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All the miscellaneous links I’ve been hoarding up through the midterms November 7, 2018

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Trying to actually clear out my to-post pile — from political, technical, and fannish links alike.


“Am I really just lazy?: A helpful key to why you are not doing that thing you know you are supposed to be doing.

Many of us are taught to make sure our sites can be used via keyboard. Why is that, and what is it like in practice? Chris Ashton did an experiment to find out.” Great article, prompted me to review my own sites and make some updates.

“At the end of June, through Comic Tea Party, I surveyed webcomic/indie comic readers and gathered data on their reading habits. This included questions about reading frequency and how they interacted with the comics they read. The survey received 188 responses, and today I would like to go through the data and share what we have learned.”


The YouTubers taking this challenge are very young, and they are making fetish content for adults. They just don’t know it.” Creepy. (Article from 2016.)

Bowles knew the sedative was “dripping into her veins” and that at any second she would cede control to a surgeon who had just revealed his intention to do something she’d explicitly asked him not to do. She felt panicked, but her body was unable to move. She recalls saying no twice, repeating that she wanted to be flat.”

Many parents and their kids are becoming more and more immersed in the fandoms surrounding their favorite shows, movies, and books. The below article by guest contributor Sean Z. is an in-depth look at the recent history of fandom and some of the pitfalls we should all be aware of and be discussing with our kids.


The intersex community is counting on doctors to improve the treatment conditions our community has inherited. We dream of a world in which diverse sex traits are once again seen as natural variations, as they are in some cultures — not problems to be fixed. It can be intimidating to be called upon to rebuild a paradigm. But at least there’s a step-by-step guide.”

So, hey, it seems like George Takei is cool. (And literally did get targeted by Russia-based propaganda networks.)


If Le Guin’s hand-drawn map of the icebound planet Gethen is somewhat obscure, it’s perhaps because it seems to pop up for the first time only in the endpapers of The Hainish Novels & Stories. Published in 2017, the year before the author’s death.”

“The Dutch firm Ecory was commissioned to research the impact of piracy for several months, eventually submitting a 304-page report to the EU in May 2015. […] illegal downloads and streams can actually boost legal sales of games, according to the report. The only negative link the report found was with major blockbuster films.” (So guess what was the only part of the report that got released?)

“Not since the angel Gabriel visited Muhammad in a cave around 610 AD, informing him that he is God’s prophet, has there been a new globally influential religion with hundreds of millions of followers. Though the world’s religions are very dynamic, and major faiths continue to shift and evolve in ritual and doctrine, the world today is dominated by the same four faiths that dominated the globe a millennium ago: Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. According to a 2012 Pew study, 92 percent of religiously affiliated people around the globe belong to one of these four faiths.” An investigation on some of the cults and mini-religions growing today, and why it’s been so long since one of them made it big.


PSA for vidders October 3, 2010

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This has been lurking on my desktop for far too long. It’s high time I actually posted it ._.

As described in this article from a while back, if you post fanvids on YouTube, sometimes they will get the audio disabled due to “copyright violation.” Thing is, copyright law includes provisions for transformative works, not to mention parody.

Here’s what you can do:

Go to your videos; find the one(s) whose audio is blocked due to a copyright claim; click “Dispute this claim.”

In the menu of options that follows, choose “This video uses copyrighted material in a manner that does not require approval of the copyright holder. It is a fair use under copyright law.”

In the box that lets you add specific information, here’s what I wrote:

This video uses copyrighted material for transformative and parodic purposes. The legality of using such material in transformative works has been upheld in cases such as Blanch v. Koons, 467 F.3d 244, 252-53 (2d Cir. 2007). Parody has been legal under American law since Hustler Magazine, Inc. v. Falwell, 485 U.S. 46, 108 S. Ct. 816, 99 L. Ed. 2d 41 (1988).

I’ve done this for a couple of vids, and YouTube has restored them all, no problem.

(In the spirit of not being smothered by copyright, I’m declaring this post in the public domain. Feel free to copy part or all of the text for anyone you think might be able to use it, no attribution necessary.)

Bringing some :) to your morning. March 17, 2010

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The latest updates from Barack Obama’s Facebook news feed.

Doctor In Distress: a song put together by a bunch of B-list celebrities to protest the Doctor Who hiatus in the ’80s. Almost painfully eightiestastic.

Latest Sarah Palin Speech Opens Sixth Seal. And lo, there was then a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair; and the moon became as blood; and “gosh” was spoken repeatedly.

An attendee of a Christian conference gives her perspective on the other event sharing their hotel – Katsucon. Witness her explanation of “Clamp mangas (comics drawn by all female illustrators)” and adult manga, “rated H (known as HENTEI)”.

