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Finally renamed the last couple of accounts. March 15, 2017

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Went from sailorptah to [personal profile] erinptah on DW, and [archiveofourown.org profile] ErinPtah on the AO3.

The first one redirects. The second one doesn’t. But all the fics are still at the same URLs, so I’m sure people will find me if they want to.

From the Tumblr facepalm brigade December 7, 2016

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Ace Tumblr: Support asexuals and asexuality!
Me: Sure thing.
Ace Tumblr: Acephobia in the queer community is a real problem!
Me: Some people are definitely dicks about it, yeah.
Ace Tumblr: Ace people should be welcome in queer spaces!
Me: People should be chill, I’ll give you that.
Ace Tumblr: Why are people threatened by asexuality anyway? What’s the problem here?
Me: Good question.
Ace Tumblr: It’s not like our lack of sexual interest is oppressing you!
Me: It definitely isn’t!
Ace Tumblr: You know what makes us feel threatened? When people, queer and straight alike, hit on us when we aren’t interested!
Me: …
Me: Okay, that. That was it. The part where you feel unsafe because queer people are expressing their sexualities in ways you don’t like. Where queer people being attracted to someone who doesn’t return that attraction is a threat, and we ought to keep a lid on it, even in the queer spaces we’ve created for ourselves. (Specifically a threat to asexual people, too, as if un-returned attraction can’t happen to anyone else.) The part where sweet chocolatey sentiments like “be more welcoming to asexuals!” keeps turning out to have stuff like this as the icky toffee filling. That is the problem.

Post-election huddle crosspost. November 10, 2016

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So. That happened.

Clinton won the popular vote, but Trump got the presidency.

I know a lot of people who are really scared right now. I know I’m scared. It’s horrifying to be faced with just how many people in your own country absolutely hate you and your family and your loved ones and other people like them. Or at the very least, who don’t appreciate that you exist, as real live people outside of political talking points.

Hillary appreciated it. She was with us. The fact that she never caused a revolution made a lot of people overlook the steady progress she’s been making for us all along.

She was with us as an undergrad, fighting to get more black students and faculty at her college. With us as a young lawyer, getting laws changed to make schools accommodate disabled children, founding the first rape crisis counseling hotline in her state, making sure low-income people could get attorneys over conservative outrage that they dared to serve gay clients. With us as first lady, winning huge victories for veterans’ mental health care and children’s health insurance and adoption for non-traditional families. With us as a Senator, co-sponsoring bills that expanded health coverage into Native communities, supported Afghan refugees, monitored everything from anti-Semitism to broadband access. With us as Secretary of State, making it easier for trans people to get the right gender on their passports, creating wide-ranging programs to support women around the world.

She can’t be with us as President right now. Neither can Bernie or Warren or Biden or either of the Obamas, or any of the other people we love. But when you look at everything Clinton’s done without ever holding that office — we can keep doing these things, guys. We can love each other and support each other and keep fighting for everything in reach.

We’re still with each other. Please hold that in your hearts.

Here’s a list of organizations that could use your help. The ones standing up for reproductive rights, for the environment, for our kids, against sexism, against police violence, against racism, against homophobia, for our future.

I love you all.

My keyboard went fwoomph, so I got a teeny computer. September 9, 2016

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Cheapest lil’ model the Best Buy had in stock. Doesn’t weigh much more than an actual paper notebook. I haven’t worked on a screen this small since the era of the text-only interface. (And/or had the screensaver that this usericon mimics.)

My main computer has the biggest screen a laptop can handle, and a huge chassis to hold it up. It’s a tank. It could eat this thing for breakfast.

(All my devices get sci-fi names. The big laptop is Homura. The bitty one is now Nagisa.)

It was advertised as having a 32GB hard drive. Which, in practice, means 28. Which, since it has an operating system installed on it, left 15 for…using. I installed a couple programs and copied over about 2% of my music collection, so within an hour of being started up, it was down to 10.

So, yeah, I’m going to be light on the “new art” front for a week or so. The main laptop is nigh-unusable for art programs when half my keyboard shortcuts are muted, and I’m not even sure the tiny one could handle the weight of a Photoshop install, let alone find space to save the art afterward.

But I can keep on top of the Internet in the meantime, and get a backlog of actual drawing in physical sketchbooks…and maybe do some writing for a change?

Seriously, it feels like I could snap this thing in half with my bare hands if I really tried. It’s adorable.

I thought I was handling this June 13, 2016

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and then a photoset of the victims’ faces came across my Facebook feed and now I’m not handling it.

Presented without comment, an old to-do list I just uncovered February 28, 2016

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  • Drop off bread
  • Budget project doc
  • Home: dishes!
  • Saya stabs Homu in the throat
  • Voicemail

Holiday chaos: personal writing/drawing version December 4, 2015

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First December ever where I’ve had a full-time job throughout. Which is great financial-stability-wise, and not bad personal-fulfillment-wise, either.

As for Internet/artistic/fannish work…well, I only just finished with November’s Patreon rewards, which gives you a good idea of how under-control things are -_-

Current art commissions are inching forward. Other art is…happening. Writing is almost entirely at a standstill. I’ve done a few hundred words here and there, but haven’t had any blocks of uninterrupted thinking time long enough to finish anything. (Weekends keep getting broken up by tasks like “laundry” and “grocery shopping.”)

BICP is in an important place story-wise, which means each page also requires a Block of Uninterrupted Thinking Time to do properly. On the plus side, I know exactly what the plot is doing right now! It just takes coordination to pull off. But I am keeping up the two-pages-at-some-point-every-week schedule, dammit.

