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LIL BUB meets Grumpy Cat August 31, 2013

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My online-meme-cat f/f OTP has finally met in person!

And there was much rejoicing. Well, rejoicing from everyone except Grumpy Cat. But that’s only to be expected.


Half of Viking warriors were female, and other stories of awesome women (plus an awesome first-grader to round things out) August 30, 2013

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The present:

First-grade girl becomes “the youngest individual to create a full version of a mobile application video game”.

Eighteen-year-old girl becomes ” the youngest person OF ALL TIME to ever qualify as a lawyer”.

And some more teenage scientist-inventors.

And the historical:

The editor was so goddamn wooed by her razor-sharp tongue that he RAN AN AD asking her to identify herself. Elizabeth owned up, and was hired instantaneously, her badassery radiating from her pores and intoxicating all within a twenty mile radius.” The awesomeness of Nellie Bly.

“Alice Guy (after her marriage known as Madame Blaché and after her divorce as Alice Guy-Blaché) went on to make one of the first narrative films ever made. […] She made one of the first films ever with a close-up, created synchronized sound films as early as 1902, was in good part responsible for the birth and growth of the Gaumont film studio in Paris, France, which she ran for almost a decade (1897-1907), and in 1910, she founded, built, and ran her own studio. […] She wrote, directed, or produced more than a 1,000 films over her 20-year-long career.

During World War II: “Wireless operators in France had a life expectancy of six weeks. Noor [Inayat Khan] was actively transmitting for over three times as long.

“So, the study looked at 14 Viking burials from the era, definable by the Norse grave goods found with them and isotopes found in their bones that reveal their birthplace. The bones were sorted for telltale osteological signs of which gender they belonged to, rather than assuming that burial with a sword or knife denoted a male burial. Overall, McLeod reports that six of the 14 burials were of women, seven were men, and one was indeterminable.

More writing about how, yes, women have always been on the front lines and in the political action and doing things, no matter how much later historians end up overlooking or forgetting them.

Tasty flags, ancient dice, forest chandeliers, and vintage footage August 1, 2013

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No serious articles this time around, just a bunch of neat things. In more or less reverse chronological order: modern, ’90s-nostalgia, vintage, and downright ancient.

FormsInNature1Eighteen national flags made from those nations’ food. Artistically impressive and mouthwatering.

A chandelier sculpted in such a way that the light casts the shadows of a forest on the wall.

50 Things That Look Just Like Your Childhood.” Some of them don’t click with me (orange tapes?), but the cereal prizes…KidPix…balancing birds! (I never even got one, but I remember them.) SmarterChild! Parachute day in gym (one of the few days that wasn’t boring) (same when we got to break out the scooters). And I never would’ve thought it was a widespread familiar thing, but my brother had that exact map rug.

Color footage of London taken in 1926. Lovely stuff. And it’s a few years earlier than the date historians previously accepted for the invention of color film.

Speaking of film firsts: Possibly the world’s oldest live-action porn film, “A Free Ride”, made circa 1915.

A description of the Presidential Inauguration in the year 2001…as described in the souvenir program from the McKinley inauguration in 1901. Reads like steampunk, except, well.

“The die is a little over an inch tall. The symbols carved into the die appear to be of Greek origin, in keeping with it coming from the Ptolemaic Period.” The world’s oldest d20.

On languages: Light Warlpiri, Volapuk, chatspeak, dialects of English, and possibly Voynich July 31, 2013

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“There are many dying languages in the world. But at least one has recently been born, created by children living in a remote village in northern Australia. Carmel O’Shannessy, a linguist at the University of Michigan, has been studying the young people’s speech for more than a decade and has concluded that they speak neither a dialect nor the mixture of languages called a creole, but a new language with unique grammatical rules. ”

The Voynich manuscript: possibly not gibberish after all? New analyses find patterns that would show up in encoded language, but be hard to fake at random.

Before there was Esperanto, there was Volapük: “a universal language created in the late 19th century by a German priest called Johann Schleyer.” Its heyday of popularity has long passed, but there is still enough interest to create a Volapük Wikipedia with 100K+ articles.

Mapped data from US-wide dialect surveys. As a nation we are united by shopping carts, but divided by fireflies.

“Goodbye” is a derivative of 14th-century chatspeak. (God be with ye = Godbwye = Goodbye)

“5 examples of how the languages we speak can affect the way we think.”