The Victorian version of Craigslist: vintage personal ads.

Tidings of comfort and joy December 21, 2009

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Why so many of the most popular Christmas songs were written by Jews. (What, no shoutout to the entire A Colbert Christmas soundtrack?)

A quest to collect one million (handmade) giraffes. See, this is what the Internet was created for.

Fandom snowflakes! I don’t even know half these fandoms, and still I can tell you that these are awesome.

In Memory of Soldier A, an ode to the brave and heroic extras who lay their lives down for anime combat scenes.

Hellsing OVA VII trailer! December 19, 2009

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Spoilers for volume 7 – in fact, this trailer pretty much hits all the highlights. Ickle!Pip being cute; Zorin being monstrous; Pip being heroic; Seras…okay, I don’t remember Seras glowing neon purple in the manga. (But I think I would like to see more of it.)

And beyond the beyond, go August 28, 2009

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Marvelous, marvelous song. Have I recommended The Guild to y’all yet? It’s a webseries about a group of MMOers, and it’s hysterical (and so very, very true).

Another fun video: That’s Gay – Commercials, tracking the undercover queer-friendly messages in some commercials. Subtle HRC logo on a guy’s shirt FTW.

Newport wants to save one of the UK’s last remaining police boxes. (Love the Fourth Doctor-style scarf painted on it.)

Political satire went more mainstream than ever during the Bush years, but comedians are still having a hard time with Obama.

Sustainable city in Sweden disposes of its garbage via pneumatic tube. I can feel John Hodgman’s approval from here.

A website for Third Culture Kids – people who grew up between worlds. Full of interesting, if often heartbreaking, stories. (Thanks to Xuanwu for sending me the link.)

Teeming along the road that is north to the future July 28, 2009

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This is not your mother’s periodic table. (…It’s funny if your mother is a chemistry teacher.) Look closely for elements like “podium”, “goofinium”, and “jazz.”

Ever read On Beyond Zebra? Dr. Seuss’ letters have their own Unicode extensions. My inner typeface geek (okay, it isn’t that far in) is flailing.

Speaking of geekery: a handy guide for getting into P. G. Wodehouse. Jeeves and all.

Opening titles to a vintage Krazy Kat cartoon. In fact, it turns out there’s a good mattering of Krazy on YouTube, including several animations by Herriman himself. Hand-drawn. In 1916.

Media personalities as Harry Potter characters. Jon and Stephen are Fred and George, and more. (I lol’d at Malcom Gladwell as Professor Trelawney.)

Speaking of the news, Sarah Palin’s farewell speech explained: it’s slam poetry! Masterfully performed here by William Shatner.

Via StrangeMaps: All 50 states, arranged into a heart.

Iscariot@work and other stories May 5, 2009

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Psychoanalysis meets Zen – an odd combination, because they would seem to cancel each other out. (Find your true self, or get rid of it?)

YouTube isn’t all : it can help you deliver a baby.

The Chinese language really did not evolve for the digital age, and modernization brings its own problems.

9 Awesome Places To Have Sex (And The Horrific Consequences). (Stephen would approve this article.)

A trans woman talks about her family. Read this one. It’s ridiculously inspiring.

The Vatican puts pressure on the filming of the Angels & Demons movie “through back channels.” Iscariot at work?

Horrible anti-Day-of-Silence type anti-gay ads on LJ. Guess who’s moving to Dreamwidth?

3 more pages down, theoretically 11 to go December 4, 2008

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I don’t believe in God, but I miss him.” Well. I may have to get this book now. (First on my list is still Lewis Black’s Me of Little Faith, though.)

Long-Standing Conflict Ends As Israel Returns Lawn Mower To Palestine.

The first appearance of Santa on film – from 110 years ago. How much do I love YouTube right now?

Hellsing live-action movie! April 3, 2008

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This isn’t a movie trailer; it’s a spec trailer, put together as part of the pitch for a movie. But apparently the pitch went through. And it was posted two days late to be an April Fool’s joke.

It could still fall through in many, many areas. On the other hand, it could be awesome.

EDIT: Since people are still coming to this post more than a year later, I should probably quell the rumors here.

This video was a concept trailer posted by a small local company that mostly did music videos, using a model they found on Craigslist. Since then, the company has either changed names or folded. Meanwhile, Kouta Hirano, who would have to give the okay for a live-action movie to be produced, has specifically said he wouldn’t authorize it.

So there’s no movie in the works, and probably never will be. The trailer is still fun to watch, though.