Multifandom fic recs (Hellsing, Thursday Next, Labyrinth, Harry Potter, Murderbot)

  • Labyrinth | Jareth, Sarah, Worms | T | Formal Separates #2
    It was worth a shot. Maybe one of the instrument cases had a hidden panel. She ran to the nearest wall and started pressing various parts, frantically scrabbling at the paneling. Nothing. She turned to the next wall and though better of it. Well, we can rule out that one over there; there’s only hallway behind it……of course!
  • Labyrinth (1986) | Jareth/Sarah | T | Fading
    There is a forfeit to be paid when you offer yourself to another. He is paying that forfeit now: a slow decay into nothing, a rest he’s at first so ready for. She doesn’t need him to fade the way she used, and when he sees her again after so long, he doesn’t particularly want to. But villains, he knows, aren’t here to get what they want. Villains are here to die.
  • The Murderbot Diaries | Murderbot, ART, OCs | T | about what
    redacted note: The SecUnit and Archambeau are still unaccounted for. I don’t think they ever will be, so let’s preemptively put this report in the folder of useless reports.
    trope:outsider.pov,series:murderbot diaries,fic:one-shot,genfic,kink:identity porn
  • The Murderbot Diaries | Murderbot, ART, Mensah, PresAux | T | Stupid Unreliable Magic
    Murderbot has never had a soulbond, (~can~ never have a soulbond. The feature that prevents it is not so easily hacked as a Governor Module.) and it really wishes everyone would stop talking about them, because it doesn’t want them and it’s not interested at all, thankyouverymuch.
    pairing:art_murderbot,series:murderbot diaries,pairing:mensah_murderbot,kink:soulbond,fic:one-shot
  • The Murderbot Diaries | Murderbot, Mensah, Gurathin | T | Neurofeedback
    “Constructs have coding so deep and fundamental, that I think it must be similar to what humans call instinct. And the company had gone in that deep when fucking me over, just to be thorough. I’ve spent months trying to unfuck my brain, in between everything else, and I’m beginning to think it’s just not possible.”
    genfic,series:murderbot diaries,fic:one-shot,trope:hurt-comfort,trope:trauma

Multifandom fic recs (Enterprise, Madoka Magica, Jeeves & Wooster, Discworld, original)

  • Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika | Homura/Madoka | G | A Red Umbrella
    Homura has been looping time for the past year, and she’s exhausted. She’s so exhausted she hasn’t even noticed that Madoka is in love with her and being really obvious about it.
    series:puella magi madoka magica,fic:chaptered,pairing:homura_madoka,yuri,trope:timetravel
  • Monstrous Regiment | Maladict/Polly | T | The Yunk and the Restless
    Polly spends the night in a nest of vampires. It involves questionable accents, even more questionable nightclothes, and a certain amount of confusion over quite how she ended up classified as Maladicta’s ‘yunk lady’.
  • original | T | Unknown Number
    – Ok you’re saying that you’re me
    – From another timeline
    – contacting me by fucking TEXT MESSAGE

Multifandom fic recs (Locked Tomb, Jeeves & Wooster, Murderbot)

  • The Locked Tomb Trilogy | Gideon/Harrow, ensemble | T | If you’re doing it right you’ll break their ribs
    But it wasn’t a Ninth House thing, except inasmuch as it was happening to the only two representatives of the noble and decrepit Ninth House on this quite literally godforsaken rock. Gideon knew Harrow had gone somewhere dangerous—knew that Harrow was back in the lab where they had only just completed a horrible trial—because she could see it, clear as day: an awful overlay on her vision of that terrible dangerous room and a pair of terrible dangerous hands drawing some kind of ward next to the plinth.
    kink:soulbond,fic:one-shot,series:locked tomb,pairing:gideon_harrow,yuri
  • The Locked Tomb Trilogy | Gideon/Harrow, Isaac, Jeannemary, Abigail | T | Cartographies of Empty Space
    I also loved the conceit in Harrow the Ninth with the different AUs, and I definitely loved your letter asking for fic that goes all out on those AUs. I ended up going for four different scenarios, as well as throwing in various memes and trends from over the past decade or so (bath bombs, the rise in true crime podcasts, Eurovision with a side of kpop fancams, etc, ancient Egyptian coffins with weird unidentified liquid in them, iconic yelp reviews, etc etc.)
    fic:five times,series:locked tomb,pairing:gideon_harrow,yuri,trope:hurt-comfort,trope:eurovision
  • The Locked Tomb Trilogy | Gideon/Harrow, ensemble | T | How it didn’t happen
    “The Daughter of the Ninth House was blessed in this manner from her birth, as a symbol of her strength and power over the mysteries of necromancy,” Ortus interjected. Harrow glared at him.

    “Oh,” Coronabeth said, an expression of disgusting sympathy on her flawless face. “But then you would never have known who your soulmate was!”

    Harrow’s glare intensified. “My soulmate is bones.”
    pairing:gideon_harrow,series:locked tomb,trope:soulmates,yuri,fic:one-shot

  • Jeeves & Wooster | Jeeves/Bertie | G | August Thirteenth
    Discovering that this is not the first August thirteenth that he’s lived through, that certainly was a head scratcher. Luckily Bertie has the stalwart presence of his man’s man, Jeeves.
    pairing:jeeves_wooster,series:jeeves & wooster,trope:timetravel,fic:one-shot
  • The Murderbot Diaries | Seth, Iris, Lovecraftian Horror ART | T | Intentional Incursion
    The first thing they taught every experimental vessel captain was the reasons why they should never, ever use the experimental parts of the ships unless they absolutely had to do so. Seth knew exactly why that was. The list of reasons that the technology should have only been used as a last resort was a mile long.

