Yuletide recs (part 3): Jeeves & Wooster, The Grinch, Matilda/The Librarians, Arrogant Worms, The Good Place, Jane the Virgin

  • Jeeves | Jeeves, Bertie | G | Three Plus One
    Bertie has three unpleasant experiences in the bathroom and one good one in his bedroom. (Platonic soulmarks AU.)
    trope:soulmates,pairing:jeeves_wooster,genfic,series:jeeves & wooster,fic:one-shot

  • Jeeves & Wooster | Jeeves/Bertie, ensemble | G | Jeeves and the Sporting Spirit
    The Drones are hosting their annual Olympics, and all Bertie wants to do is get his own back after last year’s humiliation. But things are never that simple where Bertie is concerned… Featuring an unwanted fiancee, a Pekingese masquerading as a cushion, a new Drones recruit, and the world’s ugliest tie.
    series:jeeves & wooster,fic:one-shot,pairing:jeeves_wooster

  • Jeeves | Jeeves/Bertie, Honoria | M | Rescuing Honoria
    Honoria is engaged. Not to Bertie this time, but to a man who won’t let her break their engagement. Jeeves must be summoned, but Jeeves is on holiday in Herne Bay. What to do?
    pairing:jeeves_wooster,series:jeeves & wooster,fic:one-shot

  • Jeeves | Jeeves/Bertie | M | All the Spinach You Can Eat
    A man finds himself at the mercy of a valet who destroys his engagements, his wardrobe, and then his self esteem. Bertie thinks it’s jolly good pornography but wonders what it’s got to do with him.
    pairing:jeeves_wooster,series:jeeves & wooster,kink:bdsm,fic:one-shot

  • The Good Place | Chidi/Eleanor, ensemble | G | we’re all in this escape room together
    “This isn’t a thought experiment.” The Judge looks at Eleanor. “If we do this — if we reform the afterlife like you want, and keep all the humans — ” (She makes a face at that.) “If we do this, you four have skin in the game. You’re going to live under this system just like everybody else.”
    fic:one-shot,series:the good place,pairing:eleanor_chidi

  • Jane the Virgin | Petra/Rafael/Jane | T | Happily Ever After
    It was all out of Petra’s control. She didn’t know what their game was, and she felt weak to stop it, or demand information. They just kept smiling at her, both of them, with their big dark eyes, taking deep breaths whenever she said something sharp, moving forward. But forward toward what? She had no idea. Was this friendship?
    fic:one-shot,pairing:jane_rafael_petra,trope:polyamory,trope:soulmates,series:jane the virgin

Yuletide recs (part 2): Captain Marvel, Lilo & Stitch/Phineas and Ferb, Doctor Who/Bojack Horseman, Addams Family, Murderbot, Discworld

  • The Murderbot Diaries | Mensah, Murderbot, ART, Pin-Lee | T | Situation Normal
    Hi, I said, along with amusement sigil 159 = wave. It seemed a little inadequate, but what do you say to the ship that radically altered your appearance, helped you figure out your past, and also threatened you with terrifying weapons? Amusement sigils seemed like my best bet.

Peter Donnelly appreciation post

Doing this separately from the regular music-rec posts because, whoo boy, tracking the guy down at all was a Journey.

Peter Donnelly does soft rock/folk pop — think Dan Fogelberg, but gay romances instead of straight ones. Some of the lyrics get to be more direct and nuanced than any “highly LGBTQ-relatable feelings, but wrapped in a layer of metaphor” songs. Others are sweet and heartfelt without any gender-specificity. Some are just funny or weird. Most of them are really pretty.

…and almost none of them are findable online anymore.

It took a bunch of searching just to find non-dead links about the right Peter Donnelly. This is the one who did A Sure Thing (AllMusic, Amazon, the producer’s website) and Express Café (AllMusic Amazon).

