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Monday Works Roundup, 6/18 June 18, 2018

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But I’m A Cat Person
You Belong At Pride (comic | ensemble | G)

Leif & Thorn
Rainbow Ensemble (wallpaper | Rowan, Kale, Ivy, Juniper, Del, Thorn, Leif, Violet | worksafe)
Centaur Thorn (art | Leif/Thorn | worksafe)
29 Panels That Always Work (comic how-to | ensemble | G)
Modern AU pride chibis (comic | Leif/Thorn, Ivy, Del, WiB, Geirölul, SigrĂșn | G)

Revolutionary Girl Utena/Witch Hunter Robin
The Witch and the Hunter (art | Anthy, Robin | worksafe)

Sailor Moon
Goddess of Love is Love (art | Minako | worksafe)

Star Wars
May The Frose Be With You (sketch | Finn/Rose | worksafe)

Steven Universe
Catswap AU (art | Lion, Steven, Jasper | worksafe)
I think you’re so good, and I’m nothing like you (art | Pink/Pearl | worksafe)

Webcomic Woes – Wonderful, if you insist (comic, G)

This Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
Messages of love, pride, and solidarity.

This Week in Leif & Thorn:
Can Leachtric have her big dramatic moment before the staff finally agree to evacuate the theater?


Anime stuff giveaway…and some things for sale. (Sailor Moon, Hellsing, Peach Girl, Witch Hunter Robin) May 21, 2018

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One more round of pre-move giveaways!

Plus some DVDs and manga volumes that aren’t free, but it’s easier to share them here than set up eBay listings.

Unless otherwise stated, first person to claim a thing will get it. People who ask for a specific item will get priority over people who say “send me everything.” For the free stuff, all you have to do is pay the cost of shipping.

If I tell you you’ve claimed a thing, but you don’t send me a shipping address within 2 days, I’ll move on to the next claimant. Any items not spoken for by May 28 are getting donated.

Hellsing Merchandise – Free

Alexander Anderson 8″ figure (poseable, comes with extra hands)
Walter Dornez 4″ figure
Jan Valentine 4″ figure
Calendar, 2006
Set of 2 pins (manga Bondagecard, anime Seras)

Sailor Moon Merchandise – Free

Patterned sheet set (the fitted sheet is ripped and the fabric is awfully pilled, but you could definitely repurpose it for crafts)
Set of 2 pins (new in packaging)
Handmade f/f pins (Ami/Mako, Rei/Mina, Hotaru/Chibiusa)
Calendar, 2003
Chibiusa poster (same art as this manga volume)
Set of 5 inner senshi trading(?) cards
Miscellaneous packing material

Other Merchandise – Free

Victorian Romance Emma – harem-girl figure
Mahou Shoujo Creamy Mami – 30th anniversary poster

How to Draw Manga Books – Free

Someone claimed these when I first listed them…but never sent me an address. So I’m offering them one more time. From the (translated) Japanese series, with lots of good tips and reference poses.

Getting Started
Illustrating Battles
Colorful Costumes
Bishoujo Around The World
Dressing Your Characters in Casual Wear

From there, onward to the sales part…

Witch Hunter Robin DVDs for sale

Volumes: Arrival (1), Inquisition (3), Fugitive (4), Determination (5), and Vengeance (6).

That’s everything except volume 2, which is filler-y enough that I owned the series for years without realizing I was missing anything. Take them all for $25, including shipping.

Peach Girl Manga for sale

Peach Girl volumes 1-8 (the non-flipped reprint, in two decorative cases), Peach Girl: Change of Heart volumes 1-10, and Peach Girl: Sae’s Story volumes 1-3.

That’s the entire series, nothing missing. I’ll send you the lot for $60, including shipping.

Sailor Moon DVDs for sale

So, ah, these are worth…a lot. Everything else in the post is first-come first-serve, but on these I’m open to bids. If you’re interested, please comment on this post (don’t email or PM, I want to keep the details all in one place) with what you’re prepared to pay.

The linked eBay listings aren’t mine, they’re just a reference for the specific edition I’m offering, and the price it’s going for elsewhere.

Sailor Moon S (“Heart Collection”, volumes 1-5 of this edition)

Sailor Moon 3-movie boxset (“The Dream Set”, uncut special edition)

Sailor Moon SuperS boxset (“Pegasus Collection”, thin-packing boxset edition)

Monday Works Roundup, 1/8/2018 January 8, 2018

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But I’m A Cat Person
Winter Nights (art | Miranda, Jany, Bianca | worksafe)
Graveyard Stars (art | Miranda, Sparrow, Bianca, Patrick, Poe | worksafe)
Silhouetted Singers (art | Camellia, Bianca, Patrick | worksafe)

Leif & Thorn
All Downhill From Here (fiction | Leif/Thorn, vampires | worksafe)
Oh, Bats (art | Leif, a harmless swarm of innocent bats | worksafe)
Window Seat (wallpaper | Leif/Thorn | worksafe)

Gravity Falls
Starry Pines (art | Mabel/Dipper | worksafe)

Fishy Boyfriend (sketch | Cronus/Mituna | worksafe)

Read or Die/Witch Hunter Robin/Little Orphan Annie/etc
The Allies (art | Yomiko, Nenene, Joker, Paper Sisters, Robin, Michael, Amon, Annie, Mickey, Kim | worksafe)

Sailor Moon
To Unite All Peoples (art | Usagi, Chibiusa, Luna | worksafe)

Wizard of Oz
The Nationwide Network of Oz (fic! | Dorothy/Ozma, Scarecrow/Scraps, ensemble | T)

Xmas Chibi (chibi commission, worksafe)
Chibi Ridley (reward, worksafe)

This Week in Leif & Thorn:
Leif debates doing some possibly-seditious Googling.

