Lyrics: Orleans – In My Dream (from the album Dancin’ In The Moonlight)

All right, Google swears to me that the lyrics to this song aren’t transcribed anywhere on the entire internet, so I’m writing them up myself.

(Yes, it’s for Moon Knight reasons. Shhh.)

Orleans – In My Dream

Once again my dream’s begun
The one where you admire what I become
Like a star in the distance you see me
I’m the one you wish upon

But the real world is far from a dream
You don’t see me, or so it seems
It’s just my fantasy

And it’s only in my dream world
That you wish upon my starlight
But the fantasy will come to life in my dream tonight

I see you nearly every day
Never knowing what to say
And there’s always this distance between us
But in my dream it’s not that way

You’re the Earth and I’m the sun
Each attracts the other one
And though there’s millions of miles between us
That won’t keep you from me for long

Irresistibly drawn to me
Overpowered by gravity
You eventually fall for me

But it’s only in my dream world (only in my dream)
And it can’t survive the daylight (only in my dream)
Still the fantasy will come to life in my dream tonight

Just imagine if this were reality

But it’s only in my dream world (only in my dream)
That you wish upon my starlight (only in my dream)
And it can’t survive the daylight (only in my dream)
And so I keep it on the inside (keep it in my dream)
And the fantasy will come to life in my dream tonight


Works roundup, 1/30 (Moon Knight + webcomics)

Leif & Thorn
Over the Moon (art | Leif/Thorn | worksafe)

But I’m A Cat Person
Fox, Before and After (sketch | Fox | worksafe)

Moon Knight
moon-silvered, lunatic, cratered chapter 11 (fic, art | Jake/Steven/Marc, Steven/Marc/Layla | M, worksafe)
Moon Knight Clasped Hands Meme (art | Marc/Steven/Jake, Marc/Layla/Steven | worksafe)
Grantwich (art | Marc/Steven/Jake | NSFW)
Meeting the Team, Episode 1: Zoom (fic | Dr. Sterman, patient | G)
Love Advice With Steven Grant (comic | Steven, Steven | G)
Love Advice with Marc Spector (comic | Marc, Marc | G)
Like A Cool Sexy Action Movie (fic | Marc/Layla, Marc/Steven | T)

Attack Velin (reward art, worksafe)

This Week in But I’m A Cat Person:
Annotated pages from the “good thing Jany isn’t the kind of person to write 5000-word Tumblr callouts” scene.

This Week in Leif & Thorn:
One of the servants is in the hospital, and it’s up to our favorite bilingual translator to help…

MLM rubbernecking + blockchain rubbernecking, unite!

New anti-MLM podcast in my queue: From Huns to Humans. Funny, sympathetic, care-filled, drama-packed conversations between the host and other MLM survivors.

Joining the ongoing Life After MLM, the hiatus’d Hey Hun You Woke Up!, and Sounds Like MLM But OK, and the complete The Dream.

(Links are mostly to the RSS feeds — I use Feed Preview for Firefox to make them easy and readable.)

It’s a good thing I found it, because I’m basically caught up on all the others…and for whatever reason, I’m kinda hyperfixating on these lately? Like, when it comes to background audio for mindless tasks at work, or for inking and coloring art — there are other things I’m making myself rotate through, but I really just want to load up another anti-MLM episode, or a dunking-on-crypto episode.


I know I’m not the first person to say this, but when you break it down far enough, they’re basically the same thing.

“I was convinced to buy this stuff with the promise that I could sell it for more money later on, with a mix of FOMO, toxic positivity, promises of financial freedom, and big claims about how this business was going to change the world! Turns out it’s junk that no real person wants, sellers are using all kinds of behind-the-scenes shenanigans to puff up their numbers, and the person who sold me on it was just trying to make a profit off of me.”


…the podcasts in the blockchain category are Crypto Critics’ Corner, Coffeezilla on Youtube, Scam Economy (also has a Youtube version), and Griftonomics (with a slightly broader focus, on all kinds of alt-right cons).

