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Webcomic fandoms you can offer/request in the Yuletide 2022 exchange

Yuletide, the annual small-fandoms fanfiction exchange, is open for sign-ups again!

I collected all the webcomic fandoms in the tag set (plus all the characters you can request for each one), and added links to where you can read them online. Fandom tags are in the order/format AO3 puts them, which is why they’re not totally consistent.

Tried to flag everything that was (a) NSFW and/or (b) at least partly paywalled. If I missed any examples of that, please let me know!

If you feel like getting involved, Yuletide sign-up instructions are here.

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Multifandom works roundup, 8/1 (Alice and the Nightmare, Moon Knight, MCU)

Leif & Thorn
Balsam Legal (art | Acorn, Petal, Sepal, Balsam, Cress | worksafe)
Best part of waking up (art | Leif/Thorn | worksafe)

Alice and the Nightmare
Alice and the Looking Glass (art | Alice, mirror!Alice | worksafe)

Moon Knight/Marvel Cinematic Universe
Cover of Knight, chapters 7-9- (fic | Steven, Marc, Jake, Kamala, Pepper, Katy, Shang-Chi, Wong | T)
Moon Knight studies 10 – Drops of Moonlight (art | Moon Knight | worksafe)
Moon Knight studies 11 – Amazing (art | Moon Knight | worksafe)
Same Body (comic | Steven, Layla | G)
and the evening and the morning, chapters 1-5 (fic | Steven, Layla/Marc, pre-poly | G)
keep this puppy safe (comic | Steven, Marc, Jake | G)
Unless…? (comic | Steven, Marc, Jake | G)
moon-silvered, lunatic, cratered chapter 1 (fic | Steven/Marc/Jake, background Steven/Marc/Layla | T)

This Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
Annotated version of Bianca making an appeal to Miranda (still long before Miranda wants to find anything appealing).

This Week in Leif & Thorn:
New storyline! In this time loop, the Woman in Black finally gets Kale to the Embassy — will that work out as neatly as she hoped?

Multifandom works roundup, 6/27 (Moon Knight, Madoka Magica, Skin Horse)

Madoka Magica
Oracle Magica (art | Oriko | worksafe)

Moon Knight
Chaos In You (and you, and you, and…) chapter 9 + post-credits scene (fic | Steven, Marc, Layla, ensemble, daemons! | T)
Unavoidable MK Daemon Spoilers Go! (art | Marc, Layla, Steven, Jake, daemons | worksafe)
Let’s Get Out Of Here (art | Marc, Steven | worksafe)
We Came Back For You (art | Marc, Steven, Jake | worksafe)
To The Moon (fic | Marc, Steven, Khonshu | worksafe)
Moon Knight studies 7 – Full Phase (art | Moon Knight | worksafe)
Moon Knight studies 8 – Suffer suffer (art | Moon Knight | worksafe)

Skin Horse
Princess of Lovetron (art | Tigerlily Jones | worksafe)

This Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
Just completely wrapped up the annotations for Volume 1 of the BICP Master’s Edition! A year and a half of updates; 1/3 of the pages covered.

This Week in Leif & Thorn:
The Woman in Black tests her newfound “what is important to Dex right now” knowledge.

Multifandom works roundup, 2/8 (Sailor Moon, Madoka, Boyfriends, Lovespells, etc)

Leif & Thorn
A little garden music (sketch | Leif | worksafe)
Splashy Magical Kiki (art | Kiki | worksafe)
Starry Fluff (wallpaper | Tiernan | worksafe)
Hosts of HAMMERED! (art | Ash, Zinnia | worksafe)
Walking In The Air (art | Gørsimi | worksafe)

Sweet Boyfriends (art | Prep/Jock/Goth/Nerd | worksafe)

totally oblivious (art | Maria/Esther | worksafe)

Sailor Moon(/Madoka Magica)
Black Moon Queen (art | Nehellenia, Saphir, Dimande | worksafe)
No One Has Suffered What I Have (comic | Hotaru, Homura | G)

“In the coming weeks” (art | Kickstarter management | worksafe)

This Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
Just wrapped the annotated version of Chapter 9! Jany has met the main crew. The first impressions aren’t going well.
This Week in Leif & Thorn:
Archie processes the totally-unexpected revelation that Rowan is, in fact, into him.