DOMA is down. Repeat, DOMA is down. June 26, 2013

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And good riddance to it!

A few more same-sex-marriage-y links, past and present, from upsetting to wonderful:

Because they did not have a state-recognized marriage, they were regarded as legal strangers despite even having set up the available legal protections for each other. Roger, in turn, was subjected not just to discrimination but police brutality and legal consequences.”

“Here’s a gem from the Jet Magazine archives: “Two women, Edna Knowles and Peaches Stevens, were wed in Liz’s Mark III Loung, a gay bar on Chicago’s South Side, before a host of friends and well-wishers.” The article, titled “Two Female ‘Married” In Chicago — To Each Other” appeared in a 1970 issue of Jet, a popular black magazine based in Chicago.”

“The story spread like an urban myth: You’re never going to believe what my friend’s cousin’s co-worker found in the subway.” (A story that ends with a judge, two men, and a baby.)

Same-sex marriage hits France! Also, stateside, Minnesota!

Aaron Fricke wanted to take his friend Paul Guilbert to Rhode Island’s Cumberland High School prom in 1980. The principal would not allow it.” (FTR, by “friend” they mean “boyfriend”. Spoiler alert: the judge ruled in the boys’ favor.)

Science!: a nature & outer space roundup May 23, 2013

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Human beings have mostly-invisible stripes. You can see them with certain skin conditions, or with chimeras; current theory says they’re based on the way cells grow during with embryo development.

A bunch of creepy-looking new species (and mutations), including a Yoda-faced bat, a one-eyed shark, and a NSFW snake.

Eighty-thousand-year-old grove of trees! That is, it’s a single connected root system, with a ton of apparently-separate trees growing out of it.

“Astronomers said Thursday that they had found the most Earth-like worlds yet known in the outer cosmos, a pair of planets that appear capable of supporting life and that orbit a star 1,200 light-years from here, in the northern constellation Lyra.

Researchers in the United Kingdom have found algae-like fossils in meteorite fragments that landed in Sri Lanka last year.” It’s still not a certainty that the fossils are biological in nature…but they sure do look like it.

“NASA astronomers announced Thursday they can now predict with certainty the next major cosmic event to affect our galaxy, sun, and solar system: the titanic collision of our Milky Way galaxy with the neighboring Andromeda galaxy.” With pictures. Amazing pictures.

Some reality checks re: women. March 16, 2013

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“‘Anybody saying these mannequins encourage obesity or look unhealthy, you have a seriously warped perception of what is healthy. I guarantee the “bigger” mannequin in the front there represents a perfect BMI’ wrote another.”

“In the university’s physics course, men typically do better than women but Miyake’s study shows that this has nothing to do with innate ability. With nothing but his fifteen-minute exercise, performed twice at the beginning of the year, he virtually abolished the gender divide and allowed the female physicists to challenge their male peers.

“When researchers have studied the [supposed explanation for the gender wage gap] ambition gap, they’ve discovered something peculiar: It’s not there. Women do ask for more. They just aren’t rewarded for it.

“What’s scarier is that New Yorkers are encouraged to report dangerous situations, but when we did, somebody who could have helped did nothing and treated us like silly little girls. Silly little girls who brought it on ourselves.

“… applications involving a wide variety of income levels and lending amounts that have a woman listed as the primary borrower and a man listed as co-borrower were 24 percent less likely to have a loan approved compared to applications that listed the man first.

This one is my favorite: “Six months later, Deputy Chief Doug LePard says the Don’t Be That Guy campaign has contributed to a turnaround in statistics on sexual offences in Vancouver. The rate dropped in 2011 by about 10 per cent, the first time in several years it had gone down.

But this one came close: “Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno, hosts of the Dutch TV show Guinea Pigs, put their testes where their uteruses ain’t. With electrodes strapped to their stomachs, they experienced simulated contractions with slowly increasing intensity over two hours until they’re screaming in agony.” With video!

Translated MadoHomu doujin October 22, 2011

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Found a text translation by superlink@tumblr of this doujinshi by MURA@pixiv, so I went and did a quick typesetting job. Homura/Madokami, magical fempreg.

Full download

sample page

Grover is the monster at the end of this meme. October 11, 2010

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YOU GUYS August 7, 2010

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