Fun fact, that last one is hosted by Jackson Palmer! One of the guys who created Dogecoin, as a joke, and still hasn’t gotten over being horrified that anyone (a) takes it seriously and (b) has lost real money on it.

Pretty sure Molly White, of Web 3 Is Going Just Great, has been a guest on all of them? Anyone who wants a good expert-knowledge-clearly-explained starting point, check for her episodes.

And anyone who wants something sharp and enlightening, but only has 20 minutes to spare, watch this:

One of the Crypto Critics guys lays out why it’s not a shock or a coincidence that crypto grifting and alt-right grifting have gotten so tied up in each other. Pulls together a bunch of threads and builds them up really neatly.

Multifandom fic recs, 1/25 (Galaxy Quest, Stargate, Better Off Ted, Captain America, Moon Knight)

  • Captain America | Steven/Bucky, stray frost-giant monster | T | Brooklyn Boys
    Big, ugly thing like that–it doesn’t belong here, and whatever it’s finding to eat can’t be what it’s used to. Knowing what he does about the makers of monsters, he’d just about bet someone turned it loose and forgot about it, left it to fend for itself. Ordinarily that’d mean a whole lot of trouble for a whole lot of people, but the only way a thing that big is still roaming free is if it’s steering clear of humans.

    The soldier knows a little something about that too.
    series:marvel comics,pairing:steve_bucky,trope:amnesia,fic:one-shot,trope:trauma,trope:hurt-comfort

  • Captain America | Sam/Bucky | M | I’ll explain everything to the geese
    Talking to birds had seemed like a harmless superpower, but it turns out that birds have a lot of opinions, and they don’t hesitate to tell Sam about them, especially when it comes to his supposedly subpar courting skills. Which is ridiculous, because Sam isn’t courting Bucky. Right?
    series:marvel comics,pairing:sam_bucky,fic:chaptered
  • Moon Knight | Steven, family | T | The Absence of Fear (And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves)
    Steven was fearless. No matter the danger, he could face it. That’s who he was. That’s who he’d been his whole life, the shield that kept everyone he loved safe.

    He wasn’t sure why exactly he thought that, but he knew it was true. He was doing exactly what he was meant to be doing.
    series:moon knight,trope:kidfic,trope:amnesia,fic:one-shot,genfic

  • Moon Knight | Marc/Layla | T | On purpose.
    „It would have come to this sooner or later. I made my bed, as you say in english. Think I’ll stay in the States at least for a while, so I guess I’ll make my bed in some hotel now until I have an idea where to go next. Unless you have a couch to crash on?”
    series:moon knight,pairing:layla_marc,fic:one-shot
  • Moon Knight | Steven/Marc/Jake | M | Compensating, Much
    Steven has not been able to get his happy ending in a while. Desperate times call for subconscious measures. Small ones.
    fic:one-shot,series:moon knight,,pairing:marc_steven_jake,trope:polyamory,kink:tinies,amazing
  • Moon Knight | Steven, Jake, Marc | T | In the Absent Place (Listening To Silence On The Radio)
    There are three things to know about Steven Grant:

    1. He lives alone in a house that is constantly leaking, thanks to the rain that never stops.
    2. His only friend is called M. They have never met, but they talk online almost everyday.
    3. He has lucid dreams about the life he wishes he could have.

    (None of these are true. None of them are lies.)
    series:moon knight,fic:chaptered,genfic,trope:hurt-comfort,amazing

  • Moon Knight | Marc, parents, Steven | T | in another world
    Marc discovers a door that leads him back to his real life, where his mother loves him and his father doesn’t pretend. But the world he left behind won’t let him go quite so easily.
    genfic,series:moon knight,fic:one-shot,trope:kidfic,trope:hurt-comfort,trope:amnesia
  • Moon Knight | Marc/Jake/ Marc/Steven | M | A Moment Observed In Your Dreams
    But then he comes across Marc, hiding away in a corner of their mind, dazed and dejected. And Jake decides he’s going to take care of his love in whatever way he can, even if he won’t be acknowledged for it.
    pairing:marc_jake,pairing:marc_steven,series:moon knight,fic:one-shot,trope:hurt-comfort