Can’t stream any of his songs on Amazon or Spotify. Can’t get the lyrics…pretty much anywhere. If you have one of the CDs, Windows Media won’t be able to identify it. The only audio left on YouTube is “a couple of well-buried shaky-cam videos of live performances” and “this one fanvid I made.”

I did finally think to check the Internet Archive — they have a version of his website from 2013! Which is the only place I found any info about his last album, Road With No End (consider its threadbare Amazon listing). Plus a tiny treasure trove of sample .wma files.

Facebook has a pretty recent live performance (non-embeddable), and reports the duo of Donnelly and Richardson having future gigs as well as past ones. So apparently he’s still around. Hasn’t changed his name, or died, or anything drastic like that.

He’s just…staying way off the internet.

(Feel free to compose your own “and who can blame him” jokes here.)

So at this point you may be thinking “hang on, Erin, you are not exactly a known aficionado of obscure and/or indie music. How do you even know about this guy?”

Well, in the late 2000’s he was one of various LGBT+ performers and speakers that my college’s Alliance hired to do their thing on-campus.

(About that club name: it started as the Gay/Straight Alliance, then the community acronym started expanding, and somebody with excellent foresight realized we’d be changing the name every few years if we tried to keep up. So we sidestepped that problem by dropping the descriptor at all.)

(Still unimpressed about the time I was trying to get formal authorization for some club thing, the admin person assumed we were the Environmental Alliance, and when I clarified that actually we were the gay one, they went “wait, that’s a school-accredited club?” Like it was a surprise.)

Express Cafe cover, signed

So Peter Donnelly set up at the local coffeehouse, and did some songs, and I thought they were great.

I bought both the CDs he was selling! I got them signed! I am so glad I still have that physical evidence, now that it’s all dropped off the face of the web!

This whole thing has really driven home that in-person stuff is important. Local community groups are important. Outreach to the people in your area is important. You never know what you’re going to be saving for each other.

…I can only find Express Café in my CD rack right now. Went ahead and scanned the whole lyric booklet. If anyone comes across this post looking for Peter Donnelly lyrics and/or Express Café lyrics…here they are, straight from the source:

Express Cafe lyrics, part 1

Express Cafe lyrics, part 2

I did type up the Dangerous Games lyrics — not long after I bought the album, wow. For the rest of the songs, you’ll have to do your own transcriptions.

If I ever find my copy of A Sure Thing, I’ll scan the materials from that too.

…and since there’s no longer any way to get this audio directly from the artist, or through a sales channel that supports him, I’m just gonna leave these here.

Express Café (full album, plus the cover/back/booklet art, 80.4 MB)
A Sure Thing (partial album, 3/4 of the songs, 46 MB)

Yuletide fic recs (part 1): Strangers With Candy, The Good Place, Temeraire, Galavant, Middleman, Utena

  • Temeraire | Laurence, Temeraire | G | the becoming garb of a gentleman
    “Laurence has several robes from the Emperor’s court already; I was rather thinking of something more modern. It has been so very long since he bought himself anything fine. He says he sees no need for it, now that he is no longer an admiral, but he is after all still a prince; sometimes I think he forgets.”

  • The Middleman | Wendy/Middleman, Ida | T | The Rubber Shapeshifter Assimilation
    “No, thank goodness.” He did a small, dignified shudder. “You can imagine the amount of suppression we had to do to ensure March of the Penguins was a moving nature study instead of a dread-filled, all-too-real account of how close the world came to an emperor penguin Napoleon. No, Dubbie, there’s a research station in dire need of assistance. They’ve unearthed a slab of ice.”