    But the problem with a last-resort option was that sometimes you really did reach your last resort.


    Seth and Iris meet ART for the first time.
    series:murderbot diaries,genfic,fic:one-shot,trope:eldritch horror

  • The Murderbot Diaries | Murderbot, ComfortUnit, ART | T | i still freeze
    When I saw ComfortUnit again, I didn’t tear it limb from limb like I promised to the last time I saw it. I’m getting soft or something, whatever; mostly I didn’t want to make a scene in the shopping mall.
    fic:one-shot,series:murderbot diaries,genfic,trope:trauma,trope:hurt-comfort
  • The Murderbot Diaries | ART/Murderbot | M | Closed Systems
    ART and Murderbot wanted to spend more time together, so they do. They spend it watching media in ways humans and augmented humans don’t understand, and aren’t capable of.

    Having real feelings about fake things together is one thing.
    Having real feelings about real things (like each other) and being expected to talk about them (with each other) is something very else.
    series:murderbot diaries,pairing:art_murderbot,fic:one-shot

  • The Murderbot Diaries | Ratthi, Murderbot | T | Information Incomplete
    Biology: The study of life and living organisms. Ratthi is a biologist; it is his job to learn about these things – to study and to understand. The more he interacts with SecUnit, the more he realizes he has a lot of work to do in that regard.
    fic:one-shot,series:murderbot diaries,genfic,trope:hurt-comfort

Multifandom fic recs (Murderbot, Red Dwarf, What We Do in the Shadows, The Good Place)

  • The Murderbot Diaries | Murderbot, ART, actor | G | Full Disk Burn
    While touring the soundstage of one of its favorite serials, Murderbot saves a human from being jumped by thugs. But the human is more than he seems, and Murderbot finds itself entangled in a bigger mess than it had planned.
    fic:one-shot,genfic,series:murderbot diaries
  • The Murderbot Diaries | Murderbot, survey team, ensemble | G | SecUnit Story
    A bunch of nice handmade toys really don’t belong in a daycare centre, especially one ruled by an evil flannel rabbit called Grey Chris. Their only chance to get out might be a battered SecUnit action figure who worked out how to sneak around mostly in order to watch youTube in the staffroom.
    crackfic,genfic,fic:chaptered,series:murderbot diaries
  • Red Dwarf | Lister/Rimmer, Jim, Bexley | T | seeing stars
    sevensilvermagpies: “[the crew should] have more time with the babies THEY DESERVED BETTER”
    me: “u right they DID deserve more time with the kids”
    me: oh wait i can make that happen
    series:red dwarf,fic:one-shot,pairing:rimmer_lister,trope:kidfic

Multifandom fic recs (Galaxy Quest, Murderbot, Hellsing)

I’ve been getting through a ton of my Marked For Later fic by having the Voice Aloud Reader app read it to me. If you also have a backlog to work through, I fully recommend mixing this in with your audiobook/podcast rotation.

  • The Murderbot Diaries | Murderbot, ART | G | Threat as Greeting
    I pull close to it in the feed, and say, “You were lucky.”

    The rogue SecUnit reacts, physically and in the feed. It sits bolt upright, and a wave of fear ripples off of it like a [cloud of micro-debris], or like an [emergency evasive maneuver that grinds a planet’s upper atmosphere]. It’s unpleasant. It’s unfamiliar. I capture the data, store it, and start chewing on it immediately.
    ART meets Murderbot, from ART’s POV

  • The Murderbot Diaries | Murderbot, ART, Mensah | T | In Control
    Four times having a governor module fucking sucked, plus one time [REDACTED: FILE MISSING].

    (Or: Murderbot has Emotions for 8,000 words. ART tries to help. So does Dr. Mensah, but like, in a decidedly less assholish way.)

  • The Murderbot Diaries | Mensah, Pin-Lee | G | DATA FILE: goodbye.txt (0.2 MB)
    Adya doesn’t read the message immediately.

    She’s the first one up. Her team is exhausted and still recovering, but they’re safe. And SecUnit is safe and whole, and she’s going to make sure no one ever gets the chance to hurt it again.


    In which Dr. Mensah realizes she deeply screwed up.

  • The Murderbot Diaries | Murderbot/Gurathin, Mensah, team | T | The Long Emergency
    AU: Trapped on the survey planet when the last emergency beacon fails, Murderbot and the PreservationAux team scramble to survive deadly fauna, cruel weather, scarce resources, and GreyCris’s armed hunting parties. In a gruelling ordeal spanning two planetary years, Murderbot becomes closer to its humans than it ever thought possible.
  • Hellsing | Alucard, Integra, fae | G | My Appletree, My Brightness
    Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, the brand new head of the Hellsing Organization, just wants a moment away from pretending she’s not a twelve year old girl too busy to mourn her father and the vampire that makes that task exponentially harder. She steals away into the woods behind the estate to find even a moment’s peace.

    She instead finds that there is far more lurking in the dark than vampires.

  • Hellsing | Alucard/Integra, Seras, Dracula, Van Helsing | M | Timeless
    Finally reunited after so many years of waiting, Integra, Alucard and Seras have to face a new obstacle. Lost in time they end up in Victorian London, only to find that they are not the only ones abducted from their present. What spell was able to work such powerful magic and how can they return to their own time?
    Set post-canon.