Music recs: The Veronicas, Vienna Teng, Walk The Moon

The Veronicas: Australian electropop-punk. Lots of powerful, fiercely energized songs about intense yearning in all its phases — for a bad relationship to get better, a bad breakup to be forgiven, a good relationship not to blow up, a hot stranger to, ah, answer their thirst. The singers are identical twin sisters (neither one named Veronica). (The Veronicas playlist.)

Vienna Teng: Soft indie chamber pop. Her performance range goes from “a-capella singing group” to “clasically-trained pianist.” Unmatched at wistfulness. (Vienna Teng playlist.)

That last one is boundlessly joyful — don’t miss it.

WALK THE MOON: Ohio new-wave dance-rock. Energetic, offbeat, if neon lights were turned into music this is what they’d sound like. (Walk The Moon playlist.)

Multifandom recommendations (Red Dwarf, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Quantum Leap, Good Omens, LeGuin)

  • Red Dwarf | Lister/Rimmer, Cat, Kryten | G | Names
    “Guys, you’re missing the point. All we’re doing is trying to figure out what we should be called. You know, theoretically. If we got married. Rimmer thinks one of us needs to change our name, but I don’t want to be a Rimmer and he doesn’t want to be a Lister.”
    series:red dwarf,pairing:rimmer_lister,fic:one-shot

  • Red Dwarf | Lister/Rimmer | M | Across the Spectrum
    Rimmer’s curious about all he can feel, now that he’s hard light. All he can feel, pain included. But he’s not great at inflicting pain on himself, so he’s going to need some help.
    series:red dwarf,kink:bdsm,pairing:rimmer_lister,fic:one-shot

  • Doctor Who | Five, Holly | G | Undercover Operation
    The Doctor investigates a dodgy restaurant chain and gets both considerably more and less than he bargained for. Holly gets a new crush.
    genfic,fic:one-shot,series:red dwarf,series:doctor who,crossover

  • Good Omens | Aziraphale/Crowley | T | To Rest My Weary Soul
    “Since when do I give a toss about moral consequences, angel? No, you’ve got a Hell hangover. Must have hit once the adrenaline wore off,” Crowley answered.

    Aziraphale’s trip down to Hell leaves him worse for wear.
    series:good omens,pairing:crowley_aziraphale,trope:hurt-comfort,fic:one-shot

  • Good Omens | Aziraphale/Crowley | G | Long-Term
    Take, for instance, the couple she’s consulting with this afternoon, for their upcoming October ceremony. Seemingly mismatched in every respect.
    pairing:crowley_aziraphale,series:good omens,fic:one-shot,trope:outsider.pov,trope:marriage

Multifandom fic recs (Temeraire, Good Omens, Leverage, Digger, The Office)

  • Temeraire | G | Laurence/Tharkay | Sufficient and Condign
    Once, when he had been sitting in the cell on the Goliath for weeks already, almost longing for the noose if only it would put a period to the cloying purgatory, Tharkay had whispered back, “I have never loved anyone as I have loved you.”

  • Temeraire | Laurence’s kids, Temeraire, ensemble | G | Roots and Wings
    1838: William ‘Little Will’ Laurence never wanted to be an aviator, for all the love of dragons. His brother Horatio would be Temeraire’s second captain, and he a naturalist like Sir Edward Howe, no matter his father’s disapproval. But best laid plans go awry when Horatio is demoted following a duel and Ning strikes a disastrous bargain with the East India Company selling opium in China. So Little Will must find his feet in a hundred-day race to China and back, and not lose a wager that could cost his brother’s post, Temeraire’s fortune, and his family’s honour.

  • Temeraire | Granby/Laurence/Tharkay | M | Companies and Crowds
    Another day in the life of John Granby, another failed attempt to seduce William Laurence. But when a misunderstanding pairs him off with Tharkay instead, tantalizing new possibilities open up for all three of them.

  • Good Omens | Crowley/Aziraphale, angel OC | M | Fraternizing
    Upon his return to Heaven, Anael was received with great fanfare by his friends. “Are they really—” a ginger-haired angel asked eagerly, drawing close. He had a keen and vested interest in this subject, and in Anael’s views on it in particular. Anael didn’t know this yet, but he would, one day. They had time. For now, he sat back on a cloud tinged pink with the sunset, and talked about all that he’d seen while the stars came out overhead.
    series:good omens,pairing:crowley_aziraphale,fic:one-shot,trope:outsider.pov

  • Good Omens | Crowley/Aziraphale | G | how big the hourglass, how deep the sand
    “Nothing! Look, my dear fellow, there has been some sort of embarrassing mix-up here, happens to the best of us, I assure you, no one to blame. But as charming as your basement is, I want to go home. Just break the seal and let me go. You can’t just keep me here!”
    series:good omens,pairing:crowley_aziraphale,trope:trauma,trope:hurt-comfort,fic:chaptered

  • Good Omens | Crowley/plants | M | Eden 2.0
    Crowley’s houseplants get revenge…of the tentaclefic sort. Aziraphale may or may not come to the rescue.
    series:good omens,fic:one-shot,pairing:crowley_plants,kink:tentacles

  • Good Omens | Sister Mary, Antichrist | G | What To Do After Firing
    One switch too many finds Sister Mary Loquacious raising the Adversary, Destroyer of Kings, Angel of the Bottomless Pit, Great Beast that is called Dragon, Prince of This World, Father of Lies, Spawn of Satan, and Lord of Darkness. Or, as she calls him, Jude. She’s always liked The Who.
    genfic,trope:kidfic,series:good omens,fic:one-shot

  • The Office | G | ensemble | The Quarantine
    The office responds to corporate’s new coronavirus safety guidelines. At first Michael dismisses the concerns, but breaking news causes him to panic and he imposes a quarantine on the office.
    series:the office,genfic,fic:one-shot,trope:quarantine

Music recs: Donnie Munro/Runrig, Styx, Tori Amos

Donnie Munro/Runrig: soothing Celtic folk rock. (Solo act & band with a lead singer, respectively.) Think if Dan Fogelberg was more Gaelic. (Donnie Munro playlist.)

Styx: Prog rock that ranges from working-class anthems to weird sci-fi/fantasy scenarios. Apparently they broke up for a decade or so, then came back together? Everything here is from their ’70s and ’80s work. (Styx playlist.)

Tori Amos: Chamber pop with classically-trained piano, and lots of haunting mezzo-soprano lyrics. Apparently she was expelled from the Peabody Institute at 11 for “musical insubordination”, which is a delightful origin story. (Tori Amos playlist.)

Music recs: The Birthday Massacre, The Corrs, Jedward

In the home stretch! Only got about five more of these in the bank.

The Birthday Massacre – New-wave goth rock. Lighter and airier than Evanescence, darker and eerier than Blackmore’s Night, best when they’re doing creepy-cute lovely melodies. (Birthday Massacre playlist.)

The Corrs – Pop rock with Celtic-fusion elements. Covers the whole emotional spectrum, but in particular, they have a talent for making love songs that go “you are so great and I love you and I’m happy and there’s no catch” in a way that feels earnest and joyful, not thin or superficial. (The Corrs playlist.)

Jedward: Teen pop that’s wildly mainstream-popular in Ireland and the UK — they’ve been Eurovision finalists, twice — but somehow hasn’t jumped the Atlantic. Came out of The X Factor, same as One Direction, although they’re identical twins instead of a 5-part boy-band. (Jedward playlist didn’t exist so I made one.)