Leif & Thorn‘s four-panel format means it’s easier to come up with a few gags and get them sketched during my lunch break. And even that is kinda scattered right now. In the storyline I’m working on, I keep going “wait, there’s something else that has to be revealed/established/joked about before the strip I just drew,” and then backtracking.

Seriously, here’s the current order of the strips in the sketchbook: 5, 6, 7, 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 4, 11, 12. At least with this strip there’s enough of a buffer uploaded ahead-of-time that I can get away with it….

Did some holiday fanart sketches on the train this morning, too. Fingers crossed that I can scan and color them over the weekend.

(btw, if anyone wants to inject some insta-joy into my life, I would love for other people to draw fanart of BICP/L&T. If it’s on Deviantart I will +fav it, if it’s on Tumblr I will reblog it, and no matter where it is I will adore it.)

Birthdays & pie & Leif & Thorn October 17, 2015

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A sponsored tweet reminded me of this time in elementary school when I (read: my parents) sent First Lady Hillary Clinton a letter about how we have the same birthday, October 26. She (read: some on-the-ball person on her staff) mailed back a nice reply, which might actually still be in my parents’ house somewhere.

This year, I’m celebrating by making myself a pie, buying a new set of kitchen towels, and launching Leif & Thorn.

The launch was going to be a Patreon reward, for a goal that hasn’t been hit yet, but you know what, I don’t feel like holding off any more. I want feedback. I want conversations about these characters that happen outside my own head. I’ve been posting art for the series pretty steadily for a while, and I want to be able to link to an actual website!

So the website is up, a few weeks’ worth of strips are in the queue, and the start date is set for October 25. Adjust your bookmarks, update your RSS readers, and buckle your seatbelts.

Erin Watches: Medium, The Good Wife, The West Wing, and more September 1, 2015

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Going through my music collection in alphabetical order, instead of cherry-picking a playlist of songs I want to hear…there’s a lot of these that I wonder “why do I even have this??”

Had to drop Medium. There was plenty to like about it — protagonist was cool, I liked that she had kids and they interacted in age-appropriate ways with her work, I liked that there was a general population of psychic people she would run into once in a while (even though they’re still too rare for the general public to buy the idea).

Buuuut the crimes got too gory for me to stomach. (See also: why I will never pick up Hannibal.)

On the plus side: I mainlined The Good Wife recently, and, wow, that was so great.

It’s about a lawyer married to a politician, and those two spheres of her life interact like The West Wing hybridized with Boston Legal — incorporating good parts of each. So much competence porn! With a female lead! (Who has female friends!)

Bonus: she’s an atheist, and it’s so well-portrayed. It’s low-key, no soapboxing or strawman arguments about it, but when the topic comes up, it’s there. And she’s not guilted about it — the narrative doesn’t act like she’s less moral because of it, and she’s not deep-down Yearning For Something To Believe In.

The supporting cast is great. The ensembles of judges/recurring clients/opposing lawyers, all with their signature quirks and weirdnesses. (“I’m just a simple Michigan girl, you’ll have to talk me through this…”) (“In your opinion?”)

Chloe from Don’t Trust The B—- in Apt 23 guest-starred (as a client) as the moderator of an Ashley-Madison-type website, which is perfect.

Vague spoilers for Season 5: I love the big twist midway through. So many shows save that kind of Shocking Twist for a season finale, and if they tease “tonight: someone will die!!” in an earlier episode, it’ll be a throwaway character or otherwise not a big deal. This show, no, they went there — unambiguously, in a way there was no going back from — and gave themselves the whole rest of the season to explore the fallout. Not to mention, the will-they-or-won’t-they tension up until that point had been such a stock arc — but how many series have pulled this in the middle of it?

(I should say that I liked the character, this isn’t about any animosity towards them, it’s just, wow, that was good storytelling.)

Finished my West Wing rewatch. Still good. Smart and funny, CJ should run everything, and my Josh-and-Donna feelings are still right there the second time around.

Although, wow, did season 7 ever drag. It’s like the Daily Show: a lot of it can be re-watched, but once you get deep into an election season it’s just tiring, because so much of the original interest came from tension over who was going to win. The debate episode is the only one I flat-out skipped.

Plus, the main characters were scattered across the country and everyone was fighting. So that was draining and unappealing.

I do want to praise “Noel” for being no-less gut-wrenching even when you knew where it was going. (And when you knew it was one of many, many points/events/reveals that would almost never come up again.)

Tried to watch both Alpha House and Veep, hoping to find some more of the same magic.

No luck. Neither one is as smart, which would be fine since they’re both supposed to be straight-up comedies, except neither one is all that funny, either =/

Also gave up on Diabolik Lovers, because I was sold on “heroine has dark romantic/sexual tension with bad-for-you-but-so-hot vampire boys” and got “the vampire boys are just kinda mean with no appeal, and it’s hard for the heroine to have tension with anyone when she has all the characterization of a cardboard cutout.”

It’s like I was promised a show with seven Jareths, and got seven Edward Cullens. This isn’t what I ordered, waiter! Send it back to the kitchen.

so I’m catching up on Dan Savage’s podcast August 20, 2015

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and I get to the episode (July 7) where he’s reacting to the same-sex marriage case, and he starts reading from the decision, and I’m sitting in a public place trying not to tear up all over again.

Then he points out the poetry of how, for decades, same-sex attraction was considered disordered and unhealthy and a problem that needed to be fixed…and now we have the Supreme Court looking at the love between these people and saying, no, it is so ordered.

There went my heart. I am dead, bury me at sea.