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Erin Watches: Star Trek Enterprise, season 2 April 2, 2017

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Second verse, same as the first! Which means lots of good episodes, some fun aliens and wibbly space things, a running theme of the writers being extremely straight dudes, T’Pol being consistently amazing, and the T’Pol-Archer friendship getting ever stronger via the magic of good writing and character development.

The first episode concludes with Archer showing up in T’Pol’s quarters, to thank her for defending them to the Vulcan High Command. They’re BOTH in pajamas. Not even in a sexual-tension way, just a “we have such a level of mutual comfort and respect that we can have a chat in our jammies without any self-consicousness about our professional relationship” way.



Erin Rewatches: Star Trek: Enterprise (season 1) March 22, 2017

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I’m rewatching Enterprise for the first time since its original run. Have some liveblogged reactions.

T’Pol was my first One True Character — followed very shortly by Integra Hellsing, who I discovered about a year later — and T’Pol/Archer may have been the first ship I had serious Feelings about. (There are other pairings, like Dorothy/Ozma or anything in Sailor Moon, where I was already familiar with the characters by then, but didn’t start actively shipping them until later.) So this is a pretty big milestone in Personal Fandom History.

(Content note: talks about the canon mindrape, and other sexual skeeviness.)


This Week in Erin, 2/4-2/10 February 10, 2008

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Fake News
State of Grace chapter 25 (fic, R), chapter 26 (PG-13)

Navarre/FUNimation is in preliminary talks to acquire some Geneon titles. Remember that when Genon’s US distribution branch shut down last year, Hellsing was one of the titles that got dropped. Could it be one of the titles picked up?

(Remember, the dubbing team is staying the same. Whatever you think of FUNimation, they would only be distributing the series, not producing it.)

Star Trek
Award! My very first fanvid, the Enterprise-based Fall Into Me, won Third Place in both the Judge’s and People’s Choice Categories at the 2008 Seventh Fleet Film Festival!

A City With No Pigeons (art, G) – Maggie, a cityscape, a pigeon, a book.

Don’t You Do It, Boy (comic, G) – part of the Conan fight, as seen in the Pretty Anchor Sailor Jon manga. Good times.

This Week in Shine:
Despite being from a the only series in this crossover whose teenagers do not routinely have super powers and/or extensive combat training, Satou Sei steps in front of a gun for her soeur.