Shop of Horrors
Calvin, Hobbes, and Chris Orcot (art | Calvin, anthro!Hobbes, Chris | worksafe)

Doctor Whoniverse (The Sarah Jane Adventures)
Sarah Jane and the kidlets (art | Sarah Jane, Clyde, Luke, Maria, K-9 | worksafe)

Fake News/Doctor Who
I’m Your Moon: Five, Six (fic | Stephen, young!Stephen, Four, classic!Sarah Jane, Ten, Jack | PG-13)

Fake News
Don’t Let This Go To Your Head (mix’n’art | Jon/Stephen | worksafe)
Tell Me I’m Cute Again (art| Stephen/Joe Scarborough | worksafe)
See The Little Unicorn There (fic | TDS!Stephen, Rob, Ed, Starbeam | PG-13)

Hellsing 2030 (art | Integra, Seras, Alucard, Heinkel, spoiler!characters | worksafe but spoileriffic)

Next Week in Shine:
Jeeves goes missing, just as our mysterious backstoryless pale lady gets cranky.