Wednesday fic recs: The Magicians, Harry Potter, Hellsing, Jeeves & Wooster, Marvel, Sherlock, Good Omens

  • Hellsing | Alucard/Integra, Seras, others | M | Embracing Sin
    Integra needs more out of her new life as a vampire. So, taking Seras’s advice, she temporarily hands the reins over to her and plans a journey starting in Romania. Everything started out great, that is, until they find themselves upon a battlefield in 1477 and come face to face with Vlad the Impaler. AxI

  • Jeeves & Wooster | Jeeves/Bertie | M | Jeeves à la Spode
    Some lingerie samples are missing and Roderick Spode is on the warpath. What can the guilty parties do, other than hide the items about their persons? (Or, Jeeves and Bertie do kinky things in stockings and suspenders.)
    fic:one-shot,series:jeeves & wooster,pairing:jeeves_wooster,trope:genderplay

  • Jeeves & Wooster | Jeeves & Bertie | M | Beware the Bogeyman! Hush! Here He Comes!
    A terrible plague has been ravaging Europe for months, with the disease slowly creeping across the rest of the world. Jeeves is one of the afflicted. Bertie responds in the only way he can – to do whatever it takes to save Jeeves, or failing that, to keep him safe.
    pairing:jeeves_wooster,series:jeeves & wooster,fic:one-shot

  • Jeeves & Wooster | Jeeves/Bertie | M | All’s Well That Ends Well
    To the general disappointment of his family, Bertie Wooster was born an omega. After enduring his dreaded Aunt Agatha’s best efforts to pair him off, he has all but given up on love and resigned himself to the life of a perpetual bachelor.
    series:jeeves & wooster,fic:chaptered,pairing:jeeves_wooster,kink:omegaverse

  • Sherlock | John/Sherlock | M | The Only Unproblematic Slash Fic
    Anyways here’s my fanfic. If you comment on this fic with ANY NEGATIVE OPINION it’s ABUSE and I will call the FBI. I’m only 28, so if you comment on this fic at all and you’re older than me, it’s GROOMING and I will call the FBI.

  • Good Omens | Aziraphale, Crowley | T | The Brazen Serpent
    The Israelites have almost reached the end of their forty-year exile, but Heaven has some business with them first. Unfortunately, that business includes a certain interfering demon.
    series:good omens,series:religion,pairing:crowley_aziraphale,genfic,trope:hurt-comfort,fic:one-shot

Music recs: Mikey Wax, Mylène Farmer, Nightwish

Hey, if you’re checking out the songs in these roundups, drop a comment and let me know? I’m going to finish off the list either way, just for the personal fun of it, but I’m curious who else they’re reaching.

Mikey Wax: fun modern pop/rock with top-40 catchiness. (Mikey Wax playlist.)

Mylène Farmer: dreamy pop, electronic rock/dance, mostly in French, occasionally with gay themes. She holds the record for most number-one hits in the French charts. (Mylène Farmer playlist.)

This one is a live concert performance where she sings the whole song, then the instruments and the dancers keep going, she says (in French) “One more time, all together now!”, and with minimal prompting gets the audience to sing the whole song back to her:

And this last one is just straight-up Little Prince filk:

Nightwish: Epic, symphonic goth metal. They’re Finnish, but the lyrics are mostly in English — and if they need a full orchestral accompaniment, they’re happy to call in the London Philharmonic. (Nightwish playlist.)

Music recs: Lorie, Marc Almond, Michael Stanley [Band]

Lorie: fun, catchy, energetic ’00s teen pop (mostly French). She’s also the French VA for a bunch of animated characters, so you can imagine any of these being sung by, say, Tinkerbell or Violet Parr. (Lorie playlist.)

This first one is a cheesy bilingual song about a cross-cultural romance:

Marc Almond: synthpop, new-wave, drag-show cabaret. He was the lead singer of Soft Cell (i.e. the Tainted Love guy); this is mostly the solo stuff he did afterward. (Marc Almond playlist.)

This last one is a heartfelt song about the drag scene:

Michael Stanley [Band]: classic ’70s and ’80s rock with a working-class Midwestern heart. It’s like if the E Street Band was from Ohio. Their highest-charting single even got Clarence Clemons on sax. (Michael Stanley Band playlist.)