These Weeks, through 2/20 February 20, 2011

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Fake News
You Might Say She’s A LOLivia (art | Olivia, a cat | worksafe)

Bubbles (art | young Integra, Puppycard | worksafe)
This Is Not A Valentine (art | Integra/Alucard | worksafe)
I Will Be The Flame (sketch | Integra | mildly NSFW)

The Eagle of Hermes
In Care Of Thee, a new side story, has begun.
Girlycolbert (art | “Stephen” | worksafe)

Pet Shop of Horrors
Little Brother Orcot (art | Leon, Chris, Q-chan, Honlon | worksafe)

Carmen Sandiego/Where’s Waldo
My Favorite Place Is Me And You (mix | Carmen/Waldo | G)

But I’m A Cat Person – Characters (art | Sparrow, Spot, Peter, Bianca | worksafe)
Wasteland sketchpile (miscellaneous sketches, worksafe)

Next Week in Shine:
Witch Hunter Robin is running around in Rome, we learn how things went down between Walter and Jeeves.

This Week, 7/13-7/19 July 20, 2009

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Fairy Tales
The Princesses / Washing / Chess Lesson (art | Snow White, Briar Rose | worksafe, some blood)

Fake News
Red Sweater Boy (art | George, Stephen | worksafe)
Your Last First Kiss (mix | teenage AU Jon/”Stephen” | worksafe)

Hellsing/R.O.D/Witch Hunter Robin
Crispin Freemanpuffs (art | puff!Alucard, puff!Puppycard, puff!Joker, puff!Amon | worksafe)

Where’s Waldo
Waldo gets some style (art | Waldo | worksafe)

Long White Cloud (New Zealand mix)

Next Week in Shine:
If you’ve read the Hellsing manga, you know where this is going: a floating fortress, a dramatic entrance, and a master plan.

Website Updates
New bonus wallpaper on the voting page.

This Week, 3/23-3/29 March 30, 2009

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Fake News/Strangers With Candy
Why Should I Care?, part 7 (fic | Seamus/George, Jon/Stephen | PG)

Fake News
The WØRD: Move On, Finally, Jon Stewartized, Simple (illustrated ficlets | Stephen, the bullet | PG)
The Many Faces of Colbert (art | Stevie, Stephen, Stephen, Stephen, Tek Jansen, Raven, Stephen, Stephen, Stephen Jr., Stephen, Esteban, Stephen, Stephen, the God Machine | worksafe)

Hellsing/R.O.D/Witch Hunter Robin/Madeline/Little Orphan Annie
The World According To Shine (art | Integra, Enrico, Major, Joker, Little Orphan Annie, Madeline, Robin Sena, ??? | worksafe)

Next Week in Shine:
Guns, guns, and more guns, plus the obligatory “size of that thing” jokes.

Website Updates
More You Know You Like Hellsing Too Much When…

This Week, 7/28-8/3 August 2, 2008

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Its fancy code isn’t working on WordPress, but the 10-fast-fingers Speedtest clocked me in at 111 words per minute.

Fake News (and real)
Red Versus Blue (mix, PG-13)
The Search For Elle Woods (comic, G)

In The Beginning (fic, PG-13, for HeinkelxYumie/ko claim)
Servants of the Empire (art, PG, ditto)

Witch Hunter Robin
The big rewatch starts next Friday!

Next Week in Shine:
Erin gears up for Otakon. Oh, and there are comics, too.

This Week, 7/21-7/27 July 27, 2008

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Coming this September to ComixTalk: the cover (i.e., the site’s header image) will be drawn by yours truly!

Fake News
Sketches & mix covers (art, through PG-13)

Strangers With Candy
Five Times Seamus Noblet Spent With His Father (fic, PG-13)

Witch Hunter Robin
A group of fans are getting together to watch and discuss the WHR series, episode by episode. Check it out!

Next Week in Shine:
Shirtless catboy vampire battle. YOU HEARD ME.

Featured on The Scienteers: the CCP, including some of my art!

This Week in Erin, 4/7-4/13 April 13, 2008

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Fake News
A Tiny Version of Himself (fic, PG)
West 54th Street Story (mix)

Fixed links on the sheet music page.
New addition to the Logos Naki World lyrics collection.
Download OVA III and IV extra music, one and two.

The Lord of the Reports: The Fellowship of the Tie, chapter 16: Red, White, and Doomed (fic, fake news/The Lord of the Rings, PG-13)
Meganekkos in Heat (art, Hellsing/Witch Hunter Robin/Read or Die, worksafe)

Next Week in Shine:
After Yumie is knocked out by a Utena-driven Timothy, Yumiko wakes up in the infirmary and has to explain things to her grande soeur.

This Week in Erin, 3/24-3/30 March 30, 2008

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There’s an interview with Kaoru Mori (in English) in the spring 2008 catalog from Right Stuf.

The Hellsing Ultimate OVA soundtrack, BLACK DOG, is available here.

Stii and Dark Stii – from Colbits, the Chobits/fake news mix. Contains ribbons, laces, fishnets, and Chobits spoilers.

Next Week in Shine:
As a nearly-helpless Robin squares off against Yumie, with Timothy fretting on the sidelines, Anthy drops in and turns the creep factor